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Ever the student of life I'm taking a little blog break to search for new dreams to share with you… (which you can also read as 'I'm currently doing 50 shifts a week in my favourite ice-cream parlour').
Because y'know a/ Girl gotta feed herself, b/ Follow her dreams c/ Dance the streets of wherever...

But I'm leaving you Aaron, so no bad feelings... ♥ ♥ ♥



Video | Dries. Dazed.

Yesterday I thought I couldn't care less about fashion, then I saw this… Oh, the thrill! ♥

Ice-Cream of the Week | White Chocolate Ice-Cream

Psynopsis White Chocolate Ice-Cream with Fruit Syrup
This one is still in its experimentation phase – because while all 'test eaters' said they liked it I feel it could do with some tweaking.* Perhaps it just needs really top quality white chocolate... But if you want to give it a go, the recipe does not disappoint in giving you a creamy, cold, white chocolate kick. You’ll need...


Ice-Cream of the Week | Salted Caramel Ice-Cream & Almond Toffee

Psynopsis Salted Caramel Ice-Cream and Almond Toffee
Burnt sugar + salt… This is one of my absolute favourites, and these days no self-respecting ice-cream parlour can not offer their own version of salted caramel. The recipe here is based on the wonderful and inspiring San Franciscan Bi-Rite Creamery. The ice-cream is absolutely delicious on its own, but personally I like to add pieces of Almond Toffee because...
a) I love chunky bits in my ice-cream, b) I'm a total glutton, and c) It makes it even more delightful.

So let's get going. For the ice-cream you'll need: