Organic Disneyland

There are places in this world that seem too good to be true. The Daylesford Organic farm shop in the Cotswolds is one of them… Imagine yourself marching through a cold, grey November rain and ending up – in farm shop heaven! You enter a spacious, light barn with scrubbed tables, laden with luscious flowers, baskets full with lustrous fruit and veg and all kind of other delicious looking food. No kidding, if Disneyland had a farm shop it would look like Daylesford Organic!

In the 'real world' the Daylesford Organic Farm shops belong to Sir Anthony Bamford, the owner of the JCB tractor empire (remember Nizlopi’s JCB Song? I agree, better not). There is a HQ in Gloucestershire and some London outlets. The Times journalist AA Gill, who gave a scathing review of one of the London restaurants, thinks the Daylesford scheme caters to the 'bigger golden calf' syndrome and 'cashmere lifestyle' you can find in abundance not only in London, but also in the Cotswolds area and he just 'couldn’t hate it more'. He also mentioned a friend who had been to Daylesford to buy some cheese but had come back empty-handed 'because he had only £196 on him'.
But not so the website ladieswholunch-in-hampshire. Here Daylesford is described as an 'exquisite set-up. A real experience of "upmarket" organic lunching tucked away in the countryside'.

Philosophically I’m definitely with Gill. I too feel rather silly in a place where you pay £3.00 for 227g jam and £5.00 for 500g pasta; but to my escapist soul it’s also like entering a dream world, where everything is healthy, delectable and beautiful (until you get the bill). And the cakes are absolutely delicious!

P.S. When the Cotswold HQ burnt down in September I couldn’t avoid suspecting that there must be more haters of the lets-play-healthy-living idyll; but apparently the fire was caused by a gas barbecue.

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The guy is a billionaire. I'm sure they're just doing it for tax reasons!

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