A Hairy Situation

Don’t you think hairdressers have a special position in a woman’s life? Confidence-wise they must be right up there with the gynaecologist and the psychoanalyst. (And if you do not trust them who can you trust?) A good hairdresser enjoys (or at least pretends to) listening to you. And because snipping away leaves a lot of time to talk, your hairdresser normally gets to know you pretty well. Trouble with the boyfriend, naughty children, latest car crash… You can be sure you will spill it all out in an atmosphere of relaxed grooming.

But I LOST MINE! She was such a lovely girl. I met her when she was still a teenaged apprentice at Tony & Guy and when one of the directors opened his own salon she was the only one he took with him. I followed her like a lamb. I didn’t complain that prices doubled, I took it with a wince that they made fun of me for only coming twice a year, while all the other customers made an appointment directly after having been coiffured.
No, I certainly wasn’t their best customer, but I was faithful, always tipped rather well and tried to be my pleasant self. But when the boss’s boyfriend was rather rude to my daughter I decided I couldn’t go any longer. (Sorry, but being mean to children just isn’t nice!)

So here I am, my last hairdresser was in Berlin, and I just can’t face putting my head into someone else’s hands… Luckily I remembered the recession haircut the Guardian had favoured last year: Bend your head over and cut in a straight line. Result: Perfect layers! Luckily I’m a ponytail girl...*

*without a horse


Lewis William said...

Finding a good barber is equally trying. So many want to bully you into something much shorter than initially asked for! My favourite part is the head massage...
Froeliche Weihnachten! x

Make Do Style said...

The Guardian tip is hilarious - I must try that as it will save some money and I just like a straightforward chop anyway!

miss milki said...

LOL! I did this a few years ago for a friend. She was a bit nervous so we did it slowly, at first I took off a tiny bit, then a bit more, and then...disaster! I took off a little too much and it was awful. We were supposed to be going out so I spent ages trying to disguise the the disaster with curls! I'm lucky she's still my friend after it! So I'm never going to try cut anyones hait again!

I'm well overdue a haircut too and I haven't found my perfect hairdresser yet. I'm thinking of trying a new salon near my house for convenience but its always so nerve wrecking getting a haircut. So much can go wrong!

Also I've extended the deadline for entries to the Act of Random Kindness Challenge. I'd love to hear your story if you give it a go & there aren't alot of entries so far so you've got a good chance of winning a t-shirt!

Pearl Westwood said...

I lost my hair dress 2 yrs ago and havent had my hair cut since - I do it myself! I just cannot bear the trauma of getting another bad hair cut!! x

Sabine said...

Thank you all for you lovely comments and stories. I'm sorry to hear you lost your hair, Pearl.
Miss Milki, be right over!

Sabine said...

P.S. I like the head massage, too, Lewis. This alone this a reason to find a new hairdresser in 2010.

Tights Lover said...

That has happened to me, too, before. It can be frustrating when you have to find a new stylist after having one that knew what you liked so well!

Tzoules said...

lovely picture.

valncami said...

thats such a cool picture!

wanna follow each other?
we're following you noww :)

thannks for the comment <3

xo, camilla

Kazuko said...

that's so well written! really enjoyed reading it!

and by the way: i always thought tony&guy had a certain quality standard in every branch, city, country but I had to discover: no, they don't. but here in dubai i finally found mine: a lebanese guy, who's quite a diva (not gay, though) and who convinced me to get highlights even though i never wanted some - but he really knows what he's doing.

great post, tnx for sharing :)