In Search of the Perfect… #1 Underwear

Though I might run around in high heels, stretch dresses and mini skirts, when it comes to underwear my sensible Teutonic side gets the upper hand. To me bras and knickers (or briefs or panties, whatever you prefer) need to fulfil certain criteria:

a. I don’t want to notice them (no under-wire bras, please)
b. The bra should give proper support
c. They should be invisible (no-one likes a VPL, but dental floss for the bum also isn’t one of my favourites)
d. Ideally they should be made from natural material (cotton, silk) or one of these modern man-made breathable materials (e.g. sports underwear).

All this has lead to the unflattering situation that I’ve got loads of beautiful lingerie in my wardrobe, but mostly wear the same old sport bras which also has the advantage of less changing for my
Roger Federer regime. (This is rather embarrassing to write, but hey, I’m looking for solutions here!)

As I was raised by a 'liberated' mother who had burnt her bras in the 70s (at least mentally and she never looked back) it took me more than 25 years on this earth to figure out that bras actually come in different sizes (no wonder they never fit). (What does this tell you about my friends? a. I don’t have any, b. they all have Kate Moss figures, c. they were just as ignorant as me – Just take your pick.)

Anyway, I love La Perla and Co., but for comfort and reliability I swear on the Swiss: Hanro and Zimmerli (although good old German Schiesser isn’t too bad, either).

But surely there must be other comfy invisible knickers and bras in this world…?


Anonymous said...

I quite like Bodas. Their underwear looks good and is comfortable. Claire

miss milki said...

I'm an M&S girl when it comes to underwear. Ever since I was teenager. They have a good range and they do fittings. I find them comfortable and pretty. But to be honest I'd love to be able to afford nice expensive lingerie. And most importantly get a really good bra fitting. They're ok in M&S but sometimes I suspect that they're only guessing at sizing!

btw i actually don't think German is such a bad language. I learned it in school and I kinda liked it. My favourite word is "Tchusi!"

Haltrup said...

This summer I tried bras from Victoria's Secret, and they're the most comfortable bras I've ever tried. hahaha, how embarrasing.
S. Haltrup

Sabine said...

Thanks for your tips! Yes, I guess M&S offer good value for the money (also a fitting might be indicated, since I only ever had one in a German department store). Victoria's Secret definitely on my list to try. I'm happy you don't despise German, Miss Milki, I think it's all in the pronounciation. Tschussi!