The Joys of Snow

A few inches of snow have lead to the usual scenario: The car can’t get up our small road, and with schools closed an no bus services, do I have a choice? Nope! All I can do is cosy up by the fire with a book, cookies and tea and be really lazy.

I am not going to worry that the presents won’t arrive (naturally the post man isn’t braving the icy road to our house, either) or that I have no stocking fillers or that the fridge needs to be filled. If we are getting too hungry there is always a walk to the next village. Hibernation, here I come… Wishing you all happy days in the snow, in the sun, wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

Winter in the country is so much prttier than in the city, I think. Claire

atelier said...

I was so scared of the snow two days ago.. I thought my plane couldn't make it, but in the end I am at home, happy and enjoying the snow :)

ilovecoolthings said...

ahhh, it's crazy there is NO snow in Toronto!!! WHAT?! no snow in CANADA? eeeeek! i know what you mean too, yesterday i just fuddled around in my home wrapping xmas gifts and buying baking supplies.... except that i couldn't bake because the store was SOLD OUT of pecans! guess i'm not the only one that feels like baking around this time of the year. Regarding your comment on the post - she TOTALLY looks like a grown up Hermione!!! love it!