Psynopsis Nicole Farhi Velvet Cocktail Dress Jil Sander T-Shirt Maruca Bag

I think what I really mean is content New Year. How weird would it be if we'd constantly be happy? Happy is for special occasions – contentness on the other hand, worth trying for every day.

BUT before I get all soppy and teary and philosophical ...
Fashionwise in 2011 I pledge to wear more colours, longer skirts (yeap, I’m gonna try the midi) and corduroy trousers. Bye bye 2010… You’ve been good. See you on the other side!

P.S. I've now changed this post about 100 times - taking out the grumpy 1st picture, putting it back in, adding some explanation that I'm not feeling well, deleting it again... It's becoming silly. New Year's Eve always feels like you need to be cheery and happy, and I'm finding this s.t.r.e.s.s.f.u.l. So, you go enjoy yourselves... I'll just sit on the sofa and listen to Beethoven's 9th symphony (that's what my dad always did... to the utter annoyance of my mum who wanted to go dancing).

dress: nicole farhi (shortened), t-shirt: jil sander, tights: wolford, bag: maruca from boulder, colorado


Life | Fever

Psynopsis Narciso Rodriguez Coat Givenchy Boots Self-Knitted Scarf Goldpfeil Bag
Can you read 'sales anticipation' written on my forehead? No? It's SO there, believe me. I'm not really good at spending. I mean, I actually am and I love shopping like anyone, but when I come home laden with bags I feel all guilty and have to clean the house (as if that would make the money come back). Then I run to my hunted treasures and try out everything in 101 different versions and I'm happy again. To my excuse (do I need an excuse? In my head I do…) I did not get ANY Christmas presents from the man (as agreed) and I totally beat the VAT increase – so I tell myself.

What about you? Did the sales fever grab you, too?

coat: narciso rodriguez, boots: givenchy, scarf: diy, bag: goldpfeil


Style | The Weasley Trauma

Psynopsis Topshop Boots

Whaddya think … Clothes for Christmas? Total danger zone... Immediate associations with Mama Weasley's sweaters and 'Oh, niiiice', gritted through teeth (while desperately searching for the receipt to return the blasted thing). But, I did it. I went totally risqué and got Sarah a pair of boots for Christmas. And she likes them (at least that's what she tells me) – plus, it's the first time this winter she's got warm feet. Aaaahhh.

And not everyone hated Mrs Weasley's sweaters. Nope, Dobby loved them.

boots: topshop


Life | Snooooooozing

Psynopsis Cat Snoozing

I guess no matter what your spiritual (non-)persuasions, winter solstice is the perfect time for relaxing, meditating on the ups and downs of life, playing games that guarantee tears and loud discussions over who the winner is, munching the good food and slurping the alcoholic drinks (thus providing us with the usual new year resolutions of cleaner livers and less calories). And while I'm set on keeping it this way for a few more days I just wanted to emerge for a moment to wish everyone HAPPY DAYS - warm or cold, winter or summer… (Celebrating Christmas in a bikini at the beach – surrounded by German expats who all mourned for snow and Christmas markets - must be one of my favourite memories, though without the whinging it might have been even better) and to say: Sara from Purses Pastries Etc. is the winner of the versatile skirt. Congratulations, Sara! & Thank you all for your kind words and for taking part in the giveaway. Muah, muah!

Back soon!


Take 10 | The Wildfox Tee

Psynopsis Wildfox T-Shirt Self-Knitted Wristbands Greta Lorenzi Cardigan Ash Boots Next Jeans

Psynopsis Wildfox T-Shirt Self-Knitted Wristbands

Now, if I said: 'A t-shirt is a t-shirt is a t-shirt is a t-shirt…' you'd immediately know about my ignorance in that sector. But even ignorant me knows that apart from thickness, material, design, cut etc. etc. choosing your tee is like choosing an identity, and the Wildfox people are putting a lot of thought into what makes the perfect worn-for-ages, stolen-from-the-boyfriend, nicked-from-the-rockband looking t-shirt.

Being a bit into numbers these days, having figured out that after 1 year of blogging the sum of comments and profile views divided by the sum of followers and numbers of posts equals my grandma's age (okay, now I'm totally bullshitting) I give the Wildfox tee a 10 (out of 10) for wearability and adaptability (dress-up-ability; I couldn't stop piling on the accessoires), a 10 for cosiness and a 6 for material (50% cotton, 50% polyester – personally prefering 100% cotton). And I'm so not surprised that there is already a list of people who asked me if they can get it as a Christmas present…

It's been a coming and going on the Take 10 team lately… Welcome to our new girls Ellie from Pretty Much Penniless, Paula of Pinkbow and Jazmine from Jazzabelle’s Diary (who already took part in the last challenge, but Hello again!). The 'old pros' Vicki, Sarah, Adele, MJ, Jen and Sherin also had much fun styling 'le tee'.

t-shirt: courtesy of wildfox, boots: ash, trousers: next, cardigan: greta lorenzi (arms cut off), scarf & wristbands: diy, bag: diy


Style | Cookie Monster

Psynopsis DIY Skirt Handknitted Cardigan and Scarf  Sheer Dress by Tees

Psynopsis DIY Skirt Handknitted Cardigan Sheer Dress by Tees

Maybe it's because (after Oscar) Cookie Monster was my Sesame Street favourite, but I cannot let go of this jacket which my aunt knitted a loooong time ago for some toddler in the family. One day I snapped it away from all the offspring to come, added some knitted arms and a waistband… and now the blue fluffiness is ALL MINE.

Could wearing the blue monster be the reason that cookies have become my main food source – or is it just the pre-Christmas spirit? Yum-yum-yum!!

P.S. No, I don't bother to do my hair anymore. That's also part of the pre-Christmas spirit.

jacket: handknitted (by aunt)/diy, scarf: presi to Sarah (handknitted), dress underneath: tees (courtesy of Stephie’s shop), wrap skirt: diy, tights: wolford, white socks: sainsbury’s, boots: ash


Style | Shivering Red

Psynopsis Harriet in Vintage Dress by Austin Reed Topshop Scarf
Darkness, candles, cookies… snow! Christmas must be the time for wearing lush royal red; so I was overjoyed when I discovered this dress for £8 in a 2nd hand store. Only at home did I realise that it's too long and too wide for me, and although Harriet has the right height we had to pin it together in the back. (Isn’t that what they do for catalogue photos, too?) - It's still too wide, but after our session she was frozen to the bone and I don't think I could have send her out into the snow again without risking being called Cruella Deville.

dress: austin reed vintage, scarf: topshop, jewellery: model's own, umbrella: lulu guiness (c/o maybelline)


Life | Maybelline

Psynopsis Psynopsis Maybelline Christmas Cocktails Party London

Psynopsis Maybelline Christmas Cocktails Party London George Lamb

Psynopsis Maybelline Christmas Cocktails Party London Henry Holland

Psynopsis Maybelline Christmas Cocktails Party London

'twas the week of the xmas party and my favourite affair was the Maybelline do (which I think officially was a cocktail thing, but to me everything counts as a Christmas party these days)… I dimly remember Jill and me stepping into the basement of Soho House, and there was Jen snogging George Lamb on the sofa (kiiiiidding!), while DJ Henry Holland was checking out Jazmine’s legs (he might have… she does have very nice legs) and the whole place was steaming with happy creatures.
When I finally got the chance to get close to gorgeous George all I managed to blurb was something like 'I’m sure it's better to be a media whore than work 9 to 5.' to which he heartily agreed (probably trying to avoid a Gordon Brown moment hissing 'Who put this idiot on my sofa?!'). Gee, he really IS cute.

Am I the only one who feels like she's married to Mr Hangover these days, crawling the last meters towards the end of the marathon that was 2010? Oh well, Cheers anyway!
All pictures taken at the Maybelline Christmas Cocktails Party, Soho House, London.


Life | The B.. B.. B.. Blog, 236 posts later

'Le Blog' is coming to about a year's age and I can truly say: 'Oh boy, it’s been a ride!' A good one, full of fun and learning experiences such as…

· The most difficult thing when taking your own outfit pics is getting the damn focus right.
· The most embarrassing thing while taking outfit pics is meeting people (who must think you are majorly weird).
· My picture visions are worlds apart from the outcome (which is not only down to focus issues).
· Sometimes I am finding it difficult to find a balance between my own blog and communicating with other bloggers (not enough hours in a day, obviously).
· I'm blessed with an amazingly patient and tolerant family. Living with someone who talks a lot to screens (interrupted by nervous fits, shouting 'HELP, IT'S NOT WORKING!!!') can't be easy.
· Painted nails are fun, even if you don't like your hands (I hate my hands.).
· I am spending less money on clothes than I used to. (Blame lack of time and rediscovering all the clothes I have already.)
· Putting so much energy into thinking about and styling clothes has lead to me relying on a sweater, a pair of trousers and some boots IRL.
· Blogging collaborations are SO MUCH FUN! Thank you, Sarah, for coming up with the Take 10 idea!
· Blogging is an obsession, which suits my OCD personality just fine.

Without wanting to sound schmaltzy, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for visiting Psynopsis and taking the time to comment on my photos and musings. I could say I'm doing it just for myself, but really I doubt I would do it without your feedback and encouragement.

Now, though not a big fan of give-aways, which usually come with some 'follow me' condition, I'm in a total Christmassy giveaway mood and if you were interested in getting the skirt I'm wearing (it's a stretchy one-size skirt; the lining worn as top, which I received from the lovely Stephie) just add (until Friday, 24th of December) the sentence 'I want the skirt!' to your elaborate comment and the random number generator will do it's magic to find a lucky winner. And NO, you do not need to be a follower or swear eternal love and never waning allegiance to me – but if you feel so inclined…

skirt: december no. 5, courtesy of Stephie’s shop, shoes: bruno frisoni, belt: 2nd hand, leggings: katherine hamnett vintage/diy


Life | Blame Santa

Psynopsis Bicycle in front of Panini Store Italy

Sorry for being slightly quiet(er) these days. I'ts the days of the red nose and other Christmas preparations, and today I'm prowling the streets of London for some presis, but like a good old aunt I’ll be back with a BANG (and presents).

Molto fashionable bicycle in Florence. Can't wait to cycle again!


Art | Now You See Us, Now You See Us Even More

Psynopsis Circus The Bloggers' Bookazine

Psynopsis Circus The Bloggers' Bookazine 2

Psynopsis Circus The Bloggers' Bookazine 3

When I learned through the ever-informative Shini about Circus, the new 'Bloggers' Bookazine' I was intrigued – not only because it's a magazine about blogs, it is actually created in the German town I started primary school and where my 3 siblings were born. Aaaanyhow – apart from my egocentric reminiscences Circus looks cool, the photography is wicked (I haven't got over the leafing through stage and fear I might never do – but that's just how it is with magazines and me these days. Sometimes I even wonder if I should cancel my Vogue subscription. Oh, the blashphemy of just thinking thoughts like this!), and it's written in English, German (and a bit of Spanish).
Hey-ho, another potential Christmas present for a (blogging) friend?

For more info about Circus click here.


Style | Ha-i-ry

Psynopsis Self-Knitted Angora Sweater and Scarf Anya Hindmarch Bag New Look Corduroy Trousers

Psynopsis Self-Knitted Angora Sweater
After my whining fit (we need that sometimes, no?) I thought it's time for some bunny wear, i.e. the ccc (cosy, cuddly, colourful) angora sweater, self-knitted 100 years ago. Nearly nothing can upset me when I wear this happy mammal.*

*No animals were harmed for the production of this post and sweater.

boots: fendi, trousers:
new look (ca. 2004, children's section), sweater & shawl: diy, sweater underneath: antonio berardi, sweater around neck: eric bompard, bag: anya hindmarch, belt: 2nd hand, gloves: furla from yoox


Life | Light Years

Psynopsis Sarah Blonde Hair

Psynopsis Sarah Outdoor Look
Okay, here comes some European whining, and all of you on the other side of the equator might just skip this, or read with a gleeful smile. Aaanyway, it's dark, it's cold, it's gloomy… I do have escape mechanisms, yesss, I do - huge amounts of chocolate (Lindt, 70%), scented candles (which I ran out of), a litre of espresso in the morning and watching a mixture of True Blood, Californication (thank you, P, we love it!), Gossip Girl and Misfits. That should keep me sheltered from TRW, aka the real world. Staring longingly at pictures of warmer days helps, too.
Any other recipes how to survive winter?

P.S. 08/12/10 - After I couldn't sleep all night because I just wasn't happy with the pictures (kiiiidding... I wish, just call me Monica) I changed the layout to polaroids today. They are still the same pictures... That's what happens when you try to post under time pressure. Sorry, won't happen again. xo


♥ | The Bling

Psynopsis Lucy Hutchings Necklace

Psynopsis Stolen Girlfriends Club Jewellery

Psynopsis Stolen Girlfriends Club Necklace
I've already admitted to being a total jewellery virgin, but lately I've come across some really fanciable designers (the designs, not the humans; but then, who knows?). Big, chunky necklaces and bracelets by Lucy Hutchings, simple, wonderful pieces by Monica Vinader (I do wear the earrings all the time); and if I my pockets weren't so empty these days I'd give all my loved ones a heavy metal piece of the Stolen Girlfriends guys. Hang Loose and Many Happy Endings… Perfect New Year wishes, no?

All pictures taken at the Robinson Pfeffer showroom.


Style | Off White

Psynopsis White Winter Outfit with Fur Vest

Psynopsis White Winter Outfit with Fur Vest
I think this week of Nothingness – no leaving the house, no seeing people, just us 5 (3 humans, 2 cats) huddled up in our 'computer room', typing, humming and giggling away, drinking tea and eating cookies… only interrupted by the daily 'wood walk' so we can light the fire in the evening – was exactly what I needed. The snow is now melting, which is good because our food is running low, but since the white delight is fading I will shamelessly leave you with some overly pretty winter pics (sorry, Diana; it’s not going to happen again.)

As soon as the fridge is stocked up you’ll find me wrapped in a blanket on the sofa watching the whole series 1 of Misfits again. Now, is this the best show ever? I do think so. KissKissKiss!

Psynopsis Winter Collage
shoes: can’t remember, bought 15 years ago in Germany, tights: falke, socks: old, underdress: paris majestic, sweater: mum’s cellar, sheepskin vest: mum’s cellar/diy, gloves: thinsulate, belt: 2nd hand, hat & scarf: eric bompard


Style | White, Grey, Red & a Bit More White

Psynopsis Grey Vintage Leather Coat Red Knit Hat

Psynopsis Winter Grey and Red Outfit Collage

Psynopsis Head of Snow
Having Raynaud Syndrome officially makes me 'allergic to cold', but I can't close my heart to the beauty of white, vast landscapes. Though I haven't figured out if from a photographic point of view snow is alluring or boring; from a modelling point it's plain cold. 'But look,' says Sarah 'all posts now have Marge Simpson hair!'.

coat: inherited from mum, hat: diy/inherited from mum, trousers: next, scarf: me & cashmiere, red cardigan: borrowed from sarah, boots: ash, gloves: furla


Art | The Allure of Diana

Psynopsis Dianna Vreeland Allure
'People can't get over people.'

Did I say wish list? Actually, I don't have one, need one… because a) I buy everything I fancy over the year anyway (and can’t ask poor J & S to spend any more money on me), b) I don't agree with the whole 'spend, spend, spend' attitude for Christmas, and c) I'm just a happy, content person (okay, wishful thinking)… I actually did buy myself a quite wonderful book recently (see!), which is not only fun to look at ('the visual road has been overtraveled and overcrowded' anyway says Mme Vreeland). I mean, the lady's got something to say (and many stories to tell). And how could one not be allured by thoughts like 'I think laying out a beautiful picture in a beautiful way is a bloody bore. I think you've got to blow it right across the page and down the side, crop it, cut it in half, combine it with something else… Do something with it.' I hear you, Diana!

What do you think, Christmas present potential?

'Allure' by Diana Vreeland


Life | The White Life

Psynopsis Sarah Wearing Black and Ugg Boots
It's snowing, which in our case means immediate total isolation from the world. Working from home (What would we do without LogMeIn? Working less, maybe...), cancelling my desperately needed waxing appointment (too much information? Sorry, that's what happens to you when you're alone, you become a babbling wreck), no mail (and I'm waiting for loads of parcels, all connected to the blogging life)… All that's left to do is to put on my wild cat feet and start working on the Christmas wish list.


Life | Cameroaming

Psynopsis Finstock Gloucestershire

Psynopsis David Cameron Finstock Church

When Karin mentioned the Christmas market we were trotting to was in David Cameron's constituency (which also happens to be the village where Kate Winslet buys her groceries) we didn't really expect him to physically be there with us in the tiny church of Finstock.* But there he was, holding his daughter's hand, declaring the Christmas market open, while Samantha pram-pushingly strolled along the stalls chatting to the locals (got to say she's a rather beautiful woman, much more in real life than the mag and newspaper pics show).

It was all so surreal and I would have loved to take pictures, but the 3 bulky bodyguards at the church entrance observed my camera with so much menace that I feared they'd tackle me to the floor as soon as I aimed at the prime-ministerial family; and how embarrassing would that be?!

I’m really sorry that this post is full of celeb chatter of my 10 minutes in the presence of the PM, but fashionwise my weekend in the Cotswolds has absolutely nothing to offer. The freezing cold makes me stick to cashmere sweaters and woolly trousers and – oh, the shame! – Ugg boots. From tomorrow on we'll only talk fashion; promised!

*Do you know how much I love English Christmas markets just for the fact that they are indoors? No shivering in the cold. So civilized!


London | Sketched & Patched

Psynopsis Sketch London

Psynopsis Sketch London Collage

Psynopsis Sketch London Collage
4 days with my sister showed me that living your life with a baby and a toddler is fun, but it's also incredibly exhausting. The moment you attend to one the other one will make sure it smashes her head in or falls down the stairs and you need to be Mrs Supercool (which my sister is) to not suffer from a continuous nervous breakdown. But to get her away from it all – at least for a day – I dragged her to London where we raided Zara (which normally is the place I go in and out in 30 seconds, thinking 'boooooring'; but not this time, oh no!) and collapsed in Sketch (which the wonderful Andrea of Robinson Pfeffer recommended as an alternative to my usual tea-after-shopping place).

With its far-out interior design, French waitresses wearing snug rosé jackets, bloomers and red Converses and cute floral teapots Sketch is pretty much the closest you can get to feeling like Alice on mushrooms while nibbling on your Earl Grey or cinnamon macaroons and slurping tea. And when you arrive at the toilets you wonder if there really wasn’t something in your Darjeeling...

Happy Weekend, Darlingas, it being a long one for many, giving Thanks and all!

All pictures taken on the iphone.


Style | The Shiny

Psynopsis Vintage Satin Kimono

Psynopsis Black H&M Maxi Dress

Psynopsis Black H&M Maxi Dress Collage
he Catherine Baba turbanesque, oriental look normally is not for minimalistic me, but when two of my favourite bloggers – Vint Junky and Fashion, Art & Other Fancies recently looked phantastic in their kimonos it got me thinking… Even if I’m not stylista enough (or according to la Baba "styliste [French pronouncation, please!], baby, not stylist!") to wear the kimono for shopping it's still a pretty nice party coat… And so just purrrrrrrfect for christmassy lounging at fireplaces in long black dresses. Ou non, baby!?

kimono: from market in australia, dress: h&m, belt: 2nd hand, shoes: cesare paciotti, bag: mum’s cellar


Life | Heve Ho!

Psynopsis Hever Castle Kent United Kingdom

Psynopsis Hever Castle Kent United Kingdom Collage

Psynopsis Hever Castle Kent United Kingdom Collage
Do you also find that it often needs visitors to finally do the things you wanted to do for ages? Like walking along the beach or going to the museum or visiting ancient castles… When I was standing in the midst of all this Tudor delight (with Greek/Roman touch) I wondered: 'What took me so long?'

All pictures taken at Hever Castle, Kent, UK


Life | Tinie Tempahs

Still (wo)manhandling the nieces... Back soon!

(BTW, the best thing about being an aunt is you can give them back to mum when they cry.)


Photography | Photo Terrorista

Psynopsis Analog 6x6 Photography
Before my little sister started to elaborate on how East Germans expressed their anti-establishment feelings by wearing denim I used to wrap her into our mum's scarves and made her model for me in rough Berlin flats so I could try out my vintage 6x6 camera. Oh, the fun. But these times are so over. Now she's arriving with back-up in form of toddlers and husband and I guess our long weekend together will be 100% family friendly. Cannot Wait!


Style | Wool On

Psynopsis Vintage Liz Claiborne Skirt 2nd Hand Knit Sweater Givenchy Boots

Psynopsis Vintage Liz Claiborne Skirt Maledetti Toscani Backpack 2nd Hand Knit Sweater Givenchy Boots
With the knitting course looming I'm trying to put myself into a woolly mood. We're supposed to collect interesting materials and I'm starting to panic by the realisation that I have no vision whatsoever of what I want to produce. Maybe being close to the source will bring enlightenment… bah, bah-bah, baaaaah?!

boots: givenchy, shirt: zinco, lace tights: oroblu, OTK socks: borrowed from sarah, skirt: liz claiborne vintage, sweater: 2nd hand/diy, backpack: maledetti toscani, little golden purse: oroton (courtesy of the lovely Robinson Pfeffer crew)