Starting 2010 Sheer, Bare-shouldered or Green?

New Year's Eve... What to wear? What to wear? What to wear?! The £10 jumpsuit I got in the sales? The 2nd hand mermaid dress? Or the sheer Rick Owens number? (No, I agree, guess not...)

In the end it was t-shirt, suede trousers and my favourite Fendi ankle boots. Perfect for a lovely evening with friends.

No matter how big the hangover... Wishing everyone a good start to the New Year.

What do I wish for in 2010? Health, unlimited creative engergy and a new camera.* What do you hope for in the new year? Any new year resolutions?

*Still undecided if a Nikon or a Canon. Any experiences or opinions on this matter are very welcome.

Thanks to Sarah for taking the outfit pictures. I would have preferred it the other way round, but she didn't see herself fit for purpose (bhd**)

** bad hair day (though looking at the pics mine is pretty bad, too).

P.S. The 2nd picture is especially for Claire. It's a close-up of the dress shown in last post.


Couture Cookie said...

I ended up wearing striped Lurex with ice blue jewelry... it actually looked much better than it sounds!

It always feels good to start anew, but I have no particular hopes or goals specifically for the new year. I will come up with them as time goes by and as I see fit, as I usually do.

Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to continue following your blog!

Sabine said...

Striped lurex sounds great. Will we get a picture?

April said...

big fan of that jumpsuit! looks great.

happy new year!

The Glossy Editor said...

Happy New Year Fendi boots? pic pls!

pretty face said...

Happy New Year to you too! Fight the hangover!

PS, out of interest, I haven't had many readers lately, how did you come across my blog? I'll definitely be revisiting yours :) x

Sabine said...

Glossy - o.k, but they are not my newest shoes.

prettyface - I came across you through the lovely Rebecca of Clothes Horse.

Camilla said...

Great blog!
Happy new year and Thanks for the comment!

sharonlei said...

Hi Sabine! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Happy 2010! Yes our pup's ears are colored, but they're purple. They used to be pink (for our wedding)... Hope you're having a great day.

Love & Aloha, S

p.s. You share the same name as one of my fav books of all time, "Griffin and Sabing" by Nick Bantock.. I love that trilogy. :)

Pinkk Candy said...


I wish you a happy new year, too :-)


Indy said...

Oh, I love all three on you! The jumpsuit is especially lovely!

What a great blog! I love the bit where you say that Ross Gellar and Hermione Granger (among others) made nerdiness cool! I totally agree (and totally want Dr. Gellar) and say power to the nerds!

Cindy Whitehead said...

Loving your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine and your nice comment. Happy New Year!

MissKellie said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! :D Hope you're having a very happy new year so far! Good luck with your resolutions! :)
Also, that green dress is amaaaazing!


Tatiana Landim said...

a good year to you! i liked the edges of your pictures. i didn't see all blog yet, but i think that i'll like it, hehe. kisses

Jen said...

The playsuit is fabulous!

I'm desperate for a new camera, too. My brother has an amazing Canon DSLR - might try steal that from him! ;)

Style Odyssey said...

I enjoyed reading your comment on my blog- thanks! :)
No NY resolutions for me. I make changes/improvements as needed throughout the year. I suppose we all do that.
Great looks, all three..I like that shade of green a lot.
Nikon or Canon...? I've had both; pleased w/ either brand (geez, I'm no help, am I? lol)
Happy New Year!

Jess said...

the mermaid dress is stunning! happy new year :)

S.Elisabeth said...

All the choices sounded lovely! I love the color of that middle dress though.

Hmm and my parents just got a Nikkon, and it's pretty nice. My photographer friend recommends Cannon Rebel XS for a nice camera. According him, you can't go wrong with Nikkon or Cannon

thatsorad said...

I love my Rebel, but my Dad has a super rad Nikkon.... the best advise I got was hold one in your hand, take pictures in the store and see which one is more comfortable. cannon is lighter with out the video.

Thanks for your comment!!!!! I love love love your blog, I went through quite a few and I totaly dig your style and thoughts!!!

Have a super rad new 2010 new friend!


Kate said...

Thank you. I'm not sure how to or else I would post larger pictures. Happy New Year! I would also love to get a new camera in the new year. I have a point and shoot, a very nice one though (Nikon Coolpix P80) but it is nothing compared to a DSLR.

Django et Coco said...

Love that Jumpsuit!

Happy New Year,

-Coco from Our Paper Moon

indigotangerine said...

Happy New Year! I think I can safely say my canon rebel changed my life (are you talking slr here?) Truly a new way of seeing the world. Plus the battery power is phenomenal.

Wini said...

Hi Sabine, Happy New Year!! I wish for good health & unlimited creative energy too. I recently bought a Nikon d90 & am very happy with it, although I'm still learning how to use it. The d90 felt more ergonomic (I have small hands). However all the sales guys seemed to prefer Canon. Agree with the previous blogger that you need to go the store and try them out. But you can't go wrong with either Canon or Nikon. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Great first outfit! ;))

Couture Carrie said...

What gorgeous options, darling Sabine!

Happy New Year!


Sher said...

Oh wow, both outfits look fantastic on you! I wouldn't know which one to choose either if I were you:)

Oh and I'm a happy Nikon user!

Happy new year, darling!!


Lewis William said...

I hope you went with the jumpsuit! A sheer green jumpsuit would have trumped the lot, though X

Style, She Wrote said...

All great picks. I particularly like the jumpsuit!
Hope your NYE was great!
Thank for stopping by our blog! ;)

Tokyo Girl said...

Thanks very much for your lovely comment! I especially love the mermaid dress in the middle.

nameotson said...


Ruta said...

Happy New Year. Love the outfits.

Kate said...

Thank you! I'll make sure to try and make the pictures bigger next time! :D

Liberty London Girl said...

Great jumpsuit! Happy New Year! LLGxx

Mai said...

I wore a red and black dress, someone told me I should wear red hehe.
Great jumpsuit!

AudreyAllure said...

i heard the canon was a lot better, but then again i wouldn't know much about really good cameras. i do own a canon digital camera though & it's great for me lol.

Sabine said...

Thanks for the many camera tips! I'm slightly inclined towards a Nikon, but Canon is a real contender. Will report back.

Out Of Order Design said...

happy new year to you!!
And I'd vote Canon ;]