Shrink to Fit

I love my new Sonia Rykiel for H&M wool playsuit, but even though it’s supposed to be generously cut I was absolutely drowning in it.

First I tried to shorten the braces, but it still looked way too big. So I decided for the risky treatment of throwing it into the washing machine at 40°C (that would be 104°F). I think it’s a bit smaller, but not much, so I’m quite tempted to wash it again at 60°C (140°F). On the other hand, I don’t want to end up with a felt children’s suit. Do you shrink your wool clothes by washing them or do you think it’s too risky a treatment?

playsuit: sonia rykiel for h&m, boots: givenchy, t-shirt: select


Sky High

Psynopsis Cesare Paciotti Heels
Is the mind a logical thing? No! (at least not mine). You probably still hear me whinging that I need shoes to walk in - but then I buy this:

Maybe I didn’t read the heel size correctly, maybe I was seduced by the transparent plastic straps (so Prada!)… one thing’s for sure – when I had them on my feet, there was no way back. Who cares if I can't walk, they give me long legs and that’s all I care for (right now, sitting on my chest of drawers).

Apart from the walking problem there is another issue: Shoes like these (open toe, open heel!) demand flawless feet. Sounds like it’s time for my first pedicure.

Psynopsis Cesare Paciotti Heels

Would you have been seduced?

t-shirt: new look, riding trousers: 2nd hand, shoes: cesare paciotti from yoox


Are Skinnies the Perfect Jeans?

'Skinnies' was the overwhelming answer from most of you, when asked about your favourite trouser shape. When I first saw them a few years ago I found them terribly unforgiving; but (like most fashions) they’ve grown on me. (Now I’m struggling with the leggings trend.)

In the midst of skinnies and leggings the jeggings were born, which theoretically should be the perfect combination of leggings comfort and jeans look. I loved the idea, but when I tried them on they looked really weird on me. Skinnies, leggings or jeggings… Are they for you?

shirt : cable car clothing, jeans: select, vest: topshop, trainers: converse


Disco Friday and a Big Thank You

I recently received an award from the fabulous bloggers of Style, Thrifting and Me, Knightley or Elton? and Vinda Sonata, plus the Magnifique Award Award from Anya of Couture Millinery and the Love Your Blog award from La Fleur de Lis. I’m absolutely thrilled and THANK YOU SO MUCH for thinking of me!

The awards come with the task to reveal 7 things about oneself. So here goes:

1. I’m the oldest of 4 siblings; 2 of which are twins.
2. The rest of my family finds my passion for fashion rather strange (except maybe my little sister who has written a book about the political impact of the jeans in the GDR and is therefore described as a 'fashion historian' by the Guardian).
3. I’m blessed with a husband who is a great cook and can make wonderful sushi.
4. My favourite means of transport is the bicycle (and perhaps the horse, but that’s more a romantic thought).
5. My all-time favourite book is 'Dune' by Frank Herbert, but I’m also a big fan of Lord of the Rings and everything Jane Austen and Agatha Christie.
6. I used to teach Ashtanga yoga, but all that’s left of my daily yoga regime is 10 minutes jumping around in the morning.
7. I prefer a humid, mild (typical English) day to a crisp, sunny cold one.

It’s always difficult to pinpoint other blogs, and from my active commenting you might know how much I enjoy reading and discovering new blogs. But here goes, I pass the awards on to:

Drollgirl - No matter how grey the day, her blog always puts a smile on my face.
Cindy Whitehead - Cindy is a sports stylist. How cool is that?!
Dancing Branflakes - I’m a big fan of body control, so it’s no surprise I’ve fallen in love with this beautiful blog of a dancer in California.
Caroline, No - Caroline writes a very informative and entertaining blog about everthing London.
Johanna Urban - I absolutely adore Johanna’s pictures. She is a true and very gifted artist.
Vintage Vixen - Shows us that you don’t need to spend heaps of money to be extremely stylish.
Tweet - Clare is a super fashionable blogger and tweeter ( or is it twitterer?)

It’s the theatre for me tonight, but I also practised my dance moves, just in case… Wishing you all a lovely weekend. (Maybe you can do some dancing for me)
dress: label unknown (bought in Byron Bay Australia), trousers: c’n’c costume, shoes: cesare paciotti


La Fille Noire

Spring might be all about candy colours but when it comes to dressing we’ll never really get away from black. Black is simple, black is mysterious, black goes with anything, black is slimming…
In winter we’ll all be back to black anyway, since after a lot of colourful spring/summer collections most designers have turned to a restrained palette of beige/camel and black for autumn/winter. I absolutely adored Stefano Pilati’s ‘sexy nuns’ for
Yves Saint Laurent . Yes, it might have looked a bit like he’d raided the wardrobe of a bishop, but high waists and high necklines made for restrained, elegant, but still very sensual clothes. Since I sadly don’t own anything YSL my new Sonia Rykiel for H&M jumpsuit had to do for my ‘fille noire’.
Personally I quite like black in summer (especially with tanned skin) (Although the pictures are far away from both). What about you?

jacket: mango, playsuit: sonia rykiel for h&m, shoes: bally


Beige with Gold, Beige with Pink

Phew, trousers 4 days in a row… Come on, let’s take a trousers break. Funny thing is, I’m not even that big on trousers, much more a skirt and dress girl. Trousers, they get baggy knees and have potential VPLs. Plus, they are a nightmare to buy (never know my size and find it hard to find the right fit). Skirts are soo much easier, and they also come in all shapes and forms! I also want to pick up on the beige/nude discussion again. Personally I wouldn’t actually wear a beige skirt with beige tights and a beige top, what I do like though, is nude colours combined with gold.

Also thanks so much for all your combination suggestions.
Classic Copenhagen for example thinks nude goes well with orangy-red and acid yellow and Lenka loves beige and pink. No acid yellow/beige outfit, sorry, but I did find a shocking pink top. Elsa Schiaparelli would be so proud!

I guess that’s the beauty about nude colours – they are like a soft version of black and white and go with pretty much anything.

skirt: valentino roma, shoes: bruno frisoni, shirt: 2nd hand, clutch: 2nd hand


Balmain, Nearly

So, here the 2nd installment of 'Which trousers to wear this year?' (you've really inspired me)... We all know that Balmain is for the supercool party girl with legs like a giraffe, which guarantee that she still looks fabulous in Monsieur Decarnin’s extremely low-waisted trousers. And while nearly all designers went for high-waisted this year, Balmain stuck to low cut tight pants. The brand is hideously expensive and the high street offers all kind of look-a-likes, but it’s not really the same. At closer inspection the ‘real things’ are quite cleverly sewn and designed (the trousers for example have some kind of knee enforcement) and the fabrics are quite wonderful.
Sadly my trousers are not Balmain, they are just some cheap Uniqlo jeans which I tie-dyed.

jeans: uniqlo/diy, t-shirt: topshop, blazer : alexander mcqueen


Who Wears the Trousers? White Jeans (& Stripes)

Thank you so much for your expert opinion on your preferred trouser shape. Overall the skinny seems to be a big favourite of yours, and I totally understand why. Skinnies are versatile, can be worn with short or long tops (or dresses) and suit nearly every body shape. I didn’t manage to take 'skinny' pictures over the weekend; but I’ve got something else up for discussion: white jeans. I love them for summer worn with stripey t-shirts, but when it gets grey and cold I stop wearing them. (They seem to be a big hit for Italian men, at least the Sartorialist features a lot of flashy Italians wearing white jeans.)

What about you? Do you like white jeans or are they too 'Kensington housewife'?*
*For all non-UK readers: Kensington is a wealthy borough in London.

blazer: moschino cheap & chic, jeans: river island, short t-shirt: diy, long t-shirt: don't know, shoes: costume national, backpack: kipling, bag: goldpfeil


Take Your Pick

Psynopsis Angelica in Antonio Marras Leather Shirt Givenchy Boots
The 80s might have all been about pleats and carrot shapes, the 90s about slim and unadorned, a few years ago it had to be skinny, but now when it comes to trousers freedom reigns: High-waisted, low-waisted, tailored, harem, puffy, dungarees, skinny, pleated, wide-legged… Anything goes!

Also here to stay are playsuits and the smart version of tracksuit bottoms. So much fun! (& you can even get up trees in them)

What about you? Any favourite trouser shapes?

jacket: antonio marras, playsuit: select, boots: givenchy


Sweet as Candy

Psynopsis Pink Sonia Rykiel for H&M Sweater Volker Lang Bag
You know how it is… One sets out to buy a certain thing and comes home with something totally different. At least that’s what happened when I walked out to substitute my old boots). See, the problem is: I'm not a flats girl, I want a heel, but since I haven't got a chauffeur (yet… always the optimist) I still need to be able to walk (at least a bit). But in the shops I’m confronted with either sky-high shoes, which admittedly look lovely, but in real life function more as show stoppers than shoes, or some flatties, often even with a strap around the ankle (gladiator-style, urgh), and sadly I just don't have Angelica’s legs.

So instead of shoes I bought every Sonia Rykiel for H&M item I could get my hands on (which amounted to one, too big for me, wool playsuit and a rose-pink sweater which when I came home received the comment: 'You can’t be serious!'. But oh yes, I'm dead serious – I'm going to wear this baby coloured pullover with my rosé 80s trousers…

Sweet as candy or You can't be serious?

sweater: sonia rykiel for h&m, trousers: marc aurel, shoes: bruno frisoni from yoox, bag: volker lang


The Eye

Psynopsis Art Still Life

Psynopsis Art Still Life

Psynopsis Art Still Life
It's strange, but since I've taken up photography again I am noticing quite a change in how I see things. 'Thinking photography' lets me see my environment as a constant stream of possible pictures - colours, arrangements, backgrounds… A rusty thrown-away tin might have a special shade of red, an old twig lying around a beautiful shape (and some antlers just have to become my new hat).

What about you? Has blogging changed the way you see things?


Bare Essentials

The Inuit might have 60 names for snow, but we will need about as many names for off-white and light brown soon. Beige, nude, camel, sand, caramel, dirty snow… You might come up with more names because one thing’s for sure: It's the new 'It Colour'! After the autumn/winter shows of Chloe, Valentino, Celine and Stella McCartney no one was left in doubt that next winter you can choose from the widest range of a very basic hue.

I might have taken it a bit far with the blandness in this outfit, but it raises the question if beige is oh-so-elegant, grown-up and wearable or just plain boring and uninventive? Since the shops will probably only start to be flooded by camel and co. at the end of summer I still have a bit more time to delve into the possibilities of wearing beige without looking like a total wash-out.

What's your opinion? Is camel an absolute essential or just too bland for you?

shoes: emanuel ungaro, bag: lambertson truex, tights: ???, scarf & hat: eric bompard, trench: topshop, blouse: 2nd hand, skirt: valentino roma


Denim Angelique

OK, I might not be the perfect Ralph Lauren girl, but I truly believe Angelica is. Naturally I had to drag her long-legged gorgeousness in front of my camera…

Denim shorts… Still an all-season basic or is it going to be something else for you this year?

jacket: NLJeans, sweater: tocca, shorts: model’s own, tights: wolford, boots: givenchy


Disco Friday with Surprise Me Knits

Issey Miyake just slung some shawls around his models … and hey-ho: The perfect top! He might have excelled at what Sarah Mower from style.com called 'unexpected knits', but Sonia Rykiel, Christian Dior, Prada, JP Gaultier, Givenchy and Vanessa Bruno all came up with some surprising knitting designs for a/w 2010.

Since on Disco Friday freedom reigns, and though I only have my diy scarf at hand, I think this shows the Miyake idea quite well. The more wearable version would be with proper trousers and a sweater, but that would be so boring, wouldn’t it? Happy weekend!!!

hat, scarf & sweater: diy, bodysuit: wolford, blouse: costume national, trousers: topshop, shoes: chanel vintage


Magical Moments at Wunderkind

Psynopsis Wunderkind Collage
Do you remember JOOP!? JOOP! was a rather well known fashion brand in the 80s, run by German designer Wolfgang Joop. Though I can’t remember much of his designs I did not forget that I once read an interview in which he complained about the widespread habit of wearing sports gear instead of proper clothes. End of the 90s he sold JOOP! and moved back from New York to his German hometown Potsdam (a picturesque little town close to Berlin) where he started his new brand Wunderkind.

The colourful, whimsical Wunderkind designs seem very different to the sleek, urban JOOP! clothes (the translation for Wunderkind would be 'magical child', a term describing a very gifted prodigy in the German language) and the collections are shown in Paris.

Since there are no Wunderkind shops in London, visiting one in Berlin was on my 'to do' list. Berlin even has two Wunderkind locations – one proper big one which is superbly described by Haute World and a smaller shop in the hip area of 'Mitte' called Wunderkind Vintage. Although located in a very busy area the shop was nearly empty; the reason for which was quickly explained when we opened the doors to the shop: In good old German fashion the shop assistant did his best to keep us out. First we had to clean our shoes on a door mat (!) and when strolling around he enjoyed snapping garments from our sight, as if we weren’t worthy of seeing these beautiful things. Because beautiful they are – being 'vintage' they were from the fall 2008 collections and made with delicate, luxurious fabrics - the lightest of silk, the softest of cashmere – and bold, colourful prints and designs. Even the reduced prices were not in my usual budget, but I thought the cuts (especially of the jackets) were excellent and the clothes inspiring – the kind you would be willing to pay more. (That is, if I am allowed to buy something…)

What I liked about Wunderkind’s
a/w 2010 collection (shown yesterday in Paris) is that it went refreshingly against the minimalism trend, staying with strong colours and (animal and other) prints. It also featured beautiful shearling jackets similar to the ones at Burberry. I’m actually quite tempted to just bully my way past the shop assistant for a second look.

Original picture source:


Bye Bye Baby

It's a bit weird, but since I've started blogging my expenses have decreased considerably. With all the picture taking, writing and communicating I just don't seem to have any time for shopping (not even online shopping because, hey, there is always a new blog to check out first!).

But it can’t go on like this any longer. Look at my poor boots! Thing is, I might be fussing about my
Givenchys, but the shoes that carried me sturdily through the last two winters are a pair of black topshop ankle boots. Somehow they have the perfect heel height to still be comfortable even if worn the whole day (around 8cm/ 3 inches) and they go with pretty much anything. But now they're falling apart. (Stupid me, I should have bought at least two pairs).

Before I go hunting for a new pair of favourite booties, tell me: What are your dream boots for this year? Do you have any recommendations for me?

boots: topshop


Je rêve de Paris...

Psynopsis Breakfast Still Life
It's nothing new, come the first airs of spring I start dreaming of Paris… I see myself walking along the Seine, strolling through the Tuileries, drinking café au lait and having dinner in a little bistro. (Mon dieu; quel cliché!)

And now, having read about the big Yves Saint Laurent retrospective at the Musée of Beaux Arts I really must go! It’s on from the 11th of March until the 29th of August... Â bientôt!
If it’s not Paris (or even if it is) - Where would you like to be right now ?


Cover Me with Camouflage

Psynopsis Vintage Le Chateau Suede Blazer Miu Miu Boots Fat Face Cargo Pants

Psynopsis Vintage Le Chateau Suede Blazer Miu Miu Boots Fat Face Cargo Pants

Psynopsis Vintage Olive Green Collage

Translating the Trends #3
Olive, military green, khaki… call it what you will, you don’t need me to tell you that camouflage colour is super hip. What started with parkas and jackets has now moved down the body. Who would have thought we’d ever see them again... Dries van Noten even re-introduced the cargo pants (and skirts!).

boots: miu miu, jacket: le chateau, trousers: fat face, t-shirt: 2nd hand, bag & necklace: diy


Colour Me Like Consuelo

Are you a Marni lover? Theoretically I am - I want to be an intellectual, bohemian, eccentric Marni girl! But when actually faced with the clothes I find many of the designs pretty unwearable. To my non-intellectual, un-bohemian eye they often look like sacklike creatures without much definiton... (probably couldn't afford them anyway, but that's not the question here!). What I always loved though are Marni's colour schemes and it's the same for the autumn/winter 2010 collections. Consuelo Castiglioni mixes oxblood red with dusty pink with brown with camel with turquoise... And it works!

She wasn't the only one to go for unusual colour combinations though. There are lovely early 70s references in brown and orange and Rochas mixes teal and turquoise with a vengeance. Honestly, it wasn't easy to find all these colours in my wardrobe.
What about you? Do you like the new wild mix and will you go for full-on colour this year? Or will you stay with more classic combinations?

shoes: fendi, tights: wolford, skirt: thrift store, blouse: pringle of scotland, sweater: eric bompard, bag: coccinelle


Fashionable Reading

Do you find it hard to remember who is at the helm of Rue de Mail (Martine Sitbon, well done) or Pollini (yes, it’s Jonathan Saunders, you are so clever!)? Or do you know what a jute* is, or a puggaree**, or a reticella?***

See, I used to think I knew a bit about fashion. I’ve been reading Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar like forever****, regularly buy other magazines and heavily use style.com. I try to keep up with which fashion house is led by whom and what’s happening in the fashion world. But when I started blogging I quickly became aware how very ignorant I really am. Having no professional training or education in fashion, design or tailoring there are heaps of things I don’t know. But my mum has taught me that you can learn everything from books and when my friend handed me the fashion books Christmas recommendations of the Times ("you might be interested in this.") I had something to start with…

'100 Contemporary Fashion Designers' are two glorious coffee table books (I couldn't believe the price when these 2 heavy weights arrived, but I guess the 3-language edition of Taschen makes it possible), 'Fashion Makers, Fashion Shapers' gives an insight into the makings and breakings in the fashion industry, the dictionary 'Fashion A-Z' helps me to understand dress-making and fashion terminology and 'My Wonderful World of Fashion, a Book for Drawing, Creating and Dreaming' I bought just for fun.

Now I just have to find the time to read them. But what about you? Do you have a fashion book you swear on or a favourite fashion biography?

*a lustrous bast fibre obtained from the bark of tropical plants Corchorus capsularis and C. olitorius.
** a turban, may also refer to the length of material used to make a turban. But may also describe a thin cotton or silk scarf that is wrapped around a hat.
*** a decorative openwork fabric hat was first produced in Italy during the late 15th century, and is generally regarded as the forerunner to needle lace.
****My favourite fashion biography was 'A Dash of Daring', describing the life of the infamous Harper's Bazaar editor Carmel Snow.


Feeling Blue

Not being long-legged, blonde and healthy looking enough, I’ve never seen myself as much of a Ralph Lauren girl. Nonetheless I’ve absolutely fallen for his spring 2010 collection which followed his vision oft the American worker, farmer, pioneer and cowboys (& cowgirls) of the 1930s.

Great depression, great recession… The look is so comfy, I could spend every day in boyfriend jeans and a roomy denim shirt. Or is jeans all over just too much denim for you?

jeans: combo, shirt: stüssi, belt: thrift store


Stepping Out Naked

Psynopsis Bruno Frisoni Gold Shoes
Since I obviously had my rude day today – First I told my English colleagues in a meeting that Europeans are not interested in a currency called Pound Sterling, in fact they hardly know it exists (Ouch, that didn’t make me any friends); then I shouted in frustration on the tennis court (which made my partner just love me) – I sought consolation in the net-a-porter website which wooed me with their new blushed toned shoe selection. (But only after apologizing to everyone I could find, throwing myself on the floor and asking for forgiveness… Really? Nah... But let me just say I love everything English, including the currency!

Anyway, back to shoes… I first saw this idea of a leg lengthening, quasi non-visible device years ago in what I think was L’Wren Scott’s first collection* and immediately loved it. Last year I happily wore a pair of golden heels, which I thought worked pretty well, too... but am very tempted to go even nuder this summer.

Gold, beige and nude – good colours for shoes?

*I'm sure she wasn't the first one who came up with this idea, but as a stylist she nicely explained the concept of invisibly lengthening the leg. (She also had something to say about twisted, diagonal seems and how they make the legs look slimmer).

shoes: bruno frisoni


Gimme Shelter

Over the weekend I finally found the time to start thinking what the a/w fashion shows are about. Interesting colour combis, ubiquitous olive, boobs at Prada and 'normal sized' models, velvet everywhere, thigh highs and over the knee boots, flat shoes, black leather, often a strong early 90s vibe, and - fur! Real and artificial, sheepskin lapels and teddy bear coats. Lots and lots of fur.

Though I have a few furry items, personally I can’t really see myself buying into the trend too much* (except perhaps for vintage pieces). I'm quite glad I still have my mum's old coat though...

How do you feel about this trend. Is fur for you? Would you only wear artificial fur or does it have to be 'the real thing'?

*The gorgeous sheepskin jackets from Burberry and Co. being an exception.

coat: vintage, hat: vintage, pony hide gloves: maledetti toscani