Next Time

Psynopsis Next Skinnies Costume National Blouse

Psynopsis Next Skinnies DIY Leather Bag Collage
Give me 3 holidays, un-perfect weather and a stomach bug and I can get so productive, I impress myself. First on my list was – real life shopping (not online, but going to the shops… This must count as a productive activity, no?) and on our tour we stumbled into Next. I’ve never been to Next before and in the shop I made a beeline to their olive and grey-blackish coloured 'treggings' (have you ever heard of 'treggings'? Leggings, duh, jeggings, yes, but treggings???). Anyway, they are nearly as cool as the J Brand’s Houlihans which EVERYONE in America is buying these days; but while a pair of Houlihans cost $233 the Next treggings are only £25.- (which should be like $30?). So I went all out and bought both colours.

They do have a problem though… The cut is not perfect. They leave a space at the back (you know, when the fabric stands off at the spine). And this is where my first DIY job came in: Stencilling some holes in the back and pulling a leather strip through to tighten them. It’s not ideal, but for that price I really can’t be bothered.

trousers: next, blouse: costume national, shoes: russell & bromley, bag: diy


Lace Is Way Too Pretty for Me!

I bought this dress in Berlin because it reminded my of Prada lace designs and of sexy 50s secretaries; but I never wear it. Don't get me wrong, I love the outfits in Mad Men just as anyone, but when it comes to myself a proper knee length dress like this just makes me feel totally overdressed. The last time I wore it I picked up a tennis ball and threw it to my coach which made the old, delicate lace rip. (It took me hours to fix it.)

Although when I look at these pictures I’m thinking maybe not all is lost. I guess what it needs is some kick-ass boots and a black belt with lots of metal - Plus standing in the bathtub and looking black and white.

How would you style a dress like this?
dress: vintage (integrety casuals), boots: givenchy, belt: 2nd hand


The Other Side of the Picture

Buggers, I totally forgot that I received an email telling me that Olivier Theyskens will be in London to sign his book 'The Other Side of the Picture' at Liberty London today. I would have loved to meet the man who reminds me of a beautiful Jesus (isn't this picture so Caravaggio-esque? I would really like to know by whom it is) and who came up with some amazing creations, both for Rochas and for Nina Ricci.
Olivier Theyskens was born in Brussels (another Belgian genius? How come this country seems to breed incredible designers a la Dries van Noten or Ann Demeulemeester?!) According to Wiki he would really rather have been a girl because 'girls got to be princesses and wear skirts'. Although he had dropped out of design school at 20 he was made artistic director of the fashion house Rochas just aged 25 (Sarah Mower called his first collection for Rochas 'nothing short of magnificent'). In 2006, not even 30 years old, he became artistic director of Nina Ricci where his couture-like creations were reverred and worn by celebrities (actually Madonna had worn one of his designs already in 1997 to the Oscars); but his ideal of 'stopping global vulgarity' by concentrating on the art of designing clothes, 'neglecting' advertising and not succumbing to cheap accessory lines finally led to the end of his tenure.

At €100/$120 (but I think it’s cheaper at amazon) the book isn’t exactly a bargain. But Julien Claessens' photography really is beautiful. If you want to have a look (for free) you can do this

Olivier Theyskens 'The Other Side of the Picture'. Photography by Julien Claessens, Text by Sally Singer. Publisher Assouline

Source: Rochas RTW Fall 2003, from here


London | The Big Stampede

Here they are! These are just a few of the 258 elephants stomping through London from May to July for the protection of the Asian elephant. I haven’t seen the jewel covered one Fashionistable was raving about (Oh, I would love that one for my back garden), but I think they are all great.

Apart from that they are looking beautiful and are supporting a great cause I just love how people interact with them. Climbing on top or resting your tired body against them are just a two possibilites… Aren't they fun?


Styling, What Styling?

Oh look, I found a new friend! The day was such a scorcher that I was very tempted to just stay in my cosy jumpsuit. But after having made such a big huhaa about what to wear to the party and all your encouraging comments I felt committed. So, Acne dress it was!
It's so extremely stiff that it makes you feel like some 19th century lady strapped in a corset, but I guess that’s the charme of it. And I only felt a teeny weeny bit overdressed when I realised that the hostess was wearing jeans. Dressing down really seems to be recession flavour of the moment.

About the styling question… Phew, honestly, I'm not good at styling and accessorizing. I normally concentrate on the clothes and any jewellery apart from earrings feels alien to me. So it was Chloe shoes, selfmade clutch and a necklace. Does that get your approval? Oh dear, in the picture the buckle of the clutch has opened!

Et voilà, ready to go!

My new friend the elephant comes in herds these days in London. More about this tomorrow…

silk jumpsuit: topshop, shoes: scholls, sunglasses: exté


The Waxing Question

Psynopsis Acne Peplum Denim Dress

Psynopsis Acne Peplum Denim Dress

It's partytime tonight. Painted the nails, put the fake tan on, got my legs waxed… Talking of which, friends keep telling me what a blessing laser is; but it's soooo expensive! Once I did the maths and figured that I can get around 200 waxings for the price of a full laser treatment. At one waxing a month that’s quite some years! What about you? Are you 'lasered' or still old fashioned like me?

Aaanyway, back to scrubbing up… Unwanted hair is gone, teeth are clean. Now comes the dress question. It’s a terrace party in London, a bit posh, the weather is lovely – Could this be the night for the denim Acne dress I
bought ages ago? It still feels a bit funny, but I think it’s now or never! Lets see how it goes.

Happy weekend!

dress: acne, shoes: chloe, clutch: diy


The Traps of Online Shopping

Psynopsis Lover Trousers New Look T-Shirt

Psynopsis Lover Trousers New Look T-Shirt Topshop Blazer

Psynopsis Lover Trousers New Look T-Shirt Topshop Blazer DIY Denim Bag
How often has it happened to you that you bought clothes online and when the item arrives, you put it on and think: 'Mmmhh, I don’t think I'd bought that in a shop; BUT now that it's here, I'll make it work.'? Really, I think if there is one big disadvantage to online shopping, it's the reluctance to return things.

Case in point are these trousers. They looked cool on the website; exactly what I was looking for – laid back, easy to wear, tummy space… In reality they are anything but. The material is scratchy and the cut is plain cheap. I guess they might look good on a very boyish figure, but me they give huge hips and my bottom looks totally unshapely in them.

But even more than scratchy trousers I hate wardrobe corpses. So I'll try to wear them anyway. They are comfortable enough, I can even stalk around the woods with them. I'll just hope no one secretly sniggers at my puffy behind.*

*I know it's vain, but no way am I giving you a picture of this. I also happily admit that I tried to make them look as good as possible in the pictures.

trousers: lover, shoes: bally, bag: diy, blazer: topshop, t-shirt: new look


Field Trips

Psynopsis Maledetti Toscani Suede Jacket DKNY Trousers Decathlon Boots

Psynopsis Maledetti Toscani Suede Jacket DKNY Trousers Decathlon Boots Collage
Now that I'm living in the beautiful English countryside I have this romantic dream of taking fashion pictures in nature. But when I try to put my ideas into action I normally end up close to a nervous breakdown. It starts with avoiding dog walkers and ramblers, goes on with changing clothes and shoes in hostile environment and ends with trying to climb up hills and trees while getting all your pretty clothes dirty (or worse ripped)... And where the heck did I put the remote control?!?!

The main idea for this shoot was to show you my 90s DKNY trousers whose shape was totally outdated for years. But I’m starting to think they don’t look so bad anymore… What’s your opinion about 90s style, high-waisted, pleated trousers?

In the end I just couldn’t deal with the high heels any more and put on my walking boots. And the white wrap around my arm is not my latest idea of a fashion accessoire, but I’ve developed a slight tennis elbow. You won’t believe how much court cred you get with such a thing - It's like a badge of honour. Other tennis players come up to me, nodding their heads seriously and pointing at my arm: "Tennis elbow? Your first one?", followed by lots of empathy and advice. I feel like a wounded soldier coming back from the fields. Finally everyone can see that I’m a true heroine! I have to admit I’m quite tempted to make the wrap a permanent feature (at least on the court).

Now that I’ve done my whinging bit I have to say that the whole hiding from others, finding good places and being out and about is actually good fun and I’m sure it won’t be me last shot 'à l’air libre'.

trousers: dkny, top: 2nd hand, suede jacket: maledetti toscani, high heeled boots: fendi, flat boots: decathlon


Show Time

Last week I received a nice little challenge from Ferferi: The Picture #10 Challenge.

All you’ve got to do is to find your 10th posted picture, repost it again and challenge five other bloggers to do the same. My picture #10 features Sarah and Harriet modelling sweatpants in November last year. I had just decided to rediscover photography and the fashionable question if I could wear my trackies to work offered a nice photo opportunity. I didn’t even have a proper camera (now I use a Nikon D60 which serves me nicely), but the girls were great and we had so much fun taking the pictures.

And the challenge goes to:
Chai, Cinnamon & Couture
Wabi & Sabi
The Alternative Bride
Little Blue Deer



Psynopsis Giles Spider Dresses Collage

Psynopsis Giles Dresses Collage
Thanks to Kazuko, Clare and Rossovelvet I'm now in the know: The creepy crawly spider dress I was wondering about a few days ago is by Giles.

Before doing his own line Giles Deacon worked with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and was head designer for Bottega Veneta under Tom Ford. Whereas spring/summer was a veritable zoo, he abandoned all zoological references (apart from the beehive hairdo) for autumn/winter 2010 and went for slightly dishevelled 60s housewifes. Could he be a fan of Mad Men, too?

Spiderwoman or Mad Housewife – What's your preference?

Picture source for collage: style.com


Old Loves Don’t Die

Normally I don't post on Saturdays to give myself a blogging free day, but today is the birthday of my BFF. You know, the friend you find sometime in childhood and you...

Discover the world together
Invent new fashions together
Sometimes hate the world together
Discover boys (Luckily we never fancied the same ones. Phew!)
Tame wild beasts together
Chat through the night
Just hang out together...

The world is a better place with a BFF.


Blouses & Espresso

When I was jumping around manically several of you commented on the blouse I was wearing. It might not be perfect for jumping (in fact it’s proof that I really wasn't prepared for the trampoline because who in their right mind would wear a silk blouse with a tie thingy for sporty activities?), but I do love this blouse! I bought it for €25 at the antiques market in Arezzo in Italy because of its pattern and material. Later I realized it is self-made which makes it even more dear to me.

It also reminds me how much I'm looking forward to sitting around lazily on Italian piazzas and sipping espresso. Is it very pathetic to think of pleasures that are still 2 months away? Yes, I guess it is. Oh well, first of all: Happy weekend!

blouse: vintage, shoes: bruno frisoni, shorts: frangipani


Creepy Crawlies & Immobile Models

I hate flowers - I paint them because they're cheaper than models and they don't move. Georgia O’Keeffe
Psynopsis Giles Spider Dress
The other day I found this picture on my camera. 'Great dress!' I cried, 'did you shoot this?' 'Yeap, I liked the spiders,' says husband. Naturally, he has no idea who the dress is by, actually, as he points out, he couldn't care less. Oh Boy(s)!

I'm quite intrigued by this dress and would really like to know who designed it. I stumbled across it once, but now I can’t remember where or by whom it was. Googling 'black widow dress' or 'spider dress' I get 1001 pictures of Michelle Obama wearing the black and red Narciso Rodriguez dress at election night (highly controversial, it seems) and, naturally, a lot of Halloween suggestions. So my question - Do you know who designed this dress?

Personally I don’t hate flowers at all (and somehow I don’t believe Mrs O'Keeffe did either because she would have been a real masochist to continuously draw things she hated). Flowers are great models indeed and I photograph them a lot, but normally I don’t find the pictures interesting enough to share. Today is different because the colour of thess tulips match the colour of the dress so wonderfully. Thank you flowers for being such patient models!


Sweaty Tuesday or More Trackies

Okay, the trend might be a few years old now, but I still love the sweatpants look, and looking at the s/s and a/w 2010 shows this fashion is still going strong. Funny thing is, some people even just seem to have noticed the possibility of wearing 'Sweatpants with Stilettos'. At least that was the title of an article in the Wall Street Journal beginning of April. Their fashion forward colleagues at the NY Times Magazine could hardly believe it… 'Yes!' they answered (sniggering: 'duh, how behind are these guys?!')

But apart from bitching journalists… I want more of the lazy look, which is why I’m delighted to have picked up this blazer at the topshop sale. Stilettos atafeet!*

If at all, how are you prepping up your sweatpants?

*I'm sure I heard this expression somewhere, or is it just my brain making up new expressions at a whim?

blazer: topshop, t-shirt: h&m, tracksuit bottoms: select, shoes: scholls


Comfortable Monday: Harem Trousers

Monday… That's the day when I crawl out of bed after a few hours of sleep because I got into it way too late. Monday… That’s the day when I’m finding it challenging enough to have a cup of coffee and a shower and really can’t be bothered to think about fancy outfits. Monday… That's the day I often just want to be comfortable. Monday… That's the day for harem trousers.

I have to pad myself on the back for this outfit post. It’s been effing cold lately (hardly 10°C/50°F), so it wasn’t terribly tempting to pose outdoors. But hey, everything for fashion and for YOU!

So, what do you think about the drop crotch - Yes or No?

trousers: topshop, shoes: bally, top: spitalfields market, london


It’s a Girl Thing

A few days ago I received the Plastic Joy Award from Vintage Vixen. It asks the receiver to name 5 characters from TV or film s/he would like to 'have some fun with' and tag 5 other bloggers. What a great opportunity to do some fancy thinking… Thank you so much, Vix! So here goes:

1. Brad Pitt in 'Thelma & Louise'
2. Johnny Depp in 'Pirates of the Carribean' (maybe with some cleansing before any action, but hey, I’m not picky when it comes to Johnny)
3. Robert de Niro in 'Heat' (but certainly also in 'The Godfather')
4. Paul Newman in 'The Sting'
5. and last not least: Chuck or Nate? Chuck or Nate? Chuck or Nate… Chuck! Always liked a bit of evil. (But not Dan, no way!!)*.

Hmm, I guess my selection shows a) I’m not a film buff and b) my taste in men is pretty conventional (although I do find Severus Snape, aka Alan Rickmann, in the Harry Potter films attractive… maybe I just like guys with unwashed hair?)

Talking about girl dreams – After many, many years I’ve finally switched from my dinosaur phone to an iphone. You have no idea how much ridicule I had to endure for this: "You want one of these girlie phones? Just because it’s so pretty and easy to use?!?!" Hell, yeah! I’m tired of struggling with technology the whole day. I want a pretty, easy to use device – anything wrong with that?! Now that we’ve got one in the house the man actually not only likes it, he is starting to find excuses why he needs one, too ('Would actually be really good for my music…' I hear him mumbling.) Ahhh, what can I say? (S)he who laughs last laughs loudest.**

And the Plastic Joy Award goes to:

1. Fashezine
2. Ferferi I Paris
3. Jolie Laide
4. Intro to My Life
5. The Shoe Corner

To get the award picture (which should go on your blog) just click on 'Read more!'

Happy weekend!

*Gossip Girl, that is.
**But before I sound like a total bitch: Thank you for helping me sorting out the set-up, darling!


English Mania for Italian Summer

Psynopsis Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Dress
I didn't do anything at the Queen, whom I admire. Vivienne Westwood

I haven't really done any summer wardrobe shopping, except this Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dress… Think I'm all set for Italy now.

What about you, have you found THE ONE summer item?

dress: vivienne westwood anglomania


Wild Thing You Make My Heart Sink

Psynopsis Lucien Pellat-Finet Skull T-Shirt
I've got one 'designer' t-shirt. It's by Lucien Pellat-Finet and was given to me by a friend who had bought it for it’s nice picture on the back. 'But Sabine, it's got HOLES!' she cried when it arrived. 'I don’t want a t-shirt with holes and I really can’t be bothered to send it back. You want it?'. I think the price had been something around £150, which is actually cheap in comparison to the Slashed Army t-shirt by Balmain, which will relieve you of around £800 or $1000, as I found out on my latest shopping trip. I know Balmain isn't cheap, but somehow I can tolerate the price of several thousand quid for one of Mr Decarnin’s jackets more than the price for the t-shirt. Something in me shouts: "It's just a bloody t-shirt!" I wonder if anyone buys them or am I overlooking something here?
I really don't know why this reminds me of my favourite children’s book… Maybe because it (the t-shirt? the price?) brings out the rebel in me.

Psynopsis Lucien Pellat-Finet Skull T-Shirt Collage

t-shirt: lucien pellat-finet, denim shorts: gap kids (cut-offs), flip-flops: laidback london

pic 2 from: "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak, published by Random House; Balmain t-shirt from net-a-porter.com


Summer black & Travel Dreams

Psynopsis Michael Kors Shorts Costume National Blouse

Psynopsis Michael Kors Shorts New Look Sequin Vest
"There is no point in design for design's sake. Everything I believe in is about getting women dressed." Michael Kors
Spent the weekend with one of our very best friends from the US, which was lovely and reminded me that I really badly WANT TO GO! I haven’t been to the United States of America for 20 years. He's invited us to Boulder and I would also love to see New York and Boston again. Apart from this, my sister isn’t too impressed that I haven’t managed to visit her and her family in Seattle in 2 years… Shame on me! But I will, I will!! And when I go I will take these shorts along because they are my wear-everywhere, in-any-weather go-to shorts. Black, high-waisted, 100% virgin wool… I love them in summer with a vest or a blouse and in winter with black opaque tights and a blazer.

There is something about Michael Kors designs… They always seem sexy and cool in a no-nonsense, sleek way; as if they were made for the jet-setting, international woman who wants to be well dressed and comfortable without thinking much about it. Or is this just my impression because many of his ads feature planes, cars and women on the move - ideally stepping out of a limousine or a chauffeur in the background? Maybe that's why I'm looking so grumpy in these pictures - Where is the limousine and my chauffeur, I wonder...

shorts: michael kors, blouse: costume national, shoes: cesare paciotti, vest: new look