Short, Shorter, the Shortest

Summer + mini skirts, go together like gin + tonic...

top: viktor & rolf, hat: carrefour supermarche, skirt & jacket: zapa, shoes: bally



I'd probably rather have killed myself than gone to our school's Prom when I was 16, but that was just because I was a defiant, rebellious, grumpy teenager. Now that I’m older the idea of enjoying myself doesn't seem so threatening anymore.



This was the first time in my life I went to a Prom.* Gee… the dresses, the limos… To me it felt like a mixture of practising for the Oscars and realising childhood Barbie dreams (what would I haven given for wearing one of my Barbie dresses as a little girl!) - although the vehicles were a bit more diverse (apart from limos there were skate boards, busses, tractors, motor cycles, fire machines, tanks (!), horses…)

Do you still have your Prom dress? And do you ever wear it?

Wishing you a great start to the week. Love & Kisses!

Sadly there were no Proms at German schools, though this might have changed by now.


Summer Time

The weather is so beautiful I feel I’ve got nothing to say… Apart from…. (actually, I think I've always got something to say) ...that wearing this skirt makes me realise there were times in my life when I found the time to sequin my clothes… This skirt is slowly falling apart, but I absolutely treasure it.

Hope you are well and are enjoying life. Love & Kisses!

skirt: levi’s/diy, t-shirt: topshop (collar cut open), sun glasses: chloe



My hopes of getting the jacket of my dreams... Up in smoke! Do you think it just wasn't to be?* Phhh… It's only a jacket (I tell myself). There will be another chance (I tell myself). Don't be so materialistic; was waaaay too expensive anyway! (husband says). But why do I feel like Christmas has been cancelled?

To get things into perspective and because I haven’t managed to take pictures (blame
the football, blame my disappointment - ach, today I’m happy to blame anything…) here’s a picture of my youngest niece who I've only just met for the first time a few days ago. Living beings, so much more important than things! Ahh, now I’m already feeling much better!
And from an aesthetic point of view – Do you think there is a secret urge in mums to match their outfits with their baby’s?

*Yes, I did check net-a-porter, but they don't have THE jacket and their sale prices sadly don't compare.


Football, Tennis & Economisation

With all my time dedicated to either suffering for England in the football worldcup or analysing slice and top spin at Wimbledon (oh Roger, what happened to you?!? Scraped through though – Uff!), it’s not so easy to find time for blogging (not to mention other activities, such as earning money)… Outfit posts are now done on the run and after yesterday’s Rick Owens photo shoot I thought: Wouldn’t this go well with my new Chinese wrap jacket (which my parents brought back from their recent China trip*)? It’s lovely open or tied and I adore the little laps**. I think it’s the perfect summer jacket…

Well, gotta keep it short today because I have to return to muscular legs and impressive forehands! Are you watching the football (or soccer for my lovely American friends) and/or Wimbledon?

Love & Kisses!

* Apart from stop-overs in Singapore I’ve never been to Asia. I’d really love to go! One day…
** Or would the correct word be 'folds'? (English = difficult)



I don't know how long I've been lusting after a Rick Owens leather jacket. A while. Definitely after I saw the clever cut and came to feel the buttery soft leather of the jacket. So when the Liberty London sale started I checked the collection; but the only reduced leather jacket was black – and with a dark blue suede bomber jacket already in my wardrobe that wasn’t what I was looking for.

Do you know this feeling when you’re disappointed, but also a bit relieved because not getting something actually means you’re saving A LOT of money? 'Off the hook' I thought. But next day I checked again and there it was – my dream jacket: light grey, high collar, super soft suede… I was committed, wasn’t I? There was really no way around it (I keep telling myself).
The jacket should arrive in the next few days and fingers crossed I like it and it fits* – because otherwise I have a biiiig voucher at Libertys. (& to shorten the waiting time I’m wearing my only other Rick Owens piece, a black sheer dress.)

*Might this be the reason for my praying-like position?

Wishing you all a great start to the new week!

dress: rick owens wishbone 07, shoes: cesare paciotti


Pink & Red

After all these travel inspirations I think it's time for an outfit post... Pink and red can be a winning combination, don't you think? (I was looking for a splash of orange, but couldn't find anything clotheswise, hence the boxes.)

Happy Weekend! Enjoy!
t-shirt: jil sander, skirt: miu miu, shoes: costume national


Bags & Bikes

Psynopsis Streetstyle Berlin Vintage Leather Backpack
Don't you agree that cycling is one of the best ways to get around? Plus it adds sense to a super fashionable item: the backpack.

I quite liked this old, battered black leather one, but I’m still searching for the perfect rucksack. Have any of you found 'the one'?


Clogs in Berlin

Psynopsis Orange Vintage Clogs
In my function as yourstruly Berlin trend spotter here some observations... When it comes to clogs, there are no Kurt Geigers or Chanels in sight; instead people are wearing the 'real thing'. (I asked my mum if she still had my old ones, but sadly they don't exist anymore.)


Going Home

It's my dad's birthday and my sister is moving back from Seattle after 2 years - so several reasons to visit the city I have the most ambivalent feelings towards. Yes, Berlin is ugly, but it's also great for cycling and offers lots of parks and green spaces. Yes, Berliners are famous for their rudeness, but they are also refreshingly outspoken and relaxed. Yes, winters are extremely cold and grey, but the summers can be tropical. And most important of all - my family and old friends live there. Also, I'm so ready for a break… Love & Kisses!

pic: Helmut Newton from the book 'Berlin – Portrait of a City'


Red Me

I think I will never get over Scott Schumann’s 'woman in red'. It was September 2008 and I totally fell in love… with photography (again), with blogging, with the idea of streetstyle documentation, and most of all with the dress in the picture which is probably the reason I never got rid of my own red stretchy dress (made from a t-shirt and a tube top). I hardly ever wear it, but it doesn't matter… Every woman needs a hot red dress, don't you think?

dress: diy, shoes: costume national


Can I Join the Club?

You know how embarrassing it is when someone shows up all geared up and then turns out to be totally rubbish at whichever sport they are trying to channel? There are about 1001 movie scenes reminding you to avoid this situation, which is also (one of) the reason(s) I normally play tennis in some old slacks and a t-shirt. On the other hand I’m often so frustrated with my game (and already admitted to actually crying because of the often huge gap between my inner vision and reality) that I thought a new tennis dress might give me a bit of a mental boost; plus naturally - do I even have to mention it? – I always fancy a new dress.

Watching the Roland Garros tournament in Paris last week gave me lots of opportunities to look at the latest tennis fashions (and made me realise that you have to be a top-notch player to not look ridiculous in a yellow frilly tennis dress à la Ms Jankovic), but what really sent me to sports fashion heaven is the new Y3 Yohji Yamamoto for adidas campaign. I mean, just look at them… Aren't Zinedine and his friends just the picture of cool? I eagerly checked out the
website; but - OH NO! - not a tennis dress in sight. (You can play tennis in pretty much anything, as long as it a) has pockets, b) is stretchy and c) is short or at least not bulky; but none of these designs are tennis compatible.)

In the end I made my own tennis dress by sewing an adidas top to an old t-shirt. Can I now join the Y3 club, please? I’m even prepared to swap sports.

dress: adidas/diy, shoes: adidas, racket: vintage



It's the HOTTEST weekend of the year so far here in the UK and many of us will be running around in our bikinis. Which reminds me of all these discussions about 'too thin' models and the new inclusion of 'big models'. What can I say? I think we come in many shapes and forms, but we're are all beautiful.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!


Do It Like Michelle

Kitten heels… Are they really coming back? They’ve been spotted in the autumn/winter collections of Louis Vuitton, Giambattista Valli, Valentino, Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney and Giles Deacon (who actually already introduced them for spring/summer) and naturally in Chanel’s 50s inspired, St. Tropez located resort collection. But the true first lady of the sensible heel is… well, the First Lady, who not only makes a case for being able to actually walk but also channels the recession mood à la: Times are tough, now our shoes need to serve a function again (instead of being mere chauffeur driven decorations).

So what about you, kitties… Kitten heels – 'Yes, please' or 'No, thank you'?

Plus, what do you think? Has blue become the new red? (Sorry, I'm still hopeless at painting nails.)

shoes: fendi, dkny


Le Curtain

About half my designs are controlled fantasy, 15 percent are total madness and the rest are bread-and-butter designs. Manolo Blahnik

whining! You’ve all been terribly sweet with your comments and a big Thank you especially to Christina of Fuji Files for quoting Carine Roitfeld’s recent tweet 'Fashion isn't to make you look attractive, it's to make you look different'! Great reminder!

Now, this skirt is a project I’m not really convinced of… I like the brocade-like, slightly stiff material, but over the knees rarely works for me. So instead of just shortening it I thought I could do some clever gathering action. Now I think it looks even more like a theatre curtain and I’m still not sure I’m going to wear it this summer - BUT I realised I could do the same trick with my Missoni dress which has the tendency to get veeery long after a few hours of wearing.

So the skirt might not be the biggest hit, but the Antonio Marras leather jacket is definitely one of my favourite belongings!

The sun is shining and I'm off to the tennis court. (Still crying over Roger Federer's defeat. These strong, healthy Swedish guys... What can you do against them? Naaafing!!)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

skirt: diy, vest: topshop, jacket: antonio marras, shoes: russell & bromley


Only for Toddlers?

Psynopsis Frangipani Bloomers Gold T-Shirt

Psynopsis Bruno Frisoni Gold Shoes Lambertson Truex Bag Frangipani Bloomers
Another of my easy DIY projects are these bloomers which I made from an old pair of bermudas. They are comfortable and the colour (which, according to Vogue is not brown anymore, oh no, it’s LATTE which makes it a so much more exciting colour, don’t you think?) goes well with gold.

But when a woman at work recently passed me by saying: "Nice trousers, my 2-year old daughter has exactly the same." I got a bit insecure. But then I thought "What the heck, what would fashion life be without a bit of ridicule now and then?" Don’t you think? (and please don’t say No now!)

shoes: bruno frisoni, trousers: frangipani, top: 2nd hand, bag: lambertson truex