The Even Longer Good-Bye

Yay! Today everything will fall out of my hands, I will grab my floppy sunhat and let my pale feet dangle in the swimming-pool while an Italian chef and busy maids take care of all my needs...yaaaha... hahahaha... The chef and the maids might be real, but naturally I’ve already packed the laptop, an extra harddrive, a photoshop book (weighing about a ton), plus a long list of all the things I should/could finally catch up with. Also the idea of not blogging, i.e. talking to YOU for 2 weeks is weird... I’ll probably make a habit of sneaking off to Montepulciano – desperately searching for Edward* and an internet café.

But perhaps I’ll just go cold turkey and start talking to people who are actually physically there and forget my to-do list. One thing’s for sure:

Hugs & Kisses!
*Last summer the 'New Moon' film team had just left and the whole town was still in vampire fever.


The Long Good-Bye

Only 3 days until I’ll shut down my computer and dedicate my life to lying at the swimming-pool, drinking campari, eating loads of pasta and being as lazy as can be. But before I go I’ve got a few things to do…

A looong time ago the beautiful, talented and witty
Dusk gave me 'The I ♥ Your Blog' award which just asks you to tag 15 other bloggers. So here goes…

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I also received the 'Blog ♥ Award' from the delightful
Poppies and Sunshine, which I ought to pass on to 5 other bloggers. The award goes to:

Little Blue Deer
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Poppies and Sunshine was so kind to also pass on the the 'Fashion Blogger Award' to me. Thank you so much! This award comes with a few questions:

Give your best style advice:
1) Know your own body. What might look good on your best friend (or beware, a celebrity) might not be the best for yourself. For example, I love wide legged sailor trousers, but I just look ridicicolous in them.

2) No matter what’s your figure, your age, your surroundings… Have fun!

Show us your go-to outfit(s):
(Did I say
a dress?) Go-to could also be the combination of skirt, shirt/blouse and high heels (as shown above).

Show us what you can't live without right now (fashion-wise):
Underwear? A bag? I guess in the end it must be my camera – to document it all.

And the Fashion Blogger Award goes to:

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There are so many other blogs and bloggers who make my day, and please everyone who might not be named here, feel included! (Will need more awards, for sure...)

skirt: chanel, blouse: marc aurel, shoes: russell & bromley, bag: diy


Take 10… & See What Happens

I'm really, really excited about this! There has been a lot of 'behind the curtain' action lately and now WE are ready to come out. Ta-ta… Let me introduce you to Project Take 10! 10 fashion bloggers with a great idea: We all take one item and each of us can style it according to their own taste. Believe me, I was so chuffed when I was asked to be part.

The Take 10 girls are:
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me myself

From next month on we’re ready to entertain you with clothes swapping, style solutions and our unique take on fashion! It’s gonna be good! (And if not, feel free to tell us.


Summer Girls

Bit too much talk of winter lately… Here a reminder that we are still in the midst of summer (at least in this part of the world).

Happy Weekend! Hugs & Kisses!


The Shapes to Come

Psynopsis Vintage Chanel Blazer 2nd Hand Summer Dress
Maybe it's because halfway through summer I get bored with my clothes, maybe it’s because I'm stuck in the 90s, but I'm really excited about the new autumn/winter shapes. High-waisted trousers, round shoulders, spacious sweaters and jackets, longer skirts lengths and lady-like handbags… I want to play with it NOW.

After having spent my whole autumn budget on
Chanel purchases I needed to find a CHEAP lady-like handbag. I got this Margaret Thatcher model at Beyond Retro for £15. I'm sure it could function as a weapon, too. Maggie would be so proud!

Mmmh, not quite convinced of the whole lady-like thing yet. But hey, it's a while until winter!
Psynopsis Vintage Chanel Blazer Denim Shorts

What's your stand on turning lady-like this winter? Hugs & Kisses!

handbag: 2nd hand (The Dorchester Birks), dress: from my mum, denim shorts: gap kids (cut-offs), bra: wolford, shoes: russell & bromley, blazer: chanel


Dressed Up

Psynopsis Missoni Knit Dress

Psynopsis Missoni Knit Dress
Let's assume it's your heart’s desire is to ask me: 'What is your 'go-to' outfit?'. Then I would answer you: 'My go-to outfit is a dress'. A dress = 1 item, no hassle. And when it comes to dresses one of my favourites is my old Missoni knitdress. I love it and have worn it to death, which resulted in it getting longer, and loonger, and loooonger… (perhaps I shouldn't have washed it, but could you be bothered to take an often worn dress to the dry-cleaner every time it needs freshening up? You could? Oh, okay...) In the end I decided to sew same elastic bands into the dress (just like the curtain skirt.) Now I’m hoping to get a bit more wearage out of my fav dress.

Hugs & kisses, my dears, and: What is your go-to outfit?

dress: missoni, shoes: dr. scholl


London | Sucked In

Psynopsis London Southbank
Went for my usual stroll along the Thames... Admired dancers of the Michael Clark company in the Tate Modern...
Psynopsis Tate Modern Dancing

Psynopsis Tate Modern Turbine Hall

... Then got sucked into shopping heaven. Did you know that Liberty's got a vintage department? Oh, it was terrible. There it was, the jacket of my dreams – a proper Chanel jacket – the cut, the beautiful material, the chain sewn in at the bottom… But the colour, the colour… lemon yellow. And then there was a blazer, not 'the jacket', but all the same, just beautiful. 'Take both' suggested the helpful sales assistants. 'I'd love to, but sadly I haven’t quite got the spending budget as the customer next to me with her 3 Hermes shopping bags.' (I did not say). Also, I wanted the skirt, too (greedy!).
In the end I went for the blazer (and the skirt, naturally). (Just to realise at home that this must be my ump-th blazer. Sometimes I wonder if I'm stuck in a 90s fashion timewarp.)
Psynopsis Vintage Chanel Labels

To give my new purchases the proper attention (and space) I cleaned up my wardrobe, threw out everything that doesn't go with them. (Did I ever mention that I’m a bit OCD?) Now I’m left with a completely black–brown–beige–white clothes collection.

I also wonder if there is a certain Chanel bug going around, targeting especially bloggers. The latest sufferer was Lenore who has just taken a blogging break. Hope you are coming back soon, Lenore!

And thank you all for the encouraging comments to the ruffle dress. I guess with a belt and a blazer (what else?!) it will make a pretty outfit and I'm determined to wear it more often.


Going Hunting against the Big Chill

Psynopsis Malene Birger Dress Georgina Goodman Shoes 2nd Hand Belt and Bag

Psynopsis Malene Birger Dress Georgina Goodman Shoes
It's not very innovative, but when I'm sad I like to go shopping. (And all this cold, stormy weather is making me pretty depressed.) Throwing myself between the racks, eyes firmly on heaps of clothes, adrenaline pumping… helps. It’s not even about getting something. Buying is probably not recommendable anyway – the last time I did 'compensation shopping' I bought this Malene Birger dress. 'Why???' I'm asking myself now. I never wear over-the-knee length and frills are really not for me – Although blowing in the wind it’s actually not too bad.

Off to London… Hugs & Kisses!

*Sorry to go on about the weather. I know some of you are actually suffering from way too much heat. Lately my mum and I have established a recurrent dialogue: '18°C? That's nice and fresh. We've got 40°C (100°F) again…. Exhausting!' 'Couldn't you send some warmth over?' 'Couldn’t you send some of your fresh English weather to us in Berlin?'… Weather, it's never right!

dress: malene birger, sweater: eric bompard, belt & bag: 2nd hand, shoes: georgina goodman


You Might Think It’s Summer, But…

First of all, here in the UK it's not (nope, it's rather fresh and stormy, [BIG sigh]) and also hanging around on airports gave me time to study the winter catwalk reports, and my conclusion to what we will all want/need come autumn is:

· High heeled biker boots (bye-bye ankle boot, it's all about the laces now!)
· BIIIG sweaters over long skirts
· Long gloves (the longer the better, at least up to the elbow) and skinny belts
· A parka and/or a floor-sweeping coat. Or if you are the flamboyant type: a cape
· A floral dress (yeap, the summer print is all the rave this winter - according to Ralph Lauren)
· High waisted trousers (70s or 80s style, both fine)
· A 50s tailored dress (BWH – boobs, waist, hips is the new mantra according to Mr Jacobs and Mrs Prada)
· A lady-like handbag (backpacks are soooo over)

I know it's early, but have you already diagnosed your favourite winter trend?

Happy Weekend! Hugs & Kisses!

Pictures for collage taken from Vogue UK August 2010


The Curious

Hat again, but this time it’s myself (just a bit younger)… One of my favourite bloggers, the adorable Ferferi who blogs from her life as a Swedish student in Paris was so kind to tag me with a little challenge: Tell 6 positive things about yourself and post a picture of yourself that you like.

Mmmh, I don’t know about you, but finding one’s own positive traits isn’t easy. So in the end I did some 'reverse thinking'…

1. I'm crap at all things science.

2. I'm a bit OCD, which, if I put a positive spin on it, means I'm a well organised person (you do need to be when you are a control freak).

3. I get easily bored mentally, so my mind constantly produces images, ideas, sentences – which leads to taking and producing pictures, designing and making clothes, inventing new dishes... So yes, I venture to say I'm a creative person.

4. I like to think of myself as a loyal friend, and I’m a big family person – deeply loving my parents, my 3 siblings, their partners and children and very much my own daughter and my ever patient, (to me) best of all men, man.

5. I've always devoured books (so much so that I regularly ran into trees as a child because I was reading while walking), and am still a big reader. (Intellectual pursuits, that must be good, no?)

6. Oh dear, one more… I'm disciplined, YES! I exercise regularly and I don't over-eat (at least not very often), I even hardly ever drink alcohol anymore… (oh dear, that sounds so booooring).

I'm passing the challenge on to:
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Dazed & Confused

I really don't know how it happened… It was kind of a stressful morning and I got all my supplements mixed up, which led to me swallowing a triple dose of melatonin. Gee, I was such an extremely relaxed traveller (I was actually wondering if I would be able to board the plane… 'What the heck is wrong with me? I’m soooooooo tired!'), and afterwards totally hopeless at tennis ('Ball coming, ball coming towaaaards me… okay, ball behind me…'). Now the effect has slowly vanished and I’m not only back in the UK, but also slowly able to open my eyes again.

Due to my dreamy state of mind I didn’t manage to take any pictures, but here’s one I took a while ago of 'girl with hat', and I'm sure you know a hat is the must-have, retro, funky, totally IN item of the season, worn by all fashionistas, celebs, style icons and it-girls...

Talking about Dazed & Confused... There is an interesting interview with Jefferson Hack on
Tavi’s blog.


A Nebulous View on Art & Fashion

Having been invited to the fashion shows organised by Projektgallerie introduced me to some local designers such as Don’t Shoot the Messengers, Nils Dunkel or the design network The Offer. And as interesting as this was, I can’t rid myself of the impression that even with big fashion trade shows like 'Bread and Butter' and 'Premium' the traditional Berlin attitude that making an effort with your clothing is so NOT cool still makes it difficult for the city to become an acknowledged player in the fashion circus.

But apart from fashion Berlin is always so much fun, and while enjoying the usual activities of sitting in cafés and watching people, cycling through the (burning hot) city and spending time with friends and family I also went to see Olafur Eliasson’s 'Innen Stadt Außen' exhibition.

I totally enjoyed walking past the long line of people queuing to see the Frida Kahlo retrospective (what is it with Frida Kahlo? Why is her art soooo popular? I have to admit I don’t really get it) when arriving at the museum; and by just whispering 'Olafur Eliasson' to the doorman I was allowed to walk straight into the building. Works like a magic password, I thought. Remember the big sun in the Tate Modern in London a few years ago? The new show of the Berlin based Danish Icelandic artist is all about spatial experiments – you can walk through magically enhanced mirror rooms, produce colourful shapes with your own body and try finding your way through rooms filled with fog shining in different hues… Art can be so much fun!


Fashion Fun

Berlin is buzzing with fashion week activities, but at 36C (that would be nearly 100F) and no a/c or even a fan in sight I'm finding it hard to think clothes. Even the knitted jumpsuits of Austrian designer Mangelware seem too warm right now (But they are pretty, don't you think?). Instead I'm hearing the call of the swimming pool...

I also had a chat with a marketing guy who told me that bloggers would sell out and just write for the money. 'Interesting,' I thought 'is that something only you 'properly trained' marketing people are allowed to do?'

Wishing you all a Happy Weekend! Love & Kisses!

jumpsuit: mangelware wishlist collection s/s 2011


Grey Matter

Oh, the joys of budget airlines… after queuing for 2 hours with lots of other annoyed/ frustrated/ nervous/ hysterical/ wildly phoning-texting-talking-shouting passengers who were all trying to figure out how and when to get to Berlin* I was told the flight was cancelled because of an over-worked crew. Weeeell, as much as I value security, how about organising? But ok, I'll make my way to Gatwick airport again tomorrow and the involuntary delay gave me a chance to reflect on extremely important matters… nail colours.

All my life I've been putting some red Chanel nail varnish on my toe nails in summer and that was that. But lately I’ve made a discovery… There are other nail colours on the planet! I might be the latest of late comers, but now there is no stopping me… First it was blue, now I found grey.

And because I’m still in Vreeland mode I'm wondering: Why don't you… build your wardrobe around your nail colour? (And why do linen trousers always look frumpy on me?)

*We were offered flights to Hamburg instead. Nice place, too – just not where I wanted to go.

trousers: deyk, top: la redoute, cardigan: h&m, shoes: next, nail colour: rimmel 805 grey matter



Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it. (Patrick Süskind, The Perfume)

When one of my favourite bloggers, Shari of
Little Blue Deer recently posted beautiful pictures of perfume bottles it reminded me of how much I a) like pretty bottles and b) love perfume. Rose Noir, Bal d’Afrique, Pulp… I’m totally addicted to my perfumes (often using one in the morning and a different one in the afternoon... ah, so frivolous!).

What about you? Perfume addict or all for keeping it natural?


Why Don’t You…

… have a yellow satin bed entirely quilted in butterflies. (Diana Vreeland)
Don't you think Diana Vreeland's "Why Don’t You" column for Harper's Bazaar was a true stroke of genius? Witty and funny, and with questions like "Why don't you… remember how delicious champagne cocktails are after tennis and golf?" I bet watching Wimbledon must have been fun with her, too.

I'm in Vreeland mood today and have been wondering - Why don’t you…
Take something shiny and something sheer...

& something natural coloured... & wear it all together?

I'm off to Berlin, checking out some fashion week activities…

I'll try to twitter away about my adventures in the Berlin fashion scene. (I bet Ms Vreeland would have been an enthusiastic twitterer.)

Love and Kisses!

blouse: costume national, top: 2nd hand, suede skirt: tarazzia internationale, shoes: bruno frisoni, bag: russell & bromley


Bag Lady in No-Brainer Outfit

Psynopsis Be and D Bag Viktor and Rolf Skirt

Psynopsis Be and D Bag Viktor and Rolf Skirt Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes
When I was recently asked to do a 'Me and My Bag' post for a website I thought 'Hey, that's easy, I've done this before'. I'm actually not that fussed about bags... Last year I got myself a black, 'knautschy' Be&D and I've been schlepping it around ever since. I'd love to change my bags according to my outfit, but after having thrown some clothes on and managed to plaster my face with some colours I'm racing out of the door and NEVER find the time to actually move things from one bag to the next. That's why I needed a black one – goes with everything. (White would too, but I don’t even want to think about the colour my originally pristine white bag would be after 2 weeks.)

What I found much more difficult was the outfit. I wanted something I might wear any day, any time (something you put on on a Monday morning without much thinking). For me that would normally be a skirt (and I’m not talking
micro mini, but a proper, nearly hitting-the-knee skirt), a blouse/t-shirt and some heels. Gets you through the day, no?

In the end I kept cutting off my head in the pictures. But on some days (nearly) headless will have to do!

Love & Kisses!
Psynopsis What's In Your Bag Collage

skirt: viktor & rolf, shoes: marc by marc jacobs, t-shirt: topshop, sun glasses: exté, bag: be&d. I'm not going to bore you with my bag contents, but I can honestly say that having an iphone has changed my life. To the better? If you think sleeping with your phone next to your pillow to check it several times a night for incoming messages... then, Yes.