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You didn't think I went home empty-handed from the yard sale, did you? Nope, I found this red vintage Jaeger dress. For me it was love at first sight. Red – tick, short – tick, 100% natural fibre – double tick… Honestly, I didn’t see the 'Ciao Bella' (and even if, I don't know if this would have stopped me).

Total exasperation from S… 'E.m.b.a.r.r.a.s.s.i.n.g. You'll look like a Ferrari fan!' 'Phhhh… What's wrong with channelling Michael Schumacher?' (apart fromt the chin).

red dress: jaeger, beige underdress: majestic paris, shoes: costume national, bag: diy


Olive Oyl

After a few fresh evenings in Italy we girls got really excited because we had NO sweaters which meant we would SO have to go shopping. K bought a cardigan and I got myself this olive jumpsuit in the Zara sale. Truly cosy, even though it turned out to be way too warm during the day.

Now I just want to go back to where the olives grow.

jumpsuit: zara, sun glasses: exté, shoes: scholls


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Psynopsis Sarah Red Serpentine Gallery Pavillion

Somehow time and getting sleep has been a bit of an issue lately… Never enough of it, and I don’t even feel terribly productive. But I did say I’d show some pictures of Susie Bubble’s yard sale, which was a great success and many a post has been written about it, and even though in the blogosphere last weekend is like so totally outdated on a Tuesday here’s my little picture collection.
Psynopsis Susie Bubble Yard Sale Collage

Psynopsis Susie Bubble Yard Sale Collage

Psynopsis Susie Bubble Yard Sale Buns

When we arrived at the lazy hour of one-ish we were told that eager shoppers had stormed the boxes and rails at 10 sharp, but Sarah got a cosy cashmere jacket which I made her model in the red Serpentine Gallery pavillion in Hyde Park. I think the boys got quite excited.


Backpacks - The Better Choice?

Psynopsis Angelica and Maledetti Toscani Backpack
Psynopsis Maledetti Toscani Backpack
Psynopsis Angelica Portrait
"Ahhhh, so pretty!" it says (in me) while I'm standing in my favourite leather shop in Montepulciano, holding a little orange handbag. "But where will I put my camera?" (it says in me - common internal dialogue). I turn my head (looking for someone to come up with a solution to these difficult questions)… And there they stand – sensible, spacious and slightly male – a whole row of black and brown leather rucksacks. A backpack? Really??? Aren’t they like ugly? Too 80s? Too… and anyway, totally outdated already? Still, no miraculous answers to all my questions, which is probably the reason why I (thinking: 'for once in my life I’ll make an informed, sensible choice') buy the backpack (just to get on everyone’s nerves with a constant 'Oh-why-didn’t-I-buy-the-pretty-handbag?' moaning ritual afterwards).

BUT after having schlepped my camera and lenses through London today (trying to take as much visual proof as possible of the fact that I did not let the weather report distract me from going to Susie Bubble’s and friends yard sale and I did not suffer from SSS (stiff shoulder syndrome) afterwards – I think it was a good buy.
backpack: maledetti toscani


Santa Maria Novella or Where Dog Deodorants Smell Divine

It didn't work out last year, but this time I didn’t let other plans or train times interfere with my wish to finally see the Profumo-Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella, the famous pharmacy which was started by Domican Fathers in 1221 and has been supplying Florence and the world with medications, creams and other cosmetics since 1612.

So after arriving in Florence I steered my friends mercilessly to the little gate in numero 16 of the Via della Scala (just a few minutes from the train station). The entrance might be slightly nondescript, but once in the Pharmacia stretches over several rooms, all dedicated to different themes plus a little library and an exhibition of medical/cosmetical manufacturing devices through the centuries.

I would have loved to buy something but it wasn’t easy to work my way through all the Italian descriptions. (Kinda liked the blaséness to not offer everything in 3 or 4 languages for tourists), but gave up when I had finally decided for a delicious smelling rose deodorant and was told it was for dogs. Next time…

skirt: chanel, shoes: scholls, vest: italian supermarket, bag: lambertson truex

The 2nd picture is the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella, just around the corner.


B or B? The Eternal Question

Psynopsis Missoni Bathing Suit
Bikini or a bathing suit? Which one does it for you when it comes to lounging at the pool? Personally I like bikinis and my favourite is a green leopard print one. Since I buy swimwear about once every 10 years and just keep wearing my stuff until the elastic unravels my annual coming-out is accompanied by Sarah moaning: 'Muuum, are you still wearing this bikini?!? It's soooooo embarrassing! You've got a face on your bottom and eyes on you nipples.' (I will have to write about the question of age appropriate dressing at some other time…)

I don't want to spoil your day, and I do draw a line at showing myself in swimwear in virtual spaces (I might one day actually need to apply for a job) – but I thought Harriet looked wonderful in my (nearly vintage, naturally) Missoni bathing suit – and the straw hat looks better on her than on me, too. Dang.
Psynopsis Harriet wearing Straw Hat and Missoni Bathing Suit
Psynopsis Firenze Leather Wrist Band

bathing suit: missoni, hat: from shop in Arezzo, armbands: from market in Florence


Take 10 #1 – The Lace Vest

We've been thrown straight into the deep end with this lace vest from Dorothy Perkins.
Now I'm not a big connaisseur on frills and laces, but when I'm challenged with a black, sheer top something in me shouts rather loudly: Dolce & Gabbana (i.e. red lipstick, pencil skirt and high heels… and a proper handbag, naturally). But perhaps it's all just part of my
Italian reminiscencing?

Anyway, seeing how the other girls styled the vest makes me realise… The possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to also check out the styling ideas of Sarah, Jen, MJ, Sherin, Leia, Vicki, Adele, Saskia and Shini!

skirt: antonio berardi, bra: la perla, shoes: cesare paciotti, bag: 2nd hand, vest: c/o dorothy perkins


Where the Living Was Easy

Rolled my pasta-ice-cream-espresso-campari saturated body home and am now facing English default weather - 16ºC and rain showers… Oh well, good climate to get back into the swing of things and putting together some pictures of places where the sun does shine. And YES I got myself a straw hat!

Naturally I didn't open the big fat Photoshop book once, but finally managed to read 'The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo'. Loved it! (For all the ones who've read the book, too - Did you also wonder why the author went into minute descriptions of computer devices – nearly as if he was sponsered by Apple and Co? But apart from that – can't wait for books 2 and 3.)

straw hat: bought in Arezzo, vest: italian supermarket, sun glasses: vintage armani