LFW | The Personal Fallout

What I learned at fashion week…

1. I want to be 23 again. Seriously? Nah*, but perhaps instead of studying history, just to realise that I’d rather do Italian studies (because didn’t I want to do art history in the first place?), but then deciding that North and Latin American studies would be even better, I’d now be focussed and strive to become a photographer… or a journalist… or wait!, maybe a stylist… or a designer??? Okay, obviously no change here.

2. I really need to learn to pose! You’d think I should know how to do this by now, but as soon as someone aims a camera at me I get all wooden, want to hide and a stare into the lens with a terrified gleam in my eyes.

3. It’s so much fun to meet other bloggers! So many cool people… Amazing how a common activity can connect you.

4. Have to book an appointment at the hairdressers to sort out my fringe!! What’s wrong with it?!? It looks like it’s got a life of its own. Maybe I need to stop cutting it with nail scissors?

So I've made an appointment with the hairdresser, bought the most expensive anti-wrinkle cream I could afford (just loved it when - after having waited in a long queue with many other women, all grasping the new super lotion that’s supposed to match laser treatment - the shop assistant at the Clinique counter bent over to me to whisper in my ear: "You are going to love this!". I beamed back at her: 'I know I will! Hope dies last!'). Plus a few extra hours of sleep… Soon to appear: The New Me.

*Don’t worry, I’m not going into the whole age issue again. It’s so boooring.

P. S. Before I forget... This was one of the outfits I wore to fashion week. I had to 'celinify' the old leather skirt a bit.

leather skirt: diy, blouse: marc aurel, cardigan: from mum, shoes: bally, bag: diy, scarf: inherited from my grandma


Style | Friends, Colour-Coded

Psynopsis Street Style London Friends LFW Somerset House

They looked so great together and I couldn’t but wonder if they colour-coordinated each other before going out.


Leopard Ladies or Who To Put on My Blog

I’m totally enjoying showing you my fashion week impressions, and could happily go on like this forever, but yesterday I was asked why I'm now constantly featuring other people instead of myself. Immediately my heart expanded to a balloon, I got teary eyed and wept: 'What a lovely question! She wants to see ME'. (Thank you, Dusk!) Truth be told I’m finding the idea of putting myself on the internet still weird and can hardly believe that anyone would find that interesting. The real reason for mainly 'modelling' myself was that I wanted to practise my photography and talk fashion, but didn’t have access to enough models (plus, I’m a shy photographer).

On the other hand I don’t really fancy being a street photographer… My vision is some kind of 'associative style inspiration' blog. Which leads me to the question: Do you have a fixed concept for your blog or do you follow your moods and whims?

Anyway, today not me again (and many of you will thank me for this, I’m sure), but, oh look, it's Leopard Brix*. Did I say there was a lot of leopard print at LFW? Believe me, there was!

*Smith Start, that is. Eternally loosing expensive-designer-clothes-defender in Gok's Fashion Fix.


LFW | The Blister Fairy

One of my favourite moments was when I limped out of left Somerset House and this lovely girl asked me if I was interested in a free blister plaster. 'Could you stand in a more perfect place?' I asked her. She told me she’d been giving out free trials for a few days and interest had been really big. Somehow I’m not surprised…


LFW | Carte Blanche

Psynopsis Craig Lawrence LFW
Psynopsis Craig Lawrence Masha Ma Collage

craig lawrence ss 2011 - left & right: craig lawrence ss 2011; middle: nsha ss 2011 - masha ma ss 2011

The runways might be bursting with colours, but for structures I think white’s still best.

pictures taken at LFW, shows ss 2011 masha ma, craig lawrence & nsha showroom.


People | A Few More Bubbles

LFW finished yesterday and at the end I was a bit all over the place – so much to see, so many pictures to take, so little time… I still have heaps of photos, but I feel I can slow down a bit now*, perhaps even get a 'proper' post together, e.g. talking about a topic, maybe even a show, and not just throwing out pictures.

Just when I was ready to pack up I met Susie. She said she was ill and was looking forward to going home; but I thought she looked lovely as always.

*Since I’m not moving on to Paris and Milan; though when I was asked yesterday why I wasn’t going to Paris I felt like I was missing out on a big party. 'You’ve gotta come, you really should!', I’ll try. Next time. Promise.


LFW - The Perfect Mix?

Psynopsis Streetstyle London Louis Vuitton Backpack Leopard Print Skirt
Was everyone clad in camel coats, olive military pants, 50s dresses? Nope! I guess the last thing you want to be seen in at fashion week is the latest trend – because in the world of future designs what's en vogue today is just so yesterday. Okay, there are a few eternal trends – black, white, leopard (yeap, leopard is SO BIG, I'll show you much more). Like this… What do you think? Perfect mix?

coat: dolce & gabbana, backpack: louis vuitton, rest: ???


Style | Wild Life on the Way to LFW

I was still in waking-up mode, slurping cappuccino in the pret-a-manger at Charing Cross when S poked me in the side: 'Great look, don’t you think?' Yeap, totally loved the combination of leopard and camel* (and white socks, flat shoes, cool sunglasses and super peroxide hair). In fact, I thought all 3 looked great.

*LFW was heaving with leopard prints, but that needs an extra post.


LFW | The Real Paparazza

One thing I’ve learned at London Fashion Week is how difficult I am finding it to photograph other people. I think deep down in my heart lives some kind of paparazza, a 'picture stealer'. But after watching professionals like Hanneli (yes, as many of you guessed right, it's her in picture no. 2*) or the lovely Dvora from Fashionistable in action and being inspired by the enthusiasm of the delightful D from The Nyanzi Report, Sarah from We Shop Therefore We Are**, Jen from StyleEast and Saskia from notjustmedical (Jen and Saskia are the ladies left and right in picture no. 3***; and btw, the lady in pic no. 4 is Shini from Park & Cube, but many of you knew that already) I thought: 'Come on, you can do this!' And I did. Which means I do not only have photos from people’s backs****, but this one I like a lot because the idea of using your stockings as pockets is just SO CLEVER!

*She was really sweet and actually thanked me for asking her if I could post her picture.

**Realising that I’ve met all these wonderful bloggers and have not taken pictures of all of them makes me feel really bad now, but honestly, I’m still learning to be bold with the camera. Next time!

***…and in the middle that’s Sherin from

***Which I‘ll proof in the next few days, when I’ve managed to catch up with some sleep.


People | Spot the Blogger

What would fashion week be without the bloggers? Following notjustmedical’s question… Can anyone guess who’s who?

Okay, #1 I don't know myself, she just looked wonderful.


Life | Noooooothing to Wear!

London Fashion Week has begun today, and I’m starting to get really excited. But seeing all these stylish, wonderfully dressed people on the usual blogs in New York this week, I can't suppress a slight panicky feeling... Oh dear, what 'does one' wear?!?

Grey and sequins?

Camel? (too yesterday you say?)*

Or do I need to release my inner wonder woman and start sewing…

I also noticed that all women have perfectly waxed legs and manicured hands... Arrrghh! But it's too late now (and there is always the nails bar in Topshop HQ). Off we go!

*Okay, I do admit it; I’m trying out my new lens.

leather skirt: diy, pink silk blouse: pringle of scotland, shoes: bally, grey wool dress: malene birger, sequin leggings: vero moda, camel skirt: chanel vintage, denim dress: 2nd hand.


Take 10 #2 - Schuh-bi-Doo

The lace vest was a styling challenge, but brogues are a real wearing challenge – for me, that is – because… I just don’t wear flat shoes. Maybe sometimes trainers for sporty moments or to give my feet a rest, but even my most comfortable shoes have a 2 inch heel. The simple reason being that an extra 2-3 inches push me from 167cm to around 175cm, the height I think I should rightfully be.

But flat shoes it was and I have to admit that these
pink brogues from Schuh actually are not only comfortable, gee, they are pretty, too.
Oh, I nearly forgot… Le Styling… I thought the colour called for more pink-rosé, which is why I’ve combined them with some vintage Marc Aurel trousers. As a top I fancied a cropped camel suede t-shirt, but even after having searched the high street and the internet high and low I couldn’t find what I was phantasising about.* So this 2nd hand fake suede blazer needs to convey the idea.
And you can also check out what the other Take 10 girls Jen, Sarah, Shini, MJ, Sherin, Leia, Vicki, Adele and Saskia have come up with:

*Suggestions are very much appreciated because I really fancy one.
jacket/top: 2nd hand, belt: missoni, trousers: marc aurel, vest: hanro, shoes: courtesy of schuh


Lines of (A)Symmetry

Psynopsis Costume National Shoes

Psynopsis Vintage Rodier Paris Sweater
Seeing the Marc Jacobs’ s/s 2011 collection was like 'Bang!' (get it? get it?!… Honestly, I ripped the ad out of the magazine and glued it bang on my fridge to better see Marc lasciviously rolling on aluminium foil and holding the perfume in front of his best bits). The fact that he’s leaving the 50s and 60s behind and jumps straight into the Studio 54 vibe, featuring flowy fabrics, strong patterns, satin and lots of colours (plus wonderful Missoni and Sonia Rykiel references) makes me love him even more.

So why black and white and structural photos from a building site*, you may wonder. Because a) if you take out the colours of MJ’s designs you are left with some pretty striking swirls & patterns, which b) gave me the opportunity to show you my old 70s Rodier Paris sweater, and c) I wasn’t at his show but stumbled through nearly finished houses instead.

70s and 90s, definitely my favourite fashion eras… What’s yours?

*My friends are building the most breathtaking, beautiful, modern, environmentally friendly, amazing, too-good-for-words house, which makes me wonder why I still don’t even own a hut very excited about taking and showing you pictures of the final result.

sweater: rodier paris, trousers: next, shoes: costume national


The Morning after the Day before Yesterday

Psynopsis Mirror Chest of Drawers at The Plough Kingham Gloucestershire

Psynopsis The Plough Kingham Gloucestershire Collage

Psynopsis The Plough Kingham Gloucestershire Collage

Psynopsis The Plough Kingham Gloucestershire Collage
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! It means A LOT (and I MEAN it! I do check my emails at night, you know...). The weekend consisted of eating well, drinking better, sleeping cosy, getting wonderful presents (an 18-250mm lens – a beast! - J says he doesn’t want to be my lens exchange/holding slave anymore). Now, feeling pampered (if slightly blurred), it’s back to reality and getting into gear for fashion weeks – mentally at least, since neither Vivienne Westwood nor Julian McDonald remembered to invite me to their shows. Shame!

Just when Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar & Co. introduced us to next season’s looks (camel, more camel, oh look, even more camel, high-waisted, tapered trousers, full-length skirts, early 60s look… I tell you, if I hear Mad Men one more time as a fashion reference I'll have a crying fit) and before we even started shopping for our winter outfits our eyes are drawn to summer… It's exciting and I wonder... Are you going to the shows or will you mainly be an online watcher like me?

All pictures taken in The Plough, Kingham, Oxfordshire. (Okay, I admit I did turn my head to see if Alex James was sitting at the bar, but I guess he leaves his favourite pub to the non-professionals at the weekend.)


Long Live the Leopard Bikini!

It’s my birthday today…

& I had written a whole long text about the question of aging and how to stay cool like Karl Lagerfeld (whose birthday it is today, too. Happy Birthday, Karl!), and then I thought: Bah, it all doesn’t matter (is this an attitude that comes with old age?). So all I’ll say is: Long live
the leopard bikini!

Will spoil myself rotten today! What, I have to work? Tonight then…

Love & Kisses


Arezzo’s Delights

I feel bad about not going to London Fashion Night Out today, but I’ve been out the last few evenings, don’t really want to spend any money, and - let's face it - plainly too lazy… Oooooh, how will I ever become a proper fashion blogger with an attitude like this?!? And I know, as soon as I read all your posts about how much fun FNO was I’ll have a huge fit of remorse – Oh well. Instead I’m back in Italy…

If you ever plan to visit the
biggest Italian antique market don’t be fooled by the official date of 'first weekend in the month'! We arrived the first Saturday of August, full of anticipation to feast our eyes and wallets on beautiful things (it’s where I got one of my favourite silk blouses from, and K needed to organise extra transport for her purchases last year) – just to learn that the market is on the Saturday before the first Sunday of the month. Didn't really matter, though, Arezzo is a wonderful town without market, too – and no market means far fewer tourists.

I really wonder what 'Chi Tocca Muore' means.

All photos taken in Arezzo, Italy


Hip Again

High-waisted is wonderful. It makes legs look longer and hugs the female body in all the right areas. It looks elegant and always pulled together… BUT sometimes I have to revert to my low-cuts, for the one simple reason: I need some breathing space. (I didn’t spend all these years on yoga just to return to an anxious upper thorax breathing, thank you very much.)

See the black sweater? Buying it in an Oxfam shop came with the most wonderful conversation… 'Cool' I think, 'a nice cropped angora sweater for £2. I’ll have it, please.' I meander to the cash which is covered by a friendly, elderly gentleman "Oh, nice find," he says "What is it?". "Isn’t it lovely? It’s angora wool which is made from rabbit hair – so soft!" I enthuse. Blank look from him: "I see, but WHAT IS IT?" – "Oh… It’s a SWEATER." ('Duh!' No, I didn’t say 'duh', he was really nice, in his 70s and obviously new in his job) (I might have looked 'duh' though.)

But what about you? Have you thrown out all the old hipsters to become a pure high-waisted girl this winter?

trousers: next, vest: from Italian supermarket, sweater: 2nd hand, bag: 2nd hand, sequin trousers worn as scarf: vero moda, shoes: bally


Get the Halston Look

Psynopsis H&M Black Maxi Dress Miu Miu Jacket Volker Lang Bag

Psynopsis H&M Black Maxi Dress

Psynopsis H&M Black Maxi Dress Collage
Okay, back to the new dress. I always loved Halston's super simple, slinky jersey dresses, especially the 'original' ones, designed by Roy Halston Frowick himself and worn by Bianca Jagger, Liza Minelli and the whole Studio 54 jet set. So naturally I was really exited when Topshop started to offer flowing maxi skirts and dresses – just to realise that I found them impossible to wear because the fabric and cut added bulbs and rolls I didn't even know existed on my body. 'Oh dear, they make me look like a big, fat caterpillar. Better stay away!’… that was, until I saw this dress. It's not so tight, but still falls nicely. And although it's the simplest of cuts, I think the hood and thumbs holes are a nice touch. Studio 54, here I come!

jacket: miu miu, bag: volker lang, dress: h&m


(Less) Time to Play

Psynopsis Orange Vintage Shift Dress in Field
Psynopsis Orange Vintage Shift Dress Lambertson Truex Bag
Psynopsis Lambertson Truex Bag Jewellery Collage
Since a few days there is a fresh wind blowing in our house*… No more late nights and slow mornings, nope, it’s getting up at 7 and racing S to the train station now. (Which makes the mornings go like this: 'A red light?!? Oh NO!'… 'What! These road works haven't been announced!', '7.59… We can still make it!!!')

I did dread the change, but now it actually doesn't feel so bad. Life has sped up a bit, I'm (trying to be) more organised and more things seem to get done – and in the end, even relaxation can become slightly boring, don't you think?

But the new, busy mood also feels like good-bye to summer. So I put on the old 60s mini dress from my mum's cellar and sat myself into the field – for one last summer shot.

Psynopsis Vintage Orange Shift Dress

*Can I blame Earl for my choice of words?

dress: 2nd hand/self-made, bag: lambertson truex


A Bene Gesserit, I?

Psynopsis Night Photography
Psynopsis Solarised Night Photography
So I walked passed this long, black, hooded dress in H&M and LOVED it. 'Waaayy too Olsen twins' my head said. Next time I walked passed it I still loved it and thought: 'What do I care about the Olsen twins?! I'll just try it on.'

Slinking around in the dressing rooms S is delighted: "You’ve GOT TO get this!" (for anyone who is still wondering – S is female, my daughter actually. Only daughters would
be mean like that.) Anyway… "You’ve gotta get this!" she cries "You look like a Bene Gesserit witch and J" (that’s the man) "would really like this." Now, all you Dune fans know what I’m talking about, all others can get the low-down on my favourite book here. Proper witches take pictures in the dark, no? A day-light version is in the making…

I'm off to watch Avatar… for the first time. Yes, you may call my latest-comer, but I'm starting with the extended version – so professional.

dress: H&M