Tropical Delights with Mesopotamian Models

Psynopsis Fashion Babylon Fashion Show London

Psynopsis Fashion Babylon Fashion Show Collage

Psynopsis Fashion Babylon Fashion Show Collage

Psynopsis Fashion Babylon Fashion Show Collage
Hanging out in Richard Branson's tropical roof garden started out as a dubious pleasure since the garden was soaked in cold rain and the interior design made me feel like I was stuck in a 80s timewarp. But the fashion shows (modelled by 4 Fashion Babylon members) were worth the time and space confusion.

Though I haven’t yet understood what Fashion Babylon is going to be when it's grown up, it was delightful to chat with what I think is the driving force behind the concept, Michael Bailey, who promised to provide some more information about the designers – so I can tell you which of these designs are by Harriet Goodings, Victoria Geaney, Stency Kidega, Stephanie Matthews, Charlotte West, Johanna Greenish, Diane Gevorgian and Duong Nguyen.


Pink Dreams

Psynopsis Tata Naka Shoes SS11
We don’t turn into fashion obsessed chicks overnight, do we? There's normally a story behind it, and all this blogging about my ideas what to wear and how to wear it got me thinking… When did it all start?

shoes: tata naka ss 2011


So Poncho?

Psynopsis 2nd Hand Knit Poncho Topshop Trenchcoat

Psynopsis 2nd Hand Knit Poncho Collage

While I love S's down-to-earth attitude when it comes to fashion and clothes, sometimes she can be a teenie-weenie bit narrow-minded. How else could she comment on my proud new acquisition with: 'Oh dear, I hope you haven’t bought this for me! What is it?' Well, no way am I sharing my new skirt with her!

boots: ash, tights: wolford, sweater: tocca, coat: topshop, belt: 2nd hand, poncho: 2nd hand shop


Oh Look, No Arms

Psynopsis 2nd Hand Blazer Sleeves Removed Vintage Mey and Edlich Blazer
Thanks to crappy bronchitis my lungs are still not up to chasing little yellow balls or frolicking in London, so I had a full weekend to devote myself to some DIY experiments which have been breeding in my brain, i.e the shirt-skirt (why can’t I get over the nagging feeling that some of you are finding this a rather weird design?) and the aforementioned armless blazer… Maybe I should have chosen a less stiff jacket? Oh well, it’s only a start… charity shops beware! 

suede trousers: topshop, blazer (with arms): mey & edlich vintage, blazer (without arms): from local charity shop



Psynopsis Monica Vinader Moonstone Earrings
For a while now I've been mulling over the purchase of some earrings. 'What’s the big deal?' you ask. True, it's just… I’m lazy, so I want the pair of earrings, the ones I put on half-asleep in the morning, the ones that will go with anything, the ones that won’t make my ears itch… and I think I' might have found them. Gold (yes, yes, yes, naturally I had to go for gold) plus labradorite (or for the chemically fit calcium-sodium-aluminum-silicate or, for the the more spiritual inclined 'dark side of the moon' stone*). You think they are a bit small? This is only the beginning. Soon I’ll be ready for some serious body art!
Psynopsis Fannie Schiavoni Body Armour

*Not only for beauty, but also to 'humble my ego and reveal hidden areas of negativity… encouraging stability in my self and revealing hidden talents and expression.' YESSS!

earrings: monica vinader, body jewellery: fannie schiavoni


ShirtSkirty or the Dries Factor

Psynopsis Chloe Sandals Vintage Katherine Hamnett Tie-Dye Leggings DIY Shirt-Skirt Self-Knitted Sweater

Psynopsis Chloe Sandals DIY Shirt-Skirt Self-Knitted Sweater
Big blazers, tie-dyed blouses and jeans, kimono dresses, lurex sweaters… for 2 seasons now my favourite show was Dries van Noten. It all looks so super effortless and while everyone’s eyes seem firmly fixed on Phoebe’s magic touch some very similar ideas look better executed at the Dries shows (think I). Armless blazers (yes, I tackled this too! More about it another day), the shirtdress, the shirtskirt… Oh, I LOVE the shirtskirt! Sure, it’s not new-new, but this was the first time I saw a solution to make it look like a skirt, and not only a shirt tied-around-the-hips. With inspiration aflame another of J’s shirts had to bite the dust...

shoes: chloe, leggings: katherine hamnett vintage, tie-dyed, shirtskirt: diy, sweater: diy


Fly By Me

Psynopsis Vintage Sheepskin Vest DIY Bumbag and Jacket Next Trousers Collage

Psynopsis Vintage Sheepskin Vest DIY Bumbag and Jacket Next Trousers Collage
I worked really hard on her, but my sister refuses to give up her old aviator jacket. Why?!, I ask, she only wears it to walk the dog. 'But it's warm', she insists - and what can I do? It’s hers. So I had to cut up the old 70s sheepskin coat to make myself a nice warm vest. Baa!

sheepskin vest: 2nd hand/diy, jacket undernaeath & bumbag: diy, trousers: next, shoes: ash


Go for Gold

Psynopsis Streetstyle London Craig Lawrence Knit Top
Thank you for all the helpful tips! After eating warm apple pie, drinking hot chocolate, heaping up the khol, having a shower, slurping spicy soups, putting on some killer heels and a big cosy coat, swallowing kilos of vitamins and getting into a shouting match with a guy who occupied my parking space (see, not much difference here, Drollgirl!)* I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER.

At the Taxonomy of my Wardrobe I also entertained myself with this video showing Anna dello Russo, editor of Japanese Vogue and the pin-up girl of fashion. Phew, the lady works out every morning for hours, she's got no kitchen because she needs space for her 4000 pairs of shoes and the husband got ditched for additional clothes space.** I might not share her opinions on fur (her 'weakness') or on vintage (she only likes new stuff), but her obsession with devotion to fashion is quite fascinating. Plus, 'Gold is the new black'? Gotta love that.

*At one point, when things started turning nasty I ran away to get my man who had to wave the diplomatic wand to smooth out things, and then turning to me: 'Next time you pick a fight could you please choose a slightly smaller guy?'.

**You can read all this and more

Woman in picture is wearing a piece by
Craig Lawrence; LFW Sept 2010.


Tough It Up

Psynopsis Streetstyle London Black Leather Jacket with Studded Heart

I’m really trying to learn the British 'mustn’t grumble' attitude, but when I'm ill my well developed German ability to moan and whinge pushes to the forefront and naaffing, really naaaaaffing is okay in my life. No fun, no games, no taking pictures, going to work is a drag and feeling tired even more so.

Psynopsis Streetstyle London Collage
But hey-ho, how about a mental toughening-up exercise? Take some black leather, studs, a razor cut, a bit of tightness, some holes… or is it rather a cosy jacket, scented candles and munching chocolate? Tell me, what are your secret pick-me-ups?

All pictures taken at LFW, September 2010


Botanical Quest(ion)s

Psynopsis Miu Miu Boots

Psynopsis Vintage Hennes and Mauritz Dress Miu Miu Boots

Psynopsis Vintage Hennes and Mauritz Dress Collage

The power of the flower does not rule in my wardrobe. I think I don’t own any floral prints except this dress which derives from times when H&M was a Skandinavian ONLY company, and was brought back from our stylish Swedish neighbour. Maybe if we had known that only a few years later it would be nearly  impossible to escape H&M we might have been less envious of her mysterious shopping potentials.*

What about you? Are you going to wear florals this winter?

dress: h&m vintage, boots: miu miu, body suit: falke, tights: wolford, suede coat: inherited, belt: 2nd hand (oxfam)

Did you know… H&M opened its first shop in Germany in 1980, in the USA in 2000, in Canada in 2004, Dubai 2006, Russia 2009 and plans to launch stores in Argentinia and Brazil soon.


Unfinished Sympathy

Psynopsis Streetstyle London Black and White

Just when I thought I had overcome the bloody cold I got properly ill; which meant I totally pitied myself suddenly had a lot of time at my hand sitting in my bed being bored … So I invaded the Psynopsis space with a virtual broom, installed a view new pages and cleaned up the design. But NO PANIC! The blogroll and all links haven’t disappeared, they got an extra page, PLUS I put all my regular reads on feeds, so promise to be just as vociferous as always. (If you’d like to do a link exchange or feel left out, please feel free to drop me a note.)

Unless you count watching 5 Startreck films in a row as fun (they got worse and worse, or was that just me, slowly dying of Beam-me-up-Scottie overkill on the sofa?) I wasn’t up to much – so I leave you with this impression of frayed elegance from LFW. Oh, I’m a big fan of the good old pleated skirt, especially when it has a bit of umph like this one. Tiddilidi…

Got to watch the other 5 now.


Take 10 #3 - Purple Pearly Peacocks

Psynopsis Take 10 Peacocks Dress Topshop T-Shirt Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes

Psynopsis Take 10 Peacocks Dress Topshop T-Shirt Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes
When the purple Peacocks dress arrived my first thought was: Christmas! Perhaps it’s the colour, or the chiffony material, or the collar that hasn’t quite decided if it wants to be a sailor or a pussy bow… So I happily brain-stormed away: Christmas – red – bling – party – dancing… which led to a splash of red, some sequins, pretty dancing shoes and shaking my booty… And here you have it.
Psynopsis Take 10 Peacocks Dress 2nd Hand Sequin Belt

Just when we were settling down Leia shocked us with the news that she’d leave the UK for warmer climates. But luckily she has a worthy follower: Nic from Vint Junky. So cool to have you with us, Nic! Check out what she and Sarah, Jen, Shini, MJ, Sherin, Vicki, Adele and Saskia have come up with. We’ve also now all signed up with Shini for some extra collage design lessons.

purple dress: courtesy of peacocks, t-shirt: topshop (collar cut open), sequin (boob) tube: 2nd hand/ oxfam, tights: wolford, shoes: marc by marc jacobs


So over the Knees

Psynopsis Streetstyle London Floral Tights Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes
The other day I had a major fashion revelation… There are actually 2 ways to hide the unattractive, bulky middle bit of your legs – from the top and from the bottom (okay, trousers work too, but please give my philosophical coherence some leeway). And while everyone is talking about how very fashionable longer hemlines have become, the other version is still much more ubiquitous.
Psynopsis Streetstyle London Shoes and Boots at LFW

High or low - What will it be for you?

All pictures taken at London Fashion Week in September. I thought the last outfit was very cool – could she be a blogger? If anyone knows who this is, please give me a shout.


Tagging Along or Fashion Ponderings…

Psynopsis Next Skinnies Black Cropped Sweater
The wonderful Vintage Vixen has passed a tag on to me. Thank you, Vix! One thing I love about tags (apart from that they are great networking tools) is that they bring up questions I rarely ask myself, such as: 'Are you a jeans or a sunglasses girl?' ('Mmmh-ah-mmh-ahhh... neither?') or 'DIY or shopping?' ('Hmmmm… Both!'). So here goes…

What's your favourite fashion accessory?
I do like bags, but really can't be bothered with un and repacking them all the time, meaning I normally stick to one for ages. I also like jewellery, but am just starting to figure out how to wear it, scarves are pretty but hazardous – so it must be SHOES.

Who's your fashion role model?
I don’t really have a 'role model', but I do find Daphne Guinness fascinating. Also whenever I see pictures of Coco Chanel I marvel at how she still looks so modern. Her style is both revolutionary and timeless. (Plus, she rid women of unpractical underskirts and corsets!)

What do you always carry with you?
My iphone. It’s sad, but I’m quite addicted.

How would you describe your style?
Sexy secretary meets slouch. I’m quite a simple dresser, mostly.

What's your favourite? Jeans, sunglasses or heels?
I’m not a big jeans person, sunglasses I've stuck to the same 2 pairs for years, so definitely heels.

What inspired you to blog about fashion?
My sister-in-law once said to me: 'Sabine, you should really do something with fashion!' I didn't really fancy starting a new career (I quite like my job), but I kept thinking about it. Then I read an interview with Scott Schuman and a whole new world opened…

What is your favourite fashion store?
Liberty London. If they let me I'd move in tomorrow. I've developed the embarrassing habit to treat everyone working there like a family member. They must think I’m totally bonkers.

What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
Cashmere in winter, silk in summer, cotton all year round.
Psynopsis Magazines

Who are your favourite designers?
There are seasonal favourites, but of the big shots Rick Owens, Dries van Noten, Alexander McQueen and Riccardo Tisci come top, and Gareth Pugh. Phoebe Philo is such a phenomenon – a bit like Coco Chanel, she's like a channel for the 'zeitgeist', but my body sadly doesn’t correlate with the boyish 'Phoebe Girl'.

Who or what inspires your style?
Everything I see and how I feel in the morning.

Would you choose to buy something high quality or make it yourself if you could?
I make things myself to be able to afford some expensive high quality desires.
Psynopsis Leather DIY

I’m passing these questions on to following stylish bloggistas:
Adele of Molto Curiosa
Vicki of Magpie Girl
MJ of Dreaming Spires & Old Car Tyres
Sarah of We Shop Therefore We Are
Jamie-Lee of Page Sixxx
Pink Bow
The Zhush
Dancing Branflakes
Tanvi of The Fabulous Life…
Psynopsis Chipped Nails

Go girls! Can't wait to hear your answers.


Life | London, It’s a Dune

I admit I have made fun of the boringness of the camel colour, but today I realised it’s everywhere! (and naturally one of my favourite hues to wear because it also goes with everything)...

Also, it might have been a bit naïve of me to think I could have lunch at the Turbine House without pre-booking. But the art goes even without food, and I wish I could be as sure about this as the artist ...

More information about the exhibition at The Wapping Project

skirt: chanel (vintage), t-shirt: churinga australia (cut up and sewn together again), shoes: scholls, rucksack: maledetti toscani


Diamonds, a Girl’s Best Friend?

When I took a picture of her I noticed the interesting necklace she was wearing. 'My sister is designing them' she said, 'she's exhibiting at London Fashion Week'. I didn’t manage to check it out, but it got me thinking about jewellery… I don’t wear any. Dangly earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets… just feel weird to me. But most of my friends say they feel 'naked' without their trusted jewellery. Mmmhh, a pair of diamond earrings maybe? They shouldn’t be in the way.

What about you? Do you wear jewellery? Lots of it? Little selected pieces or are you going for the full monty?

Before I saw the necklace I noticed the pink one-piece. How could one not?!


Pepper Me Up!

Psynopsis Andrea Pfeffer

Psynopsis We Are Handsome Bathing Suits

Psynopsis Tina Kalivas Dresses
Back to the amaaaazing Robinson Pfeffer… As I said, it took me a while to visit the showroom. Perhaps it was due to the rather basic website that I kept ignoring their friendly invitations. 'They just can’t be real' I thought and only when I read that Tweet had visited them it dawned on me that Robinson Pfeffer's reason for existence might not be to lure naïve bloggers into crashing their computers with terrible viruses. 'Yes, Sabine, we DO actually exist! [Duh!]' they confirmed… And when I finally arrived they gave me tea and fed me cake, and I couldn’t have been a happier bunny.

After a long chat with one half of RobPfeff, the lovely Andrea (having lived in Australia as a child I always get excited to meet a 'fellow Aussie' to share memories) and after having bullied her into taking her picture (honestly, can you imagine a better ambassodor for the brands they represent?)...

... the wonderful and patient Tara talked me through all the designers; e.g. Tina Kalivas, We Are Handsome, Thurley and Alpha 60 from Australia, Zambesi and Stolen Girlfriends Club from New Zealand (btw, did you know that Stolen Girlfriends Club was started by 3 surfers who designed clothes for their girlfriends?), jewellery from Toby Jones and Lucy Hutchings… and more, but I'm gonna stop here because I need a reason to go back.

Thurley is available at net-a-porter; shoes from beau coops at selfridges, Alpha 60 is sold at asos, Stolen Girlfriends Club and Lucy Hutchings at Liberty London.

bathingsuits by we are handsome; dresses by tina kalivas


Wide & Short – Fighting the Urge

The combination of looking at too many DKNY ads and marvelling at Dries van Noten’s oversized blazers has conglomerated in my brain into a yearning for short skirts paired with oversized, cropped tops - leading to me eagerly cutting off J’s old shirts. I might have promised myself 1001 times to never ever destroy clothes again (it’s 'deconstructing' on a good day) because a) it often doesn't work the way I had envisioned it, and b) 2 years later I want the original back, and then, oh no! it’s too late! But what can I do? The force is strong and I NEED these short, wide shirts!

The other thing I’ve fallen in love with are blazers with cut-off arms. Sharpening my scissors as we speak… Poor J.

boots: ash, skirt: warehouse, tights: wolford, shirt: blazer london, beret: from mum


Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

Psynopsis Beau Coops Shoes
Psynopsis Beau Coops Collection Collage
One of the nice things about being a fashion blogger is getting invited to places I normally wouldn’t know about, like the showroom Robinson Pfeffer. It might have taken me a while to finally visit them (a story for another day), but when I finally made it I wanted to steal every single thing in the room – starting with these furry darlings…

Or these...
Psynopsis Beau Coops Wedge

More about the awesome RobPfeffs to come.

All shoes beau coops


Down & Out = DIY

Psynopsis Vintage Katherine Hamnett Trousers
Psynopsis Vintage Katherine Hamnett Trousers Collage
Maybe I really had a bit of a 'downer week' because instead of going to the graduate fashion show I'd been looking forward to I had to take it easy with a ratty stomach bug (but not before emptying half a bottle of red wine, à la 'Me ill? I’ll show you!'; naturally ending in… 'Oh dear, me really ill.'). Yet pouring rain and being home-bound is very good for internet shopping creative activities (actually, internet shopping too, I finally found a replacement for the old topshop boots… They might not be the Sportmax Mino Boots I've been fantasising about, but still high-heeled lace-ups I so wanted.)

And when I found some 80s Katherine Hamnett trousers for men in the attic, I took my idiot-proof sewing machine (2 speeds: rabbit for fast, turtle for slow; which shows the confidence my mum has in my DIY skills)* to shorten the legs… Weekend sorted.

*Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my little machine, and my mum was absolutely right, this is pretty much all I can handle.

boots: ash, trousers: katherine hamnett for men, sweater: old (medical supply), handbag: diy