Life | The White Life

Psynopsis Sarah Wearing Black and Ugg Boots
It's snowing, which in our case means immediate total isolation from the world. Working from home (What would we do without LogMeIn? Working less, maybe...), cancelling my desperately needed waxing appointment (too much information? Sorry, that's what happens to you when you're alone, you become a babbling wreck), no mail (and I'm waiting for loads of parcels, all connected to the blogging life)… All that's left to do is to put on my wild cat feet and start working on the Christmas wish list.


Life | Cameroaming

Psynopsis Finstock Gloucestershire

Psynopsis David Cameron Finstock Church

When Karin mentioned the Christmas market we were trotting to was in David Cameron's constituency (which also happens to be the village where Kate Winslet buys her groceries) we didn't really expect him to physically be there with us in the tiny church of Finstock.* But there he was, holding his daughter's hand, declaring the Christmas market open, while Samantha pram-pushingly strolled along the stalls chatting to the locals (got to say she's a rather beautiful woman, much more in real life than the mag and newspaper pics show).

It was all so surreal and I would have loved to take pictures, but the 3 bulky bodyguards at the church entrance observed my camera with so much menace that I feared they'd tackle me to the floor as soon as I aimed at the prime-ministerial family; and how embarrassing would that be?!

I’m really sorry that this post is full of celeb chatter of my 10 minutes in the presence of the PM, but fashionwise my weekend in the Cotswolds has absolutely nothing to offer. The freezing cold makes me stick to cashmere sweaters and woolly trousers and – oh, the shame! – Ugg boots. From tomorrow on we'll only talk fashion; promised!

*Do you know how much I love English Christmas markets just for the fact that they are indoors? No shivering in the cold. So civilized!


London | Sketched & Patched

Psynopsis Sketch London

Psynopsis Sketch London Collage

Psynopsis Sketch London Collage
4 days with my sister showed me that living your life with a baby and a toddler is fun, but it's also incredibly exhausting. The moment you attend to one the other one will make sure it smashes her head in or falls down the stairs and you need to be Mrs Supercool (which my sister is) to not suffer from a continuous nervous breakdown. But to get her away from it all – at least for a day – I dragged her to London where we raided Zara (which normally is the place I go in and out in 30 seconds, thinking 'boooooring'; but not this time, oh no!) and collapsed in Sketch (which the wonderful Andrea of Robinson Pfeffer recommended as an alternative to my usual tea-after-shopping place).

With its far-out interior design, French waitresses wearing snug rosé jackets, bloomers and red Converses and cute floral teapots Sketch is pretty much the closest you can get to feeling like Alice on mushrooms while nibbling on your Earl Grey or cinnamon macaroons and slurping tea. And when you arrive at the toilets you wonder if there really wasn’t something in your Darjeeling...

Happy Weekend, Darlingas, it being a long one for many, giving Thanks and all!

All pictures taken on the iphone.


Style | The Shiny

Psynopsis Vintage Satin Kimono

Psynopsis Black H&M Maxi Dress

Psynopsis Black H&M Maxi Dress Collage
he Catherine Baba turbanesque, oriental look normally is not for minimalistic me, but when two of my favourite bloggers – Vint Junky and Fashion, Art & Other Fancies recently looked phantastic in their kimonos it got me thinking… Even if I’m not stylista enough (or according to la Baba "styliste [French pronouncation, please!], baby, not stylist!") to wear the kimono for shopping it's still a pretty nice party coat… And so just purrrrrrrfect for christmassy lounging at fireplaces in long black dresses. Ou non, baby!?

kimono: from market in australia, dress: h&m, belt: 2nd hand, shoes: cesare paciotti, bag: mum’s cellar


Life | Heve Ho!

Psynopsis Hever Castle Kent United Kingdom

Psynopsis Hever Castle Kent United Kingdom Collage

Psynopsis Hever Castle Kent United Kingdom Collage
Do you also find that it often needs visitors to finally do the things you wanted to do for ages? Like walking along the beach or going to the museum or visiting ancient castles… When I was standing in the midst of all this Tudor delight (with Greek/Roman touch) I wondered: 'What took me so long?'

All pictures taken at Hever Castle, Kent, UK


Life | Tinie Tempahs

Still (wo)manhandling the nieces... Back soon!

(BTW, the best thing about being an aunt is you can give them back to mum when they cry.)


Photography | Photo Terrorista

Psynopsis Analog 6x6 Photography
Before my little sister started to elaborate on how East Germans expressed their anti-establishment feelings by wearing denim I used to wrap her into our mum's scarves and made her model for me in rough Berlin flats so I could try out my vintage 6x6 camera. Oh, the fun. But these times are so over. Now she's arriving with back-up in form of toddlers and husband and I guess our long weekend together will be 100% family friendly. Cannot Wait!


Style | Wool On

Psynopsis Vintage Liz Claiborne Skirt 2nd Hand Knit Sweater Givenchy Boots

Psynopsis Vintage Liz Claiborne Skirt Maledetti Toscani Backpack 2nd Hand Knit Sweater Givenchy Boots
With the knitting course looming I'm trying to put myself into a woolly mood. We're supposed to collect interesting materials and I'm starting to panic by the realisation that I have no vision whatsoever of what I want to produce. Maybe being close to the source will bring enlightenment… bah, bah-bah, baaaaah?!

boots: givenchy, shirt: zinco, lace tights: oroblu, OTK socks: borrowed from sarah, skirt: liz claiborne vintage, sweater: 2nd hand/diy, backpack: maledetti toscani, little golden purse: oroton (courtesy of the lovely Robinson Pfeffer crew)


Life | Yooxing Along

Psynopsis Vintage Jean Patou Skirt New Look Blouse Dorothy Perkins Vest

Psynopsis Textile Collage

Psynopsis Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Leather Shoes
Trying to ease the I'm-not-playing-enough-tennis bad conscience by doing yoga resulted in a torn shoulder muscle (is it really that long ago since I last did the headstand?!), giving me the perfect reason to lap the top and search for a black leather t-shirt, which I think this metal studded skirt (which is not a polka dot skirt!) needs.

Now I’ve got 20 items in my Yoox dream box, but still no leather t-shirt. Ahh, recession-friendly shopping...

shoes: marc by marc jacobs, tights: la perla, shawl: diy/mum's cellar, blouse: new look, vest: dorothy perkins, skirt: jean patou vintage


Art | The Wonderful World of Myung Nam An

Psynopsis Myung Nam An Art

Psynopsis Myung Nam An Collage
The sudden lack of virtual communication brought on by the (annoying!) collapse of all broadband and telephone connections in our home lead to me getting more sleep in one night than I had in weeks and finally sitting down to work on the pictures of Myung Nam An’s eye-popping ceramics which I spotted at Kay's wonderful OneWeekArtShow. If I could hail myself out of the Yeah-I-can-afford-some-pretty-nailvarnish stage into the Darling-lets-invest-in-some-art stage, this would be what I'd go for. Happy organic creatures indeed!

All ceramics by Myung Nam An at the OneWeekArtShow.


DIY | Knitty-Gritty Dreams

Psynopsis Self-Knitted Scarf

Psynopsis 2nd Hand Overall La Redoute T-Shirt Handmade Knit Vest

Psynopsis Self-Knitted Gloves
My mum's knitting machine weighed a ton and you had to physically wrestle with it to make it spew out clothes – something only my mum knew how to do. No one else was allowed to use 'the beast' ('It is so very delicate, Sabine!'), which incensed wild dreams of creating missoni-esque patterns on it in me. But I forgot about the machine and moved on to hand-knitting… until I spotted John Rocha’s a/w dresses on Blindcopy. Next thing I remember was having signed up for a machine knitting course at Central St. Martins in January. Believe me, I'm so beyond excited (& do hope they have modern machines for clumsy people).

background picture: diy; boots: fendi, worksuit: mum's cellar, yellow t-shirt: la redoute, turquoise vest: knitted by mum, scarf & gloves: diy


Take 10 | Hoping for Next Time

Psynopsis Next Lurex Sweater DIY Leather Skirt Ash Leather Boots Ikat 2nd Hand Clutch

Psynopsis Next Lurex Sweater DIY Leather Skirt
I honestly don't know how it happened that we were sent this sweater, because when we communicated with Next they actually came up with some attractive ideas and we all got quite excited about the styling possibilities. But no, they obviously wanted to set us a real challenge…
But don’t despair, the website has more to offer. 

And don't miss checking out what Jen, Sarah, Shini, MJ, Sherin, Vicki, Adele, Jazmine and Nic (who is responsible for the wonderful collage above) have done to the jumper!

sweater: courtesy of next, leather skirt: diy, boots: ash, clutch: 2nd hand


Pinstripes Make the (Wo)Man?

Psynopsis 2nd Hand DIY Blazer Laura Ashley Vintage Blouse DIY Denim Bag

Psynopsis 2nd Hand DIY Blazer Laura Ashley Vintage Blouse
Yesterday Anonymous commented on The Sartorialist: 'Pinstripes make the man'. Which made me wonder: Maybe the woman, too? And though I fear no one at my workplace suspects it, I secretly nourish a love affair for corporate dressing - a pinstripe suit seems just the thing.
Pinstripe suits for women… Do they actually exist, I wonder.
Psynopsis 2nd Hand Blazer Ash Boots Laura Ashley Vintage Blouse

jacket: 2nd hand/diy, skirt: ???, stockings: wolford, boots: ash, bag: diy, belt: J’s, blouse: laura ashley vintage


So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Psynopsis Analog Fish Photography in Morocco

Psynopsis Analog Fish Photography in Morocco
Since I mentioned to Jill that in my young, pre-digital photography days I used to travel with a dried fish and she wrote back: 'I want to see this!'. Moving and moving again, and moving to different countries, and moving again has lead to losing a lot of my stuff (or stupidly having it stolen, but I recently found some pictures I took of my star model in Morocco. Did he get smelly in more moist climates? I really can't remember anymore…


Back to the Future

Psynopsis Vero Moda Sequin Leggings Narciso Rodriguez Coat

Psynopsis Vero Moda Sequin Leggings Self-Knitted Hood Sweater Collage

I could totally relate when I read Sarah Mower's description* of how she rejoiced seeing the a/w 2010 collections. Not only because all this minimalism brought back good memories from the 90s, when all the working woman needed was sleek black trousers, heaps of white shirts and a well-cut coat, but also because she thought: 'Damn good' (okay, maybe she didn't think that, but I did) 'I’ve got these clothes already!'. Like her I also crawled through the attic to find my tapered, high-waisted DKNY trousers (my present to myself for having gone through weeks of medical exams), the calf-length René Lezard skirt (first shopping trip with J, romantic) and the blue Narciso Rodriguez coat (bought from social services money to help me survive as single mum with baby).

BUT, Ms Mower says, the noughties-nineties are not the 90s-90s. We don't wear the short wide t-shirts anymore and the trouser legs seem a bit wide now. Still, old coat, come back into my arms!

*in the Sunday Telegraph autumn/winter magazine.

coat: narciso rodriguez (guess mid 90s counts as vintage by now), boots: ash, sequin leggings: vero moda, knit sweater: diy


Fun, Games & Looking for Girlfriends

Psynopsis Stolen Girlfriends Club Skull Jewellery

Psynopsis Stolen Girlfriends Club T-Shirt

Psynopsis Stolen Girlfriends Club Dress SS11

Psynopsis Stolen Girlfriends Club SS11 Collage
The great thing about an invitation from the Robinson Pfeffer showroom is, you just know it's going to be fun. Not only is the showroom light and bright and a joy to be in, Andrea, Kyle and their team will make sure you get the most delicious juices and snacks and as much tea and coffee as your heart desires. The fact that you can also get a free massage (at which Sarah just jumped) nearly makes you forget that you’re there for the designers…

I really wanted to have another look at Stolen Girlfriends Club, a label started by 3 surfers that has evolved from being a New Zealand insiders' tip with cult following and notorious (including fights) shows to now being sold at e.g. Asos and Liberty London. Looking at the designs I can’t but think that a lot of them are a man's dream what his (long-limbed surfer) girl should wear (including boob patches, so HOT for ss 2011 anyway), but clothes that say 'Life's one big party', can't be bad, really. And the t-shirts and jewellery are definitely cool*.

All clothes Stolen Girlfriends Club spring/summer 2011

*I liked everything stocked at RobPfeffer, it's more the pink tight trousers with lace flare on their website that give me second thoughts.


Hear Me Roar

Psynopsis Me and Kashmere Scarf
I'm working the old illusionary thing again that shopping now means saving money since soon all prices will go UP due to the VAT increase in January (and then I will never ever buy one thing again, simple). Plus I also had a £50 Liberty London voucher because I'm a 'valued customer' (or rather a slightly demented fan single-handedly trying to keep a British treasure alive), so there was really no excuse anymore to not finally buy myself something…

Psynopsis Me and Kashmere Scarf Collage
LEOPARDY! Tell me, how do you feel about the wild cat look? For me it’s the biggest love-hate relationship; so much so that I could not bring myself to buy one single leopard print item – until now. I also totally abhor all these recommendations à la: 'If you are frightended of the leopard print, start with a scarf'. Because, how boring it this?!? But I did exactly that – started with a scarf, for a very simple reason: While strolling through the new scarf room I spotted the most beautiful, soft, luxurious leopard print scarf. Yves Saint Laurent… nice! £500… WHAT?!? Even the friendly sales assistant agreed with me that this was quite pricey. But you know how it is, you've fallen in love, you can't have it – at least you need something to sweeten the blow. The scarf by Me & Kashmiere was considerably cheaper, and it being 100% cashmere it feels nice, nice, nice. So, now that I've broken the spell I might still go into full leopard mode (one day).

scarf: me & kashmere, vest: topshop, skirt: rené lezard vintage

As promised here the links to the Liberty London Facebook page where you can see me
here and Sarah here, and many other happy people being draped with beautiful scarves.


The Cinderella Complex

Psynopsis Streetstyle London Vintage Jean Patou Studded Skirt Mango Leather Jacket Givenchy Boots
The other day my weird and wonderful friend Sophie suggested I should write a post about which shoe I’d marry. Got me thinking… Like with men you can only realistically consider the ones you have access to (= the closet). Also 'marrying material' surely needs to have different characteristics than 'lover material' and while a lover may be handsome and impractical, wonderful for the occasion, but probably not compatible for every-day living, a husband, i.e. the shoe I want to marry, needs to have it all: endurance, elegance, timelessness, reliability – and most of all he, sorry it, mustn't hurt. And while there is a lot of lover material in my wardrobe (gee, this is getting silly, if not embarassing, I'm nearly finished), the shoe I'd want to marry must be my Givenchy boots.
Psynopsis Givenchy Boots

Blame my slightly incoherent writing on rambling through London with Sarah the whole day which brought us face to face with a tube strike (the 'underground' or 'subway' for the non-British), collapsing from exhaustion in Topshop, being styled and photographed for the Liberty London Facebook site (I'll post the link as soon as we're up) and having a little chat with Jonathan Saunders who's like the nicest person one could imagine. Gotta catch up on Gossip Girl sleep now, more tomorrow. Besitos!

boots: givenchy, skirt: jean patou vintage, tights: wolford, leather jacket: mango

Thank you, Sarah, for taking my picture.


Olfactory Delights

Psynopsis Diptyque Candle
I love them all year round, but when the days get shorter my addiction to the scented candle can become a bit of a burden on my purse; especially since ALL of them give up halfway, luring me into pyromaniac attempts to keep them burning with an accumulating number of drowning matches.

Over the years I've sniffed my way from Votivo to Miller Harris, but my personal favourite is still Byredo's Cassis (though this only burns two thirds, too), or perhaps Annick Goutal's Ambre Fétiche? Ah, it’s a terrible addiction, and now that Liberty London has a whole room dedicated to Diptyque candles… You know where to find me.

Do you share the smelly candle addiction with me?


Better Days & Best Intentions

Psynopsis 2nd Hand Denim Jacket Warehouse Skirt
Playing tennis after a 3 week break has made me real happy today (yeap, I'm also re-reading all Sookie Stackhouse novels, so don't be surprised if I start speaking with a slight Southern accent, lispling through my incisors). So much so, that sometimes I can't but wonder if I wasn't a tail waggling dog in another life. Apart from chasing little yellow balls I also thought about seasonal clothing and decided that this winter I’m going to…

Psynopsis 2nd Hand Blazer and NL Denim Jacket

Psynopsis 2nd Hand Blazer and NL Denim Jacket Warehouse Skirt Vintage Tie-Dyed Katherine Hamnett Leggings Ash Boots
wear the flimsy denim jacket as a shirt
try my hand on more tie-dyed leggings
wear my new boots all the time
… which means I will need many short skirts.

What are your fashion winter plans?

blazer: diy/2nd hand, denim jacket: NL/2nd hand, boots: ash, leggings: katherine hamnett vintage, skirt: warehouse