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Psynopsis Topshop Boots

Whaddya think … Clothes for Christmas? Total danger zone... Immediate associations with Mama Weasley's sweaters and 'Oh, niiiice', gritted through teeth (while desperately searching for the receipt to return the blasted thing). But, I did it. I went totally risqué and got Sarah a pair of boots for Christmas. And she likes them (at least that's what she tells me) – plus, it's the first time this winter she's got warm feet. Aaaahhh.

And not everyone hated Mrs Weasley's sweaters. Nope, Dobby loved them.

boots: topshop


Dancing Branflake said...

Gorgeous boots! Haha- those sweaters always crack me up! And no, you are nothing like their mother. Sarah is beautiful!

polka dot said...

God bless Google: I hadn't a clue who Mrs Weasley is, or her sweaters, but two seconds later, I found this:

and talk about inspiration! Couldn't you SO see that on the runway, with a great pair of heels and maybe black over the knee socks and a simple 50s style swimsuit short shorts and a topknot and eyeliner.

It's so true, inspiration is everywhere. Those are gorgeous boots and you're a brave mum but I'm sure Sarah loved them. She looks great in this shot, and I'm so glad I've met her, she's so lovely, like her mum.

So much for my resolution to post less btw: talk is cheap. It was so inspiring to see you, and I can't wait for you to start that course: I even know the name for our new company: Mrs Weasley's Sweaters.

I'm gonna wear sweatpants and a bird on my head for NYE, too. xox

T. said...

Mums also often get you other ugly/ unwanted presents besides clothes, so why not give clothes? Haha! I had a fight with my mum today when we tried to go shoe-shopping together. it was our annual fight around Christmas time. But back on topic: I love Dobby!

Henar said...

Loving the boots :) Gorgeous!!


Adele said...

How fabulous are the boots though! I'm sure she loves them! I love them on her! Well done Mom! aha

the nyanzi report said...

Those Mrs Weasley sweaters are something else.
The boots you got Sarah are beautiful and look great on her.

Hope Adela said...

i love your boots! and kudos to the harry potter reference! =)


Sniff said...

Totally cool boots which go very nicely with that outfit! And besides - keeping your feet warm during these freezing days is most important. I know, not having seen temperatures above zero for a month and half now.

Karena said...

Great job Sabine, I know she adore them!

Art by Karena

Vintage Vixen said...

Fab choice, Sabine! I love the red laces.
Hands up as another of your readers who had to Google Mrs Weasley. xxx

ching said...

wow those shoes are killer. i like the contrast of the laces.

yiqin; said...

Can I have your boots please? hehehe

vint junky said...

Gorgeous boots! I'd have been super chuffed with those too!!
Agreed clothing is a danger zone (I got an unwanted coat this year) yet it's mostly what my family buy as Xmas presents every year. I think we subconciously want to change each others style slightly!!

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-those boots are gorgeous, I'd happily wear them! Happy New Year to you too! xx

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

I bet she really loves them, Sabine!
Great picks you stylish you!!


Tugba said...

The pictures are gorgeous :) I'm in love with the boots. They rock :)

Anonymous said...

Waw these boots are great :D For my gifts, my Mom has always good ideas too, but it's more classic than rock boots ahah :D

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

Love all of it with boots being my favorite, of course! :-)
Darling Sabine, I have stopped to wish you wonderful and prosperous Happy New Year! Let every wish you have in your heart become true with a stroke of a midnight. :-))) Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment in my Blog and so sorry I could not visit you sooner: my Christmas was very eventful. :-))) Starting form very unexpected wonderful house guests to snow storm accompanied by electrical loss and spending Christmas Eve in ER being treated for infection which I got hours earlier from being bitten by a very sick kitten whom we wanted to rescue. Hoping your Holiday Season is filled with wonderful friends, laughter, gifts, family and everything good.:-)

ediot said...

them boots look perfect for this weather.
hope you're having a wonderful week darling. sarah looks so cute.
take care

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, those boots!