Style | Days of Unnormalcy

Psynopsis DIY Bag Vintage Pringle Jumper Miu Miu Skirt

Psynopsis Miu Miu Skirt Ash Boots Topshop Trenchcoat

Psynopsis DIY Bag
It's cold, or as I recently heard 'proper New York winter cold'. Now, I've never been to New York in the winter, only in summers; and as a child I associated New York with the place where you were standing for hours in a traffic jam stuck between smelly garbage lorries (the one in front of us slowly dropping waste onto our car bonnet). But that's ages ago and surely all changed... Here in the (cold) present I picked red for the simple reason that it's supposed to give you heat. Still the hands were frozen after the shoot, but I hear it's gonna warm up soon.

sweater: pringle sports/ vintage, skirt: miu miu, coat: topshop, scarf: from mum, boots: ash, bag: diy


Take 10 | The Asos Cape

Psynopsis Take 10 Asos Cape

Psynopsis Take 10 Asos Cape Eric Bompard Hat Next Jeans Ash Boots

Psynopsis Take 10 Asos Cape Miss Sixty Sweater
I was suspicious of the cape. No arms and a billowy shape… Way too much fashion drama for my sober soul. But when I limped over Leicester Square (why do I think it's a good idea to do my Christmas shopping in 4-inch heels?), laden with bags, this guy runs after me, comes to a screeching halt and says: "I just wanted to tell you that you're the most elegantly dressed woman I've seen." And while I was (obviously!) thinking: 'These Skandinavian tourists should really drink less; he's definitely got a problem with his sight... and anyway, what does he think London is? Some kind of romantic Italian city?', giving him the now-now-young-man-you-mustn't-approach-ladies-walking-by-themselves look, I couldn't but think 'Aaaahh, nothing like a bit of drama dressing!' (…and torturous heels. Come no!)

Don't forget to check out how MJ, Sarah, Sherin, Paula, Jazmine, Vicki, Adele (who did the great collage below), Jen and Ellie styled the magical cape. (They will probably also give a bit more proper information about the cape, instead of just telling silly, self-indulgent stories.)

cape: courtesy of asos, t-shirt: miss sixty, trousers: next, hat: eric bompard


Style | On Being Idle

Psynopsis Rag and Bone Silk Shirt New Look Corduroy Trousers Zara Pumps H&M Bag

Psynopsis Rag and Bone Silk Shirt New Look Corduroy Trousers

Psynopsis H&M Bag
Rediscovering clothes is sweet. You've totally forgotten about them and if they hadn't been rotting in a corner of your wardrobe they might long have made it to the Oxfam shop. But laziness be praised, there they are, and 6 years later Sarah's tattered school bag and old flares seem strangely attractive. Also totally stocked up on silk shirts in the sales.

trousers: new look, shirt: rag & bone, shoes: zara, belt: 2nd hand, t-shirt: cos, bag: h&m kids


Style | Pink & Grey, Grey & Pink

Psynopsis Tesco F&F Couture Trousers Sonia Rykiel for H&M Sweater Pringle of Scotland Silk Blouse

Psynopsis Tesco F&F Couture Trousers Sonia Rykiel for H&M Sweater Pringle of Scotland Silk Blouse Collage
See, I'm trying with se calahs; and with these trousers. But they have not become my friends. (The trousers I mean, the colours I'm still working on.) I had this vision of oversized, manly leg wear, but they are just oversized – and awkward. At least I found a way to keep them up. Originally I wanted to sew on loops, but adding one metal clasp at the back does the job just as well and was so much easier. The colours? It's an adaptation process, no?
trousers: f&f couture, sweater: sonia rykiel for h&m, blouse: pringle of scotland, boots: fendi, bag: 2nd hand, belt: can’t remember


DIY | Dye-Oh-Why

Psynopsis Tie-Dyed Silk Blouse and Leggings

Psynopsis Tie-Dyed Leggings
I remember way back I said I'd write a post about the tie-dye leggings, but I've been procrastinating for the simple fact that the whole thing is so easy I fear you'll say: 'Duh! Why is she writing about this?' But a promise is a promise… & in the end it's a question of addition and subtraction. Or only addition. Or only subtraction. Either you change the colour by dyeing the garment (as I did with the leggings which used to be neon yellow) and then you dunk it into bleach – which will take colour away again (with unknown outcome).* Or you just dunk-dye directly, like I did with this silk blouse (I found for £4 in a 2nd hand store yesterday. Unused, with price labels still attached; someone obviously didn't fancy the salmon colour.) Just take some hand dye, dunk around, and Bob'’s your uncle. Duh? Told you so.

*You've got to keep in mind that bleach destroys the fabric, so careful with that. You can wrap elastic bands or some kind of rope around the clothes to get a tie-dye effect. And naturally you need to adapt your treatment to what the fabric can take. It’s all highly experimental… Which is all the fun, really.

leggings: katherine hamnett/diy, trousers on top: lining of cricket trousers (dyed blue), blouse: 2nd hand/diy


Life | Coffee & Tea, Don’t Fear Me

Psynopsis Morgaine in Vintage Fur Coat
One of the best things at Fashion Week must be meeting others bloggers. I really enjoyed that so much last time! And while in September I was all all wide-eyed innocence this February I want to be organized and photograph the people I meet. And even though some people (hello Nic!) suspect I'm a bit of a fashion sadist making my poor models shiver in the cold or jump half-naked on freezing beaches I've got a caring side, too… Really, I do! I bring my biggest fur coat to the shoots and hot coffee. So, don't fear me – and hey, lets meet up if you're there!
Psynopsis Morgaine in Vintage Fur Coat 2

Morgaine is wearing vintage furcoat from Berlin.


Style | Howling

Psynopsis Cos Trouser-Skirt Edun Leather Jacket Me and Kashmere Scarf Fendi Boots
It's been mad today. MAD. I think the full moon does something to people… But I got to enjoy the swoosh of my trouser-skirt. Swish, Swoosh… Feels good.

Psynopsis Cos Trouser-Skirt 2nd Hand DIY Knit Sweater

trouser-skirt: cos, leather jacket: edun, scarf: me & kashmere, boots: fendi, sweater: 2nd hand/DIY


Style | The Weirdness of the Skinny

Psynopsis Skinnies
Let's face it, the skinny is a strange trouser shape, no? When I put them on in the morning they make me feel like a sausage. Not very flatteringly peeled in… But then you add some high heeled boots and a sweater and a blazer, or a cardigan, and it all comes together nicely.* Because in the end they just are a form of glorified leggings, i.e. the perfect blank canvas. And while fashion editors around the world keep repeating their mantra 'Skinnies are dead, skinnies are DEAD, they are SO DEAD' they may retreat in summer (I mean, who wants to be a sweaty, hot sausage? Really!), but when I checked the pre-autumn collections there they were again, perhaps a teensie-weensie bit wider, but still pretty skinny… It's more evolution than revolution, I guess.

*At least I like to think so, though I recently received a comment from Mr/Mrs Anonymous telling me I was WAAAYY too old to wear my trousers the way I do. Heeelloo, anon fashion police, please go away and bother someone else – or at least share your identity so we could have a discussion from which age on women must not be allowed to wear whatever they like anymore. (Although just the idea to have to discuss something like this makes me fall asleep.)

Oh dear, I nearly forgot... The winners of the Circus magazines are Fashionistable and
Dreaming Spires & Old Car Tyres. Congratulations!

trousers: next, sweater: 2nd hand/DIY sequins, socks: hand-knitted from christmas market, boots: ash


Life | Let the Knitting Commence

Psynopsis Central St Martins Holborn Bathroom
In situations of stress or excitement where do you go? Exactly, to the bathroom! Which is where you could have found me before my machine knitting course started this weekend. Ahh, smelly toilets… reminded me of school, of an atmosphere dedicated to learning and creativity. It's been too long! The knitting machines are difficult beasts – at least for me. It seemed all the others had already finished their first sweater (kiiidding, we don’t 'do' sweaters. We think outside the box.... it's Central Saint Martin's, dammit) and I was still fiddling and breaking needles. But thanks to ever-patient, awesome teacher Berni I got it eventually, and then, believe me, there was no stopping anymore… A world of endless purly possibilities has opened.
Psynopsis Central St Martins Knitting Course

Psynopsis Central St Martins Knitting Course Studio

Psynopsis Central St Martins Knitting Course Collage

Thank you for all your uplifting words regarding my Big Whine . You're the Best!


Life | Mundanities

Psynopsis Rick Owens Sheer Dress
If you don't want to be bored by my inner drama queen just skip the text and go to the pretty picture because while I would love to entertain you with my wonderful artistic existence life has decided that this week it was time for a bit of Real World Training! So life said to me: Come on, sloppy, enough of this meditating over pictures and arranging words in neat patterns… I will give you: 1 broken shower (wanna be an artist? How about smelly artist??), 1 TV box giving up its will to live, 1 car mysteriously filling up with litres and litres of water and losing its exhaust, 1 washing machine going into overdrive and flooding the kitchen and – extra bonus – I will send the man (who normally sorts life out for you) away (but not before letting him miss his flight, just for the fun of it…).

Boohoo! I so would like to do a Gillian McKeith, but that might seem a wee bit overdramatic, even for me. So it's time for gritting the teeth and thinking of people with real problems (Hello Queensland! Hello Brazil mud slides!)… Here's to wiping kitchen floors & anyway, what else could go wrong?*

I leave you with Morgaine wearing Rick Owens. Sheer joy and a bit of kitschy sunset for wounded souls. Happy weekend!

Psynopsis Morgaine Running at Beach

*The internet could stop working? Quel horreur!

dress: rick owens, t-shirt: cos, bikini: ???


Style | The Things to Come

Psynopsis Pink Jil Sander T-Shirt Vintage Skirt Internationale Damenmoden Johann Strauss Sainsbury's Plastic Bag

Before very soon the whole autumn/winter fashion thing will start again I sat down to do a bit of summer trend brainstorming, and I figured it's really easy: Just wear red + purple, purple + orange, orange + yellow, yellow + blue, blue + green, green + cyan, cyan + purple, purple + orange + red, red + blue + green… and if this isn't colour intensive enough go for fluorescent. To keep this rainbow happiness in balance there is WHITE. Not beige, not camel, not off-white – no, REAL WHITE. In other words… good, old plain white. And, it must be a recession thing… DIY is a big trend too. Crochet, fringing, knitting or weaving... No matter if you buy it or do-it-yourself, you'll be hip. Lots of 70s/ early 80s influences, which come with loads of satin, sheer and lurexy fabrics (I really, really want a lurex sweater. Nearly bought an Isabel Marant lurex dress in the sales, but when I stepped out of the changing room, just to find myself next to a girl checking herself in the mirror wearing exactly the same dress I couldn't do it. – And yes, she looked much better in the dress than I did).

Personal favourites? ¾ length skirts, flared trousers and maxi skirts worn with t-shirts. I've also totally fallen for the Jil Sander 'plastic bag' look (mine's from Sainsbury's; so much for personal recession decisions). But you won't see me in ruffles, florals or big prints (no fruits, thank you. Animals? Maybe).

What about you? Any favourite looks?

velvet skirt: 2nd hand (internationale damenmoden johann strauss), t-shirt: jil sander, bag: sainsbury’s


Art | Come to the Circus

Psynopsis Circus Magazine The Bloggers' Bookazine

Psynopsis Circus Magazine The Bloggers' Bookazine 80s Supermodels

Psynopsis Circus Magazine The Bloggers' Bookazine Weird Bunny
Remember my raving about the new blogger's bookazine 'Circus'? The post lead to a) me finally cancelling my Vogue subscription. I just got too bored by the concept of 'Look-at-this-beautiful-world-which-you'll-never-be-part-of-and-can't afford-anyway' message, and with the ascendence of street blogs the glossy, photoshopped-to-death pictures just started looking strange to me. Not that I'm never ever going to look at Vogue or Harper's again (can't enter a train without a magazine anyway), it just isn't the source of fashion information the way it used to be for me anymore.

But b) much more important – the lovely people of Herznote sent me two Circus magazines to give away. So if you are interested in receiving a free copy (the mag comes with a cute cotton shopping bag claiming 'I don’t consider myself a model') just add to your comment: "I want a magazine!" (or something along these lines)* and you'll be included in the draw.

And in case you can't wait to get your hands on one of these amazing, artistic, entertaining, 3-lingual bookazines (or if you are not a lucky winner…) – you can read more about and buy your own Circus magazine here (& if you add the voucher code PSYNOPSIS you get £3 off the price. Don't ask me how and if it works, I'm just the messenger… So go shoot someone else. NOOOOO, don't do that!)

*until Sunday, the 16th of January 2011.

Pictures all from Circus Fashion bookazine. Background in pic 1: Justin Todd's 'Strong Women'


Style | 48 hours

Psynopsis Morgaine in Vero Moda Sequin Leggings Uniqlo Sweater

Psynopsis Morgaine in Edun Leather Jacket Vero Moda Sequin Leggings

2 days of not checking emails, twitter or google and the world is a different place… A congresswoman was shot by a mad loner (nomen est omen, no?), Emmanuelle Alt is editor-in-chief of French Vogue (exciting!, I definitely have a thing for her, but guess I'm not alone here), Victoria Beckham is pregnant with child no. 4*… and I still like grey and glitter.

*Please be assured that I do have a grasp on what's relevant and what's entertainment news. This is just the order of how the information rolled over me.

Morgaine is wearing leggings from vero moda, sweater from uniqlo and leather jacket from edun


Style | Straps for Tulips

Psynopsis Sabine in Acne Denim Dress Cos T-Shirt

It's a shame about this dress because I hardly wear it ever. It's its straplessness… No micro mini could infuse in me the constant panic of ending up naked like a boob top. (It's earth gravity, you know, things go DOWN.) So I gave it some straps. Sarah thinks it's a shame, but no worries, I made them detachable (using some old denim suspenders from my one pair of Acne jeans). First DIY of the year and feels so much safer!

dress: acne, shirt: cos, bracelet: diy


Take 10 | Tesco Couture

Psynopsis Take 10 F&F Couture by Tesco Wool Trousers Antonio Marras Leather Jacket Costume National Blouse Fendi Boots
Tesco and couture is an association that doesn't come naturally, which perhaps is the reason it's not 'Tesco Couture' but 'F&F Couture by Tesco'. (No idea what the F&F stands for.) Couture it is not, but the trousers, picked for me by Ellie are pure wool, sewn well, nicely lined and comfortable (which is probably also due to the fact that the sizes are quite generous, hence the rolled down waistband to keep them UP!). The triangle shaped pockets and cuffed legs are neat details; the pleats at the backside not so much – unless you really fancy a 'puffy bottom'. But then, they might be responsible for the comfortable feel.

Final verdict? Not exactly cheap, more office than equestrian, but good quality and comfy. (And I think they are on sale now…)

We had free reign to pick for each other – so there are dresses, skirts, more trousers… Don't forget to have a look at Vicki, Sarah, Adele, MJ, Ellie, Jazmine, Jen, Sherin and Nic.

trousers: courtesy of f&f couture by tesco, shoes: fendi, blouse: costume national, leather jacket: antonio marras


Totally Looking Back to the Future

Psynopsis Uniqlo V-Neck Sweater H&M Skirt Vintage Lacoste Racket

I haven't made any New Year resolutions, but got a feeling that 2011 will be more about DIY* and about revamping what's there already. Also, I want to take more photos of others. The problem is, often when I develop an idea or want to show an outfit I can't grab someone quick enough, so I have to make do with myself. Really, I'd need a broom cupboard full of models… (I would even feed them a spoon of yoghurt every day.)

And tennis… The only time I came close to a tennis court in the last few months was when I took this picture of Morgaine. I miss playing, but the temperatures need to go up few degrees. And tiiiime - I need time! Got a hunch on that level nothing will change this year… Same old, same old.

Thank you, Morgaine, for modelling.

*And yes, I will do a post about how I made the DIY leggings. It was sooo easy, you'll be delighted.

uniqlo, skirt: h&m children, shoes: ???, racket: lacoste.


Style | Ethical Dumbo of Unchallenged Nature

Psynopsis Vintage Lace Dress Edun Leather Jacket DIY Tie-Dyed Leggings Bally Shoes

Psynopsis Dress Edun Leather Jacket Collage
I didn't even set out to do something good; I was just hunting for a bargain… And pure happiness spread over superficial me when I discovered this leather jacket in the sales, which I thought was very Rick Owenesque, but at a much lower price (especially when reduced. The blasted Rick Owens leather jackets don't even go on sale anymore, they are just too desired…). Aaanyway, when I checked out Edun at home I learned that it's an ethical label founded by Bono's wife Ali Hewson offering organic clothes produced under fair working conditions in Africa (and I guess other countries too since this jacket was made in China). Bon, no? (so lame, sorry.)

Do you go for 'ethically' produced?

leather jacket: edun, leggings: katherine hamnett vintage/diy, lace dress: vintage, shoes: bally


People | Guten Morgaine

Psynopsis Streetstyle UK Hunter Wellies Joules Jacket
I hadn't seen Morgaine for ages. First she had disappeared to Amsterdam to do some far out party job (still don't really understand how you get paid to party, but it sounds well good), now she's at uni and plays polo the whole day (at least this is how I fantasize uni life should be, she tells me she actually also works hard. Pfffft…) When I asked her if we could do some shots she suggested 'bikini-in-the-snow'. But until we finally met the snow was gone and I pinned her down to bikini-at-the-beach. It was snowing, it was freeeezing… Gee, I like girls with some Oomph!
Psynopsis Morgaine Jumping at Beach

wellies: hunter, shirt: ralph lauren, jacket: joules, leggings: topshop, ring: pandora, scarf: morgaine's university. 2nd pic: bikini: ???, shirt: cos


Style | Colourphobic Daze

Psynopsis Antonio Berardi Sweater Vintage Skirt Wolford Tights Chloe Sandals
As someone whose main experience with wearing colours consists of putting them on enthusiastically in the morning just to change into something black/grey/beige/brown (okay, caaaamel) after breakfast because otherwise the whole day would feel weird, the new year resolution to wear more colours is no mean feat. But today I learned that orange is just a variation of brown, belonging to the same colour spectrum of 620-585 nanometers (actually it’s the other way round - brown is a variation of orange - but that doesn’t really matter in my world) there’s really NO excuse for for avoiding geoluhread* anymore.

What about you? Colourphob or colourphil?

*which is the old English name for orange – before they had discovered the fruit.

silk blouse: cos, sweater: antonio berardi, skirt: selfmade/vintage (from mum’s cellar), tights: wolford, sandals: chloe