Life | Dawn & Yawn

Psynopsis Vintage Overall Self-Knitted Scarf
With all these holidays (yeap, here on the island we are getting a day off so we can get properly drunk for the royal couple) I'm starting to develop the rhythm of the cat – waking up at 5am, heading off to the fields to communicate with the sheep and collapsing back into bed when the sun is up or spending my days with a) painting my nails in as many different shades as possible, b) trying to figure out which other colours should be added to the still-too-small knit scarf and c) finishing the Hunger Games. Life is good, so I'm not going to bother you with my puffy, doughy, it's-way-too-early morning face.
Psynopsis East Sussex Sunrise

Psynopsis East Sussex Sheep

Psynopsis Self-Knitted Scarf Multi-Coloured Nails
Psynopsis Wet Decathlon Boots

jumpsuit: 2nd hand, t-shirt: jil sander, boots: decathlon, scarf: diy


Life | Bunny Wishes

Psynopsis Cat on Terrace
After years of English 'summer' frustration experience I've got a hunch THIS IS IT… nearly 80 degrees, 1 week in a row – this is our stab at exotic climates, and it very likely won't get better than this all year. Which is why I'll just shout HAPPY EGG HUNTING (if you're up for things like this) before running outside again (for lazy gazing and to photograph more sheep and flowers). ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Self-Knitted Dress
Psynopsis Sheep
Psynopsis Forest Flower

dress: diy


Life | Call of the Bluebell

Psynopsis Bluebell
Psynopsis Black Outfit Zara Leopard Pumps
Maybe it's spring, maybe it's because I've totally overgorged myself at the feast of blogging… but lately I've not been terribly interested who's in front of Scott Schuman's lens or to which party Garance Doré is invited and rather feel like roaming the woods, trying new knitting patterns, baking some bread or – oh, le horreur – just hanging in front of the tv watching 90210 with Sarah without a computer in my lap… Is it just me, or have you also been feeling the call of the real wild world lately?

Psynopsis Zara Leopard Shoes Flower Collage

Note to clothes-buying self: Next time I find shoes as comfortable as these ones – buy 2 pairs.

shoes: zara


Take 10 | Peacocks by Design Dress

Psynopsis Peacocks by Design Dress Rag and Bone Shirt Vintage Belt
Psynopsis Peacocks by Design Dress Straw Hat
Please ignore the grim visage – got a crappy cold and still haven't come to terms with the fact that Fudge is gone… But before I start drowning in self-pity lets focus on ’le dress’, which can be summed up in one word: Pretty. My head fills with dreams of summer picnics on English greens, romantic outings and royal weddings... You could even wear it the right way round, so people could see the cute bow – but I fear this might be a tiny bit too Doris Day for me.

I think everyone had a great time styling the dotty dress. So go and check out Jen, Sarah, MJ, Sherin, Vicki, Ellie, Paula and Harriet. And because Adele is travelling Susie of TakeOutInCouture was so kind to step in.

dress: c/o peacocks, hat: from shop in arezzo/ italy, silk shirt: rag & bone, belt: 2nd hand, shoes: russell & bromley


Berlin | Artistic Marathon

Psynopsis Pergamonmuseum Berlin
Psynopsis Pergamonmuseum Berlin

As an artist and art teacher one of my mum's major concerns is her children's cultural well-being, which means when we meet we need to cover at least 3 museums and a contemporary art show in 24 hours (she would throw a theatre play and a ballet into the equation, but at that point I throw myself on the floor, start crying and admit total exhaustion which causes her to sigh and wonder about her daughter's wimpishness).

Back home (and recovered from visual overkill) I realise that not only have I seen Nefertiti's beautiful head and some long-lost but now dug-out sculptures, but also Caravaggios, Titians, Botticellis and Rembrandts, as well as strange video art, plus a few wonderfully renovated museums. And I was allowed tea and cake breaks – so being dragged out of my cultural slobbiness was not bad at all and from a safe distance I would even call it a highly recommendable experience.
Psynopsis Gemaeldegalerie Berlin Collage
Pictures from exhibitions at the Neues Museum, Pergamonmuseum, Gemäldegalerie and Haus am Waldsee (café) and my mother's pottery studio; all in Berlin.


Life | Sorrow

Psynopsis Vintage Chanel Skirt DIY Bag Marc Aurel Silk Blouse
It was supposed to be a happy outing, but instead I found myself crying in the airport lounge because the day before I left for Berlin we found Fudge dead in the field which was absolutely heart-breaking to all of us. No more evening walks together, no more photo shoots where I try to woman-handle him into my pictures (oh, he was so hopeless at modeling), no more laughing about his tongue sticking out, no more impatient waiting for Sarah to go to bed, so he can cuddle up… His brother went into a no-moving-no-eating depression and we are all in mourning. I always felt Phillip Pullman's daemon idea in 'His Dark Materials' was a good description of how we can feel towards our pets. And you know what happens when you get separated from your daemon... I might need a bit more recovering time. Sorry.

Psynopsis Sabine and Fudge
Psynopsis Fudge

skirt: chanel, bag: diy, blouse: marc aurel