Travel | Nottingham for Dummies

Psynopsis Me & Kashmere Scarf Vintage Rene Lezard Skirt Bally Sandals
Being made of rather poor mother material and totally hopeless at understanding the English educational system Sarah has decided to drag me to Nottingham for Open University Day. And as I've also never ventured further north than Oxford (except the 2 times we drove through the night to end up in Scotland) I'm feeling rather excited about the trip.* Gotta rush!
Psynopsis Blurred Running with Be&D Bag

Happy weekend ♥ ♥ ♥

*I don't know how much time we've got, but if you are a Nottingham connaisseur and have some tips where we should definitely go... Tell me!

** Yeap, same clothes as in the last post. I never change. It's just too much bother.

skirt: rené lezard vintage, shoes: bally, angora sweater: 2nd hand, bag: be&d, scarf: me & kashmiere


Life | Being Sushi

Psynopsis Fish Pedicure Close-Up
Psynopsis Fish Pedicure
So, have you done it yet? The fish pedicure… Aaaand, did you like it?? Not for one moment did I think I might have an issue with putting my feet into the water, but when masses of hungry mouths rush to your over-the-water-surface-hovering toes it takes some inner pushing (and lots of hysteric screams and strange grimaces – until the staff thinks you're having a serious mental problem). But still braver than the woman next to us who was so frozen in horror that she just absolutely refused – no matter how much her friends (and everyone else in the place) assured her how 'wonderful' and 'relaxing' the procedure is. But when one extremely hungry sucker made my foot bleed, that was it for her – NEVER!
But even with dripping blood… I loved the sensuous creepiness of it all – and it really leaves your feet super-soft. Next time I'll do hands!

These places are everywhere now. We went to zoola.

skirt: rené lezard vintage, t-shirt: h&m


Take 10 | Max C Mini Dress

The colour, the pleats, the shortness, the pearly swans… The glycaemic index of this dress must be 100,000 – it's so sugary pretty, but the weird thing is, it works. The short swingy pleatiness is actually extremely wearable and I love it! To counterbalance the sweetness I had to put on my I-hate-being-photographed face. Now, not enough styling ideas? Okay, how about a big red bag and a chunky cardi and some pink sandals?
I think we were all smitten with our dresses – so don’t forget to check out how Sarah, MJ, Sherin, Vicki, Susie, Ellie, Paula, Harriet and Jen have styled it.

Big Thanks to Max C for sponsoring this challenge and writing lovely notes (it's these little things that make all the difference).

dress: max c, shoes: chloe, cardigan: old, label lost, bag: goldpfeil, cushion: diy


♥ | The Chosen One?

Psynopsis Haider Ackermann Collage

Putting together the phantasy photo shoot for Vogue Italia for my styling course is well fun… Now I'm good friends with all kind of location scout and luxury hotel websites (which included getting lost in interior design dreams for hours), as well as models.com. (Now who do you think is the sexiest model? Adriana Lima. Uff, had not even heard her name before. And the Top Icon model? Gisele Bundchen… well, biên sur! with Kate Moss as a close 2nd.)

And my shoot must feature designs from Haider Ackermann’s autumn/winter show. Just look at these drapings and colour combinations… LUSH. Could a guy who lived on the streets and is one of the Antwerp brain children really be the new head of Chanel*? That would be too cool because he's definitely my chosen one.

*But it seems Karl keeps changing his mind, and Haider is dreaming other dreams anyway…

picture source: www.style.com


Life | Styling Tasks

Psynopsis Central St Martins Mannequins
No outfit pics, but wrapping pics because… yeap, my Fashion Styling course has started; and phew, I'm really feeling the heat. Machine knitting was all about learning a technique, and then letting your phantasy loose. But with Aimée you're thrown into the deep end. First of all forget anything you think you know about styling (and especially personal style. Ugh!) – Trousers are not trousers, shirts not shirts – it's colours, materials, textures. So far, so good. But the homework… Putting together portfolios for magazine fashion shoots including locations, photographers, hair and make-up artists… I don't know any of this stuff!! But hey, wanna-learn-willing-to-suffer (and not blog because I have to do research), and I'm learning LOTS. Also, the create-a-type-in-1-minute tasks - like a geisha or a vivienne westwood gown - are really fun… Now, any idea which attempt is what?

Psynopsis Central St Martins Styling Short Course
Psynopsis Central St Martins Styling Short Course 2

Picture 1: Central Saint Martins, Charing Cross.
Pic 2 & 3: Group work for 'Fashion Styling for Beginners' at CSM


Art | Glass Encounter

Psynopsis Peter Layton London Glassblowing Studio London
Psynopsis Peter Layton London Glassblowing Studio London Studio

Psynopsis White Outfit Self-Knitted Blue Scarf
When your mum is the queen of cool, clean Scandinavian designs visiting the glassblowing studio is like lying down on Freud's couch… My instinct reactions to all the swirls and colours are: 'Oh, so preeeetty.' But immmediately mum's voice echoes in my ear: 'bad bad KITSCH!'. Oh well, it doesn't really matter because I don't have the spare cash anyway, but these here I do like A LOT (and I think she would, too)...

Psynopsis Peter Layton London Glassblowing Studio London Vases
Gotta race back to watching Federer playing Djokovic… Happy Weekend, you all! ♥ ♥ ♥

Photos taken in Peter Layton London Glassblowing Studio where you can also see a jewellery exhibition celebrating London Jewellery Week, 7th-25th June 2011.