DIY | Early Seduction

Psynopsis Self-Knitted Skirt and Scarf Topshop Sweater Zara Green Shoes
As soon as my siblings started popping children my brother feared that from now on my sole aim in life would be to infect the little ones with the 'evil fashion bug'… So true to form and to train them early I raided the Petit Bateau shop (finally asking the SA in desperation: "Are they really THAT small?!"). Now I'm off to do my evil aunt deeds…
Psynopsis Self-Knitted Skirt and Scarf Topshop Sweater Goldpfeil Bag

… in my new knit skirt. After all the swinginess I tried my hand at the pencil shape. I quite like it, but I do wonder if the skirt asks for a matching top.

skirt and scarf: diy, sweater: topshop, shoes: zara (you must be dead bored by these shoes by now; they just seem to go with everything), bag: goldpfeil, hat: acubra

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Take 10 | Lomography Diana Camera

Psynopsis Diana Camera Collage
Believe me, we were super excited when the Lomo people offered us free choice of a Diana camera. What could be better fitting than celebrating Take 10's 1st birthday with cute and colourful retro cameras? The Diana F+ Black Jack reminds me a bit of my trusted Olympus and of the good old days when I spent hours in broom cupboards struggling to insert film into the development roll and nights in darkrooms, all hyped up and intoxicated by chemical fumes…

Aaanyway, the camera arrived and it's so retro, lightweight and cute that I just want to carry it around my neck and feel like I belong to the Mad Men crew... and that was it for me. For now. Perhaps being married to Photoshop and indulging in a little affair on the side with Instagram doesn't leave any space in my pictorial love life for an affair with Diana… But that's just me, that's just now. I've got a feeling I might well come back to Diana - there must be a reason for the HUGE Lomography fan club.

Now, the most important thing: Diana needs real film (yeap, she's a well old-fashioned girl) which you can buy in shops or on the website. There you can also find loads of pictures and tips a la the '10 Golden Rules' which I love because they are fun and apply pretty much to photography (and somehow to life) in general:

1. Take your camera everywhere you go.
2. Use it any time, day and night.
3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it.
4. Try the shot from the hip. (Well, that has never worked for me, but hey, don't we all want to be David Bailey?)
5. Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible.
6. "Don't think." (William Firebrace)
7. Be fast. (We can't stress that enough.)
8. You don't have to know beforehand what you've captured on film.
9. … and you don't necessarily have to know afterwards either.
10. Don't worry about any rules.

Psynopsis Zara Leopard Dress Diana Camera

Plus, a few more self-made rules: Don't worry about how much like a pekingese you look when grinning, and never-ever mind the shortness of your skirt.

Tell me, do you have any Lomography experience? And before I finish this longest of long posts... Don't forget to check out the camera stories of the other Take Tenners: … Sarah, MJ, Sherin, Vicki, Susie, Ellie, Paula, Harriet and Jen.
dress: zara, tennis shoes: adidas, camera: Lomography Diana F+ Black Jack

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Style | Lounge at Your Leisure

Psynopsis Love Jumpsuit Missoni Dress Worn as Scarf
It wasn't easy to decide what to choose from the new Love collection… So many pretty pieces (the missoniesque knits are just perfect for autumn). In the end I listened to Ms Superslouch whispering into my ear and went for one of the cosy, stretchy jersey jumpsuits. The kind of thing you never want to take off again… which is just fine by me.
Psynopsis Coccinelle Bag Maledetti Toscani Purse Zara Heels

jumpsuit: courtesy of love, shoes: zara, belt and dress around neck: missoni, bag: coccinelle, purse: maledetti toscani
Thank you to Love for offering me to choose something from their new collection.

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Style | Crochet in My Heart

Psynopsis Topshop Crochet Poncho Cesare Paciotti Heels Matalan Cardigan
Maybe it needed Christopher Kane and Henry Holland to find me some love for crochet cause I suddenly see potential in Sarah's old Topshop poncho. What about you? Crochet = new fashion heights or too homey?
Psynopsis Topshop Crochet Poncho

poncho: topshop (~2005), cardigan: c/o of matalan, belt: 2nd hand, trousers: cnc costume national, shoes: cesare paciotti

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Style | Give Us Some Rock Chick

Psynopsis Abi in Matalan Cardigan
Psynopsis Matalan Cardigan Skirt and Bag B&Be Bag
Ay-ha, I love working with PR agencies, and some collaborations are more entertaining than others… Like when Matalan contacted me the other day - 'Would you like to take part in our rock chick website challenge?' 'Sure!' I might not have ever come close to a Matalan website, but I'm always up for a styling challenge…

So I choose the clothes (cut-off denim shorts, printed tee… done done done, no thanks, but dang! what's left?!) and I wait. 'Where are the pictures, where are the pictures? We need them NOW!' Okay, okay! Clothes arrive, but I still need a model (because yes, I can be many things – mad shoe woman, Game of Thrones wannabe… but rock chick I AM NOT). It's lucky that Abi walks through the door (on her way to that-festival-in-Cornwall-which-name-I've-now-forgotten… see, not an ounce of rocking chicken in me… Boardmasters, that's it). 'Abi, could you please be my rock chick?' 'Sure. I've got 10 minutes.' It was all very quick and I got a nagging feeling that Abi has more rhythm in her little finger than my outfit all together, but who cares… 'twas fun.
Psynopsis Abi in Matalan Cardigan Leggings Skirt and Bag Ash Boots

If you feel so inclined, you can vote for your favourite dance girl on the Matalan blog (but only if you use Firefox or Safari because the site doesn't open in Internet Explorer… No, don't ask me, I'm not an agency).

P.S. It was even more fun when they weren't happy with my picture because I should be the rock chick. Well, I fought my space on that one because - well, mad shoe woman, game of thrones, etc.

most clothes (long black cardigan, black skirt, red jeggings worn as scarf) and grey bag: courtesy of matalan, boots: ash, rest: model's own. Big Thanks to Abi for helping me out and to Matalan for including me in the project.

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Style | Bare Essentials

Psynopsis Angelica in Topshop Vest Oroblu Ripped Tights
Psynopsis Angelica in Topshop Vest
As the CD with the pictures of our last shoot for the Saint Martins styling course is now living a sunnier live in Brasil with my group buddie Yasmin, I tried to remember what it was all about… Texture and structure and no colour distraction. Yeap, I think deep in my heart lives a purist who wants to strip everything to its bare essentials.
Psynopsis Angelica in Topshop Vest Faith Leopard Shoes

top: topshop, trousers: moschino cheap & chic/diy (well, you can't really call it diy, they just fell apart, the ripping bit was easy), shoes: faith, courtesy of debenhams, belt: judo equipment, tights: oroblu/diy

Thank you, Sarah for assisting and Angelica for modelling.

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Life | All That Glitters

Psynopsis Topshop Sequin Dress Zara Pink Jeans Bally Sandals
The magpie in me cannot pass anything glittery without getting quite excited; so naturally I got all chirpy when I found this shiny dress in a topshop sale for a tenner. We went on a little forest expedition where I discovered that it rustles wonderfully when walking... It also loses a scale per step, which made me feel like Gretel following the shimmery path to find my way home.
Psynopsis Topshop Sequin Dress Cos Leggings as Scarf
Psynopsis Topshop Sequin Dress Pink Zara Jeans Cos Leggings as Shrug

dress: topshop, trousers: zara, beige cashmere trousers worn as scarf/top: uniqlo, shoes: bally

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DIY | Swingy

Psynopsis Angelica in Vintage Linea Silk Blouse
The beige dress felt kinda lonely so I gave him a dark, short sister. Somewhere in the interweb there's a blurry picture of me wearing it, but Angelica's legs show so much better what the mini skirt really is all about.
Psynopsis Angelica in Vintage Linea Silk Blouse and Self-Knitted Miniskirt
Psynopsis Angelica in Vintage Silk Blouse Self-Knitted Miniskirt Zara Heels

knit skirt: diy, blouse: 2nd hand/linea, shoes: zara, jewellery: diy & model's own

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Style | A Life Reduced

Psynopsis Rag & Bone Shirt Pierre Hardy Clutch
It's been a long time since I felt excited about them, but with all these dual and multi tones for  autumn/winter I'm feeling a strong I-want-a-new-bag pull, and when I saw this Pierre Hardy clutch it was time for some serious maths: My birthday is only another 253 days away (not true, more like 30), it's been years since I allowed myself a proper expensive bag… Yesss, the perfect birthday present from me to myself. The bag is as beautiful in real life as it was on the website; but what I didn't realise is – how small is a clutch?! Phone, credit card, keys, some coins and a lipstick. C'est ca. Feeling lady-like really calls for discipline…

Psynopsis Rag & Bone Shirt Self-Knitted Skirt Pierre Hardy Clutch Vintage Shoes
Psynopsis Rag & Bone Shirt Self-Knitted Skirt Pierre Hardy Clutch
Please be assured that I'm not blasé about the riots in London and the rest of the UK, but I don't feel this is the right space for it, especially since there are so many reports and opinions out there already… I guess the best place for discussions and updates is twitter, which also kept me informed what's going on when I met Tiffany from Dancing Branflakes in the London Bridge area yesterday. Tiffany is every bit as lovely as she is in her blog. We had a perfectly riotless evening, and to keep it that way we left when a convoy of armoured police cars arrived.

bag: pierre hardy, shoes: eve-look/ 2nd hand, shirt: rag & bone, dress worn as skirt: diy, scarf: diy

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DIY | Laduree Macaroons

Psynopsis DIY Laduree Macaroons
Okay, this was a learning experience because a) lemon macaroons are supposed to be yellow (but what can you do when blue is the only food colour you can find, hidden in some dark corner of the kitchen cupboard?). b) One should definitely use a different nozzle – mine turned out more meringue than macaroon. c) If you want to call yourself a true confiseur you better not follow my smudgy example. BUT d) they are absolutely delicious and vanished quicker than it took making them… Though I'm quite tempted to next time just buy them.

Psynopsis Laduree Tea Room Covent Garden London DIY Macaroons
I'm not going to bore you with the recipe which you can find in the book 'Laduree: Sucré The Recipes', but if you don't want to spend the money and still fell like having a go, email me and I'll send you the instuctions.

Ladurée: Sucré: The Recipes by Phillipe Andrieu and Sophie Tramier. Published by Scriptum, Nov. 2010.

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Take 10 | Faith Shoes

Psynopsis Faith Leopard Print Shoes River Island Jeans Vintage Chanel Blazer Vintage Ikat Clutch
Sarah: 'You won't be happy!!'
Me: 'What? Why?'
Sarah: 'Your latest project has arrived…'
Me: 'WHAT is this???'
Sarah: 'I think they are supposed to be shoes.'
Psynopsis Faith Leopard Print Shoes

After this we had immense fun making everyone who came through our door walk in them… Wobbly legs, model walk, stumbles, tumbles and all… I don't quite know what the Faith designers had in mind when they put this shoe together. Some Lady-Gaga-McQueen nightmare gone terribly wrong? But while most of my fellow Take 10ers decided to exchange them for something decent I'm holding on to the mad thought that one day they'll reach iconic status. Just call me deluded…
Psynopsis Take 10 Faith Leopard Print Shoes Vintage Chanel Blazer

There were a lot of hiccups with this project… Sarah, MJ, Sherin, Vicki, Susie, Ellie, Paula, Harriet and Jen all have a story to tell!

Thank you to Debenhams for sending us this truly entertaining product.

shoes: faith, courtesy of debenhams, trousers: river island, t-shirt: uniqlo, blazer: chanel vintage, clutch: 2nd hand