LFW | The Big Wrap-Up #2

Psynopsis LFW Sarah Baadarani
I think this weekend I'll just let the poor guests entertain themselves and keep the pictures coming as I pop them out… These models were walking Sarah Baadarani's SS12 designs through the courtyard of Somerset House. Clever. Okay, gotta do some socialising now - or there will be no friends left. ♥ ♥ ♥

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LFW | The Big Wrap-Up #1

Psynopsis LFW Models
As Paris is drawing to a close and I fear I might otherwise bore you with fashion week photos until next February… Lets wrap this up in 1 or 2 (okay, maybe 3) installments. There were the models & ponytails...

Psynopsis Streetstyle London Two-Toned Nails

the street-style & nailart...
Psynopsis Streetstyle London Pink Cardigan Prada Skirt

and the pure gorgeous in Prada prints.

Aaah, nothing beats these days. ♥ ♥ ♥

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London | Fashion Toast

Psynopsis The Dorchester Bar Cocktails

Psynopsis The Dorchester Bar
As I'm hopelessly limping behind with my fashion week pics anyway I've decided it can't hurt to take a little detour to the Dorchester and get tipsy on Elisir di Giulietta – one of the dang-bang-delicious cocktails which you can – if you do like my childhood hero (and a now grown-up) Eloise and live in a luxury hotel or just happen to be part of the jet-setting world – drink in one of the European hotels of the Dorchester Collection.

BUT, hold your ice cubes… These are not just ambrosial drinks (as if you could call a concoction with Elisir di Santa Novella ever just 'a drink', it must have healing properties surely) – each of these cocktails stand for one of 5 shortlisted designers for the Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize 2011: Giulietta by Sofia Sizzi, Julian Louie, Setareh Mohtarez, Siki Im and jewellery designer Anndra Neen. (If you want to read more about the prize or the designers, just click on the links.) Personally I think they are all amazing. So, Good luck to them all & Cheers!
Psynopsis The Dorchester Bar Elisir di Santa Novella

Big thanks to Jackie and Alpana for inviting me to a wonderful and informative evening.

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LFW | Python

Psynopsis LFW Caroline Sieber Valentino Python Boots
Some boots just make you sigh... Now, if you had the choice - would it be Caroline's knee-high Valentinos or the Dries van Noten 'anklys'?

Psynopsis LFW Dries van Noten Python Ankle Boots

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Take 10 | QVC Butler & Wilson Ring

Psynopsis Butler & Wilson Ring
Psynopsis Butler & Wilson Ring on Foot in Water
"Nononono… I sit in the water, with my clothes on and you take pictures… But we need the ring in focus and it has to look like a swimming-pool!"… "What? Why don't you understand?! Noooo, don't leave me now…" In the end I sat in the water with my second batch of wet clothes and a soggy remote control and still couldn't get it right. Which is a shame because a turquoise background would have been so perfect with the glitzy bunny.
Psynopsis Butler & Wilson Ring Portrait

I think the others had drier ideas for their rings. So go and check out Sherin, Sarah, MJ, Susie, Ellie, Paula, Jen, Harriet and Vicki. And P.S. - I loooooove the ring, it's the only piece of jewellery I wear (except for earrings, but they don't count), even if it makes my right hand preeetty heavy (which could come handy in a fight...).

Big Thanks to QVC for sponsoring this Take 10 challenge.


LFW | Strange Beginnings

Psynopsis LFW SS12 Employee
After spoiling us with blogger lounges, free coffee and litres and litres of vitamin water this season the run-of-the-mill blogger has become persona non grata at Somerset House and to get your press pass you now have to perform a Google striptease showing proof of followers and traffic and how much of a general heavy-weight in the blogging world you are (which immediately made me feel like turning on my heel and walking out crying tears of rejection)… but then I was deemed 'good enough' and the press pass was handed over. well, double-phew.

While I was still marvelling at these weird new security measures (which are totally unreal since absolutely anyone can walk through the back entrance anyway, but without press pass you can not enter the exhibition) I looked up and realised the employee's SS12 dress code was hospital. Clean and friendly, especially with the sign: 'Here to help'…

Still, come ooon... nothing beats a black leather skirt and a blazer with razor sharp shoulders when it comes to work wear. Nearly stopped breathing when I saw her walk out of the Savoy.
Psynopsis Streetstyle London Black Leather Skirt Black Blazer

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People | The Anna & Omega

Psynopsis LFW Anna dello Russo in Prada
Monday. Decided I'm better – crawled out of bed and to Somerset House… Bumped straight into Anna*. Yahaa. Now back to bed. More to come soon… ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis LFW SS12 Bag

*Buuuullshiiiit. I just took advantage of the 'Anna Anna' shouting.

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Style | Bigger, Bolder, Better

Psynopsis NYFW SS12 Oscar de la Renta Dress
Psynopsis NYFW SS12 Dresses
Psynopsis NYFW SS12 L'Wren Scott Dress
Just in time for London Fashion Week I've come down with the flu… which is a bummer and throws a serious stick into the spanner of my plans. So instead of joining the excited bunch at Somerset House I'll curl up with 'Dogs in Rome' and let detective Blume sort out evil murders in the Italian capital.

To at least pretend I'm all in on it here some bits from New York Fashion Week which I think show that sometimes bigger and bolder is just better. ♥ ♥ ♥

Source of pictures: style.com

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Style | NYFW - Digestive Biscuits

Psynopsis NYFW SS12 Suno
Psynopsis NYFW SS12 Suno
Fashion Weeks are Confusion Weeks for me. I'm glued to style.com, trying to decipher the common denominators, but instead of clear analysis too much information turns my brain into a gooey custard. Putting together some things that stuck out in the pudding mess might help…

1. Personally I'm not a fan of patterns. You won't find any tribal prints in my wardrobe, nor dots or plaid; even stripes I find difficult… until I saw the designs by Suno. Now I'm sold, utterly.

Psynopsis NYFW SS12 Altuzarra
2. White. Asian dame and drawstring dress at The Row & swingy-clingy dresses at Altuzarra. Like.
Psynopsis NYFW SS12 Rag & Bone3. Capes for summer and electric Blue at Rag & Bone.
Psynopsis NYFW SS12 Alexander Wang

4. Urban warrior summer ski wear at Alexander Wang. Yesss!

Psynopsis NYFW SS12 Donna Karan

5. Did I say 'no prints, please'? I eat my words because I also totally fancy Donna Karan’s Haiti inspired dirndl skirts (especially worn with these tops).
Psynopsis NYFW SS12 Edun
5 ½. Just 1 more! Edun to make me feel really stupid about my 'no prints' attitude, and to remember how cool blue is in bright summer light and that drawstrings are not just THE THING but also THE BEST (especially after a big fat lunch)…

Okay, I leave you with this extremely foodie sounding post… Did you find anything yummy yet?

source of all pictures: style.com

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Style | Barbour & Hunter Gathering

Psynopsis Streetstyle Gloucestershire Alex James Harvest Festival
Psynopsis Streetstyle Gloucestershire Alex James Harvest Festival Wellies and Shorts
I don't know if I'll ever get to grips with places where you can't wear highheels and where rain protective footwear is obligatory (even on a stone-dry day), but the Alex James Harvest Festival was good fun - laden with organic food and drunken dance steps - and in the end I had counted 312 different styles of wellington boots. But enough of crawling through the fields… from now on all my eyes will be 100% peeled towards Fashion Week! (How wonderful was the Suno collection?!) Are you following the New York action?
Psynopsis Streetstyle Gloucestershire Alex James Harvest Festival

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Life | The Pre-Party: Fashion Night Out

Psynopsis Streetstyle London Grey Lace Dress
Aaaahh, Fashion Night Out… Nothing but a glorified shopping night, right? Okay, with beautifully dressed people and music and lots of drinks, and events and more parties… Actually, the perfect pre-party to Fashion Week, methinks. Are you ready yet?
Psynopsis Fashion Night Out London Juicy Couture Party

Okay, really off to my wellie-do.

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Life | The Mud Phobic

Psynopsis Interior Design Conservatory
Psynopsis Interior Design Conservatory Chairs
Psynopsis Summer Lunch
Off again. To a festival of all places. Aaahh, the perfect location for a tent and mud phobic (still learning from you, Vix)… But my friend Karin promised me it's going to be totally high-end – a meeting place for retired pop stars and Channel 4 chefs - we even get to sleep in beds; I told her as long as there are swings everything is fine by me. Now off to pack my wellies and leaving you with some summery shots from my sister's place (cause summer is truly over here). ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Art Courtyard


People | Party Girl

Psynopsis Julia wearing DIY Skirt
Psynopsis DIY Skirt
Back from my party break… which was so much fun as it happened at my sister's place who's the kind of person to not only throw festivities for 100 people effortlessly, she also (together with her other half) built a magical place from a dilapidated farm – and when she's not raiding skips, landscaping the garden, sewing cushions from vintage fabrics or building greenhouses from slate and drift wood she's not averse to painting her skirt. She's just a pretty cool girl, I think.

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Love | Autumnal Bling-Bling

Psynopsis Cos Silk Blouse DIY Printed Jeans
The other day I went for a stroll down Bond Street and stumbled across some very cool blazer patterns and what I think are the best party shoes I've ever seen…
Psynopsis Alexander McQueen Blazer
Psynopsis Yves Saint Laurent Gold Sandals

Off to do a bit of partying myself. See you on the other side. ♥ ♥ ♥

pic 1: trousers: uniqlo/diy tie-dye, shirt: cos, shoes: scholls; pic 2: alexander mcqueen, pic 3: yves saint laurent

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