London | Lately…

Psynopsis St Pankras Hotel Next Dress Mango Leather Jacket
Psynopsis Tea at St Pankras Hotel London

…I've been flicking ponytails in hotel lobbys and invited myself to delicious tea parties (all part of the 'how-to-save-money-the-cashmere-way' training).

I'm also feeling terrible for being a bad blogger (aka content supply, but also visiting blogs). It's knitting and teeth and work, and unsuccessfully trying to beam myself into Harry Potter world…
Psynopsis Platform 9 3/4 St Pankras Station London

You didn't want excuses? Maybe some flowers?…
Psynopsis St Pankras Hotel London Flowers

Thank you, Karin, for having me at your wonderful tea party. Loved every minute and each and every of the delicious treats.
♥ ♥ ♥

dress: next, jacket: mango, sweater: c/o of matalan, tights: wolford, bagpack: maledetti toscani, boots: givenchy; photos taken at King’s Cross station and in the St. Pancras Hotel

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Take 10 | Next Coat

Psynopsis Red Next Coat Pachacuti Hat Pierre Hardy Clutch
Psynopsis Red Next Coat Pachacuti Hat Pierre Hardy Self-Knitted Skirt
Brooding over the mental and elemental things in life seems to take up all my time and energy these days… Leaving little left for blogging - but hey, it feels good to be thrown out of my internet abstinence by a cute red coat which was sent to us from Next. I mean, if this doesn't work against the winter blues then there really is no hope left (and just lets not follow any inevitable 'Don’t Look Now' associations. No killer midgets in my woods!)
Psynopsis Red Next Coat Pachacuti Hat Pierre Hardy Self-Knitted Skirt

Don't miss to check out how Sarah, MJ, Sherin, Vicki, Susie, Ellie, Paula, Harriet and Jen are wearing their coat.
coat: courtesy of next, shoes: jil sander, tights: wolford, knit skirt: diy, lace vest: ???, jacket: dolores/vintage, belt: 2nd hand, sweater worn as scarf: topshop, brooch: my grandmum's, hat: pachacuti, bag: pierre hardy

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Life | Cluck Cluck

Psynopsis Self-Knitted Cashmere Sweater and Dress Majestic Paris Underdress Zara Pumps
Life is being difficult right now with my mind circling around the question how to stay a free-range chicken in a battery dominated world. Maybe I've become too accustomed to the good life?
Material worries can't stop me knitting new dresses and spidery sweaters. What did Steve Jobs say... 'Stay hungry and foolish.' In cashmere… that might just work for me. ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Self-Knitted Cashmere Sweater Majestic Paris Underdress Zara Leopard Pumps

cashmere dress & sweater: diy, underdress: majestic paris, shoes: zara, temporary tattoos: inkwear

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People | Fashion Weeks – Totally Wrapped Up

Fashion weeks are truly finished. Sitting 3 weeks (or is it 4?... lost track) on my backside, getting updates and analysis from Cathy, Tommy and the experts from style.com on the fashion shows and everyone who sneeked around makes me feel like I've physically run the marathon myself. Which is why I can now give you my extremely subjective fashion weeks round-up

1. Arm parties… They're really pretty, but honestly, if I see one more over-decorated wrist I'll succumb to above mentioned exhaustion, fall over and refuse to wake up until next spring. But what could be the new fetishistic bodypart? The back? Like!, and perfect for summer.
2. Baseball caps are THE THING – on and off the runway.
3. My new favourite pin-up girl for masculinity wear… Gaia Repossi – who, although she's a jewellery designer, thinks that 'it's also beautiful to wear no jewellery at all.'*
4. Next year's summer skirts will be long in the back and short at the front and trousers will come two-toned.
5. There's a new arm shape in town (reminds me of the early 90s).
6. No need to work on your six-pack anymore… we've got peplum.
8. I'm so going to work on my colour combination skills! Plus, yellow is still going strong.
9. For me Giovanna Battaglia is still the chicest woman around.

C'est ca from me. If you followed the fashionable weeks... did anything stand out for you in New York, London, Milan and Paris?

*Quote from an interview she gave for The Gentlewoman.
All pictures in collage taken from style.com and Tommy Ton's The Streets Are Talking.

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Style | LFW The Big Wrap-Up #3

Psynopsis Streetstyle London Caroline Issa LFW
What do you think? The shoes are great, yessss! (I'm such a sucker for these Phillip Lim sandals… so much so that when I put together my phantasy styling shoot all models would have to wear them in different colours). The sunglasses are very cool, too - but in the end I think it's the slightly crumpled trousers that make the look. Sleek just goes better with sloppy (it does feel kind of wrong to associate this word with Caroline Issa, but hey, it's all in the name of fashion philosophy.)

Psynopsis Streetstyle London Caroline Issa LFW 3.1 Phillip Lim Sandals

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London | Whip-Whop-Weep... The Wapping Project

Psynopsis The Wapping Project London Restaurant

Psynopsis Sabine and Sarah at The Wapping Project London

Psynopsis The Wapping Project London Restaurant
Getting sidetracked by the sudden burst of summer and mentioned influx of friends we ended up in The Wapping Project which being an old hydraulic power station and all is (even if a teensy bit touristy) still one of my favourite places in London, and I'd always wanted to try the food (not only do the exhausting thing and check out the exhibitions)... LUCKILY I hadn't read the dismal reviews before we went – because (if not cheap) the food was delicious and the staff nice (slightly confused, but suffering majorly from the condition myself I've got a soft spot for muddled people); definitely not mean or arrogant or aggressive. The maitre d' or owner (she very much looked in charge) came over and mentioned she loved the knitdress I was wearing, if I had designed it myself. Aaahh, give Pooh some honey and his heart melts…
Psynopsis The Wapping Project London Restaurant Bar

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