Art | Navigating the Dark

Psynopsis Psynopsis St Pankras Church London
Psynopsis Kalliopi Lemos Navigating in the Dark

Psynopsis Kalliopi Lemos Navigating in the Dark
The other day we stumbled into the 'Navigating in the Dark' exhibition in the crypt of St Pankras church. As I'm feeling lazy with words these days I'll just say the sculptures of Kalliopi Lemos... blow my mind.
Psynopsis Streetstyle London Maledetti Toscani Backpack Vintage Heldmann Sweater DIY Scarf and Skirt

Yeap, dress sense and hair has gone into hibernation, too (so need a cut). ♥ ♥ ♥

bagpack: maledetti toscani, brown sweater: heldmann, blue sweater: uniqlo, skirt & scarf: diy

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Style | Flying High

Psynopsis Simply Yours Press Day
I love me some uniform these days - and blame Pan Am... It's only just started here in the UK, but aren't you also already feeling the style impact? So sleek, so chic... so perfect for long wintery sofa nights.

As seen on the Simply Yours press breakfast… Aiyaa, there was some stewardess-worthy underwear, too.

Psynopsis Simply Yours Silk Lingerie
Big Thanks to Chase PR for inviting me.

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Beauty | Chemical Sisters

Face creams, I truly trust they can perform miracles*… smoothing, buffing, adding radiance, taking away wrinkles, providing eternal happiness (which probably explains my latest addiction: Ole Henriksen. The pots and bottles come in popping colours, the serum smells like a fruit bowl on steroids and the gel… lets just say you can feel the bad top skin layers being etched away).

But I never quite understood why one would spend a fortune on a cleanser. Sure thing, I love Aesop's Parsley Seed Cleansing Oil like anyone – but, hey, it's recession and I'm a DIY devotée, and Christmas is around the corner (and Black Friday shopping madness is happening as we speak)… So here goes my super simple Parsley Lavender Cleansing Oil:

Just throw
1 handful of parsley seeds
1 handful of lavender seeds
1 spoon of lemon juice
1 cup of olive oil
in a blender and mix-mix-mix until you've got a smooth paste.** Fill into a pretty bottle (and keep the rest in the fridge or freezer). Et voilà!, your own cleansing oil. No nasties and so cheap!***
Now, do you have a skin care product you swear on?

*And pleeeaaase don't tell me Anti-Aging creams don't work. I heard it all, but some hopes I'm not prepared to let die.
**You could let the oil run through a sieve to take out the seedy bits, but personally I think they add some nice scrubbing action.
***You don't have handfuls of parsley and lavender seeds?!? Lets start planting.


Beauty | Sweat It, Baby

Psynopsis Zaggora Hot Pants Ash Boots Warehouse Skirt Sequined Topshop Trousers
Being in the firm grips of my inner autumn sloth I virtually jumped at the offer to try out the miracle hotpants which promise to help you lose weight and cellulite by just wearing them 30 minutes a day. YES! Send them over, prontissimo, please!!

Day 1: The magical item arrives, looking like a wetsuit - making me wonder if I could make my own Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini from it. There's also a folder full with happy women who've lost loads of weight. The folder* looks good in the bathroom between the creams, I find. (*unopened).
Psynopsis Zaggora Hot Pants Folders

Day 2: Full of anticipation I put them on for the 15-minutes-jumping-around-in-ashtanga-yoga-style morning routine. Can't feel anything, but when I take them off – yesss, slightly sweaty. Success.

Day 3: Forget to wear them.

Day 4: Wear them for playing tennis (feeling extremely silly, even with shorts on top). After 1 hour: 'Okay, I might have lost, but just check out how HOT my thighs are!' Hubs: 'So what, you'll just overheat, and sweating in one body area doesn't mean you'll actually lose weight there.'
Psynopsis Zaggora Hot Pants

Day 5: Desperate email to the Zaggora people; they email back: No worries… 'Studies have revealed that for every gram sweat you produce you also burn 0.5 calorie as your heart works harder to circulate blood around the body.' Mmmh.

Day 6 ff: Back to usual laziness. Wondering if the pants could be used as fashion item. If I turn them inside out I could try to create a fitness-fetish look…

Resumée: Yeap, le 'otpants make you sweat – the more you move the better (duh). Lazy slugs can sign up for my bikini diy class…

hotpants: c/o zaggora, skirt: warehouse, boots: ash, t-shirt: h&m, tights: falke, sequin trousers worn as shrug: topshop

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Take 10 | Asos LBD for Company Magazine

Psynopsis Asos Dress White H&M Shirt
#17 is about the LBD and… Take 10's first print feature. Yeap, we are in the December issue of Company – which I think is pretty exciting; although when I read my little blurb I was slightly confused… 'rockier vibe'?! Have I really said this or am I leaking brain cells? No, turns out our texts were gently adapted. Believe me, I would NOT say things like this. I'd rather stutter along these lines:

The dress has a nice angular neckline and is pretty short, aka sexy (yeap, stating the obvious).
When I first saw it I had a fleeting vision of sexy nuns (blame my catholic upbringing).
Nuns = black & white.
Tattoos seemed obligatory.
Psynopsis Asos Dress White H&M Shirt and Skirt Topshop Boots

We've got to talk tattoos. Urgently. I don't know how much longer I can fend off the pull of the ink parlour.
Psynopsis Topshop Boots Temporary Tattoos

Big Thanks to Asos for sponsoring the little black dress, and to Company for featuring Vicki, Sarah, Ellie, MJ, Sherin, Susie, Paula, Harriet, Jen and moi.

dress: asos, shirt & white skirt: h&m (veeery old), shoes: topshop, belt: 2nd hand, socks and wrist bands (= cut-off socks): sainsbury's school clothes, earrings: monica vinader, temporary tattoos: inkwear

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DIY | Blue Moon

Psynopsis H&M Maxi Dress Self-Knitted Sweater and Scarf
Psynopsis H&M Maxi Dress Self-Knitted Blue Sweater
Short days, long nights…. What else is there to do but dancing the night away like there's not tomorrow spending the moonlit hours on the knitting machine, trying to get some colour into my life. I had an idea how this 7-piece sweater should turn out, but by the life of me couldn't draw it; so in the end it had to grow on the machine in surprising shapes and forms…
Psynopsis H&M Maxi Dress Self-Knitted Sweater and Scarf 2
According to long-standing tradition every new knit piece has to be baptised by aimless wonderings over nebulous fields. Tradition #2: The colder the days, the more colourful the designs. You'll see.

sweater & scarf: diy, dress: h&m, socks: sarah's football socks, boots: kurt geiger (cut off)

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Berlin | Home Sweet Home

Psynopsis Vintage Christian Berg Dress
Psynopsis Berlin Flat
Psynopsis Berlin Café Mehringdamm
Psynopsis Berlin Winterfeldtplatz
Psynopsis Train to Leipzig
Psynopsis Vintage Christian Berg Dress and Jacket
How often have Berliners told me that the local ways are not rude, no, they are just HONEST because all these Americans and English – well, they just lie with their smiley faces and their howdyaddo attitude… Not that much has changed, and 10 years later I can still do without the honesty, but I do really miss a few things badly:

1) The cycling. Shortly after having learned to walk we were thrown on our little 2-wheelers, and from then on we'd cycle everywhere. The roads are broad, the city flat, there are cycling paths in abundance and the car-drivers are well trained (mainly through my brother's habit of banging the car roof if someone really stuuupid dares to overlook a cyclist). It's cheap, keeps you fit and is the best way to get around (and when it's freezing, you just piggyback your bicycle into the public transport for a little warm-up).
2) The cafés. Not much to explain. Living in your café is the continental way.
3) Big rooms, high ceilings. I know there's still a vast, empty loft waiting for me – somewhere, some day.
4) My sister's wardrobe. She's got a room for her clothes. How Carrie* Bradshaw is that?!
5) Actually, my whole family… aah, let's not get sentimental.

♥ ♥ ♥
dress: christian berg, stockholm, skirt & jacket: jake's (all vintage)

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Style | Cinching It

Psynopsis Jeeves Boticca Belt Joop! Suit Knit Cardigan worn as Scarf
Psynopsis Jeeves Boticca Belt
The pretty-pretty waist cincher arrived the day before I had to rush to Berlin and just about made it into the always-way-too-small-but-I-cannot-afford to pay-for-more easyjet hand luggage (and who's got the time to wait for a suitcase anyway?!), but then I had nothing to go with it. Luckily my sister's man has some cool suits (a curve enhancing accessory needs some balance, don't you think?)... So while everyone went to work and preschool and kindergarten I hung out in the kids' room mulling over my props.
Psynopsis Jeeves Boticca Belt Joop! Suit Knit Cardigan worn as Scarf

Big Thanks to Boticca for introducing themselves and for offering me to pick something from their amazing collection. It wasn't an easy choice as the jewellery is really beautiful, too, and I love the whole concept of creating a platform to support independent artists and where you can buy directly from the designers (& with wrapping like this my ♥ is yours forever).

Psynopsis Jeeves Boticca Belt Parcel

belt: miller & jeeves c/o boticca, suit: joop!, boots: givenchy, cardigan worn as scarf: my sister's

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