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Face creams, I truly trust they can perform miracles*… smoothing, buffing, adding radiance, taking away wrinkles, providing eternal happiness (which probably explains my latest addiction: Ole Henriksen. The pots and bottles come in popping colours, the serum smells like a fruit bowl on steroids and the gel… lets just say you can feel the bad top skin layers being etched away).

But I never quite understood why one would spend a fortune on a cleanser. Sure thing, I love Aesop's Parsley Seed Cleansing Oil like anyone – but, hey, it's recession and I'm a DIY devotée, and Christmas is around the corner (and Black Friday shopping madness is happening as we speak)… So here goes my super simple Parsley Lavender Cleansing Oil:

Just throw
1 handful of parsley seeds
1 handful of lavender seeds
1 spoon of lemon juice
1 cup of olive oil
in a blender and mix-mix-mix until you've got a smooth paste.** Fill into a pretty bottle (and keep the rest in the fridge or freezer). Et voilà!, your own cleansing oil. No nasties and so cheap!***
Now, do you have a skin care product you swear on?

*And pleeeaaase don't tell me Anti-Aging creams don't work. I heard it all, but some hopes I'm not prepared to let die.
**You could let the oil run through a sieve to take out the seedy bits, but personally I think they add some nice scrubbing action.
***You don't have handfuls of parsley and lavender seeds?!? Lets start planting.


polka dot said...
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sacramento said...

Wonderful recipe, and even more wonderful dreamy pics.

Kazuko said...

sounds interesting... wondering from where i could get the ingredients. i've got all the creams and lotions for my face i need - i've been to a shiseido skincare consultation yesterday (they had maiko from japan over to sell their customers a whole carrier full of products - and she did really, really well :( ), but i'm still looking for a good bodylotion (since i'm allergic to all kinds of lotions - even the "anti-allgeric" "anti-idontknow" creams. so maybe i should just mix my own bodylotion?
great post!

Pratishtha Durga said...

Love the fact that there is someone else who believes in anti-aging creams. I am not the only dreamer. I use home made scrubs too.

I wonder where I can get these ingredients from. Let's start doing some asking around.

janettaylor said...

sounds good!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Jill - Almond oil, absolutely. The other big thing is (go-through-goat) argan oil, it's supposed to have magical properties.

Kazuko - My friend swears on Shiseido. Their products smell beautiful and are so subtle.
Here in the UK lots of people use on Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula as a body lotion. Dead cheap, and super-nourishing. The scent is strange - you either hate it or love it. Or like me, you think it's weird, but addictive.

Pratishta - Home scrubs... Next DIY plan!

polka dot said...

Oh I'm reading about it now (on wikipedia) - didn't know what you meant by 'go-thru-goat;) - the Berbers of Morocco would collect undigested Argan pits from the waste of goats which climb the trees to eat their fruit.

It's made, you mean, from GOAT POO! Cool.

I've tried Palmer's Cocoa Butter, too: but I don't think it's natural. I swear, that stuff from Kansas is the best, short of making something yourself. IMHO.

I really want to try your recipe. I've just got to find those seeds. And I've heard of argan oil, but now, reading how it's made.. I'm a little scared of it.

Sabrina said...


Vix said...

I'm so trying that, it looks heavenly and I bet it smells wonderful. x

Harriet said...

That sounds really good - I bet it smells amazing!

I use nivea light moisturiser everyday and I absolutely love it. It's cheap and it does the job, and yeah, I'm hoping starting anti-aging early is going to work so please no one ruin my dreams either!

Audrey Allure said...

That sounds wonderful!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

This sounds like a heavenly salad dressing that's fantastic for the skin. Must try, except that I may need to filch from Professor Snape's Potions Cupboard for some ingredients ... There was actually a Christmas many years ago when I fancied myself a sort of witch and made bottles of scented lotions -- homemade with a mixture of essential oils, with handwritten labels, etc. You've given me another idea for this Christmas! xxx

Clara Turbay said...

Great ideas for fashion and style.


drollgirl said...

what a fabulous concoction! i must try it!

i am not sure if creams and cleansers and such work, but i keep trying. i feel like i would look worse if i didn't! and it is good to keep hope alive (in products, people, etc. -- lol) rather than despair. as long as we don't get too ripped off in the process! :)

ediot said...

such a wonderful post. thanks for sharing. beautiful photos too.
i just got accepted to an pharmaceutical education.. and hopefully i get to learn how to make some miracle cure for anti-aging.. haha. would be nice though

Fashionistable said...

I also am unpaired to let my dreams of anti aging die. Nice recipe. Xxxx

Karena said...

Sabine this sounds like a wonderful cleanser. I love to use a mix of Vitamin E and Almond Oil on my skin. I will NEVER let my dreams of anti-aging go!


Art by Karena

Kavery said...

And here I thought anti-aging creams will actually make me 20 again ,some day...perhaps after 10 years of using them!! Kidding. This cream sounds lovely and simple.

E said...

I totally want to try this! I've heard the best things about using olive oil as a facial treatment!

oomph. said...

this is a great idea, and i bet it smells nice. would be fabulous bottled up and given as gifts.

What's the next line? Help write the story!

Mat said...

so resourceful, why buy something when you can make it yourself. great job