Love | Me and my Phoebe

Psynopsis Celine Dress Ikat Clutch
By now I think it was utter madness to buy a Céline dress – just because during the sales I happened to stumble upon one from the fall 2010 collection (which I adored)… But then, with Phoebe Philo deciding to not do a show this season (is it a big publicity stunt? is she showing us how successful women can find a work-life balance?? is she pushing the label to new iconic levels???*) it feels double-special to own a piece of her designs, and I just love it so. The easy solution is that I've just spent my entire 2012 clothing budget on one dress - and that is that.
♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Celine Dress Zara Leopard Pumps

*Keeping in mind that Azzedine Alaïa also prefers to do private exclusive showing instead of joining the big fashion hu-ha.

dress: céline, shoes: zara, clutch: 2nd hand

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Life | Cloud 23*

Psynopsis Evening Sky
For all kind of family reasons I've been toing and throughing a bit lately, enjoying some good cloud shapes where the sun does shine. Back to earth soon. ♥ ♥ ♥

*Nope, I've not been to the Hilton bar in Manchester. But I do like the name.


Take 10 | Zign Boots by Zalando

Psynopsis Zign Boots by Zalando Vintage KS Klaus Steilmann Parka Kaliko Dress
Psynopsis Zign Boots by Zalando
Psynopsis Zign Boots by Zalando Vintage Kaliko Dress
Maaan, I LOVE these boots. Besides a pair of Uggs and some old Converses they are probably the only shoes I can comfortably walk in for hours. And I do think they go well with long, tight dresses… The only irritating thing is that they've incentivised Sarah's new mantra "Your lieutnant would approve" - which she mumbles repeatedly every time she sees me cleaning the boots after my (now possible) long ramblings. So to keep her mentally sane I decided to immediately refrain from all cleansing aspirations.
Psynopsis Zign Boots by Zalando Vintage Kaliko Dress DIY Crochet Scarf
As this is one of the Take 10 actions where we all got to chose our own don't forget to check out Sherin's, Sarah's, MJ's, Vicki's, Susie's, Ellie's, Paula's, Harriet's and Jen's favourites.

boots: zign c/o zalando, dress: kaliko (2nd hand), scarf: self-made, parka: KS Klaus Steilmann Selection (vintage)

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People | The World of Anndra Neen

Psynopsis Anndra Neen Jewellery at The Dorchester
Psynopsis Annette and Phoebe Neen of Anndra Neen

Psynopsis Anndra Neen at The Dorchester

Psynopsis Annette and Phoebe Neen of Anndra Neen
Psynopsis Anndra Neen Silver Clutch
Psynopsis Anndra Neen at The Dorchester Drinks Table
Inviting me to a jewellery show is a bit like asking a cat to review a vegetarian restaurant – I'm utterly naïve when it comes to metal adornment, just about managing to wear the same old pair of earrings every other day. But meeting Annette and Phoebe Stephens of Anndra Neen – the Mexican/American-sisters-coming-from-a-long-line-of-artists-sculptors-and-jewellery designers and the winners of the Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize 2011 – was quite the eye-opening experience. I mean, just look at the beautiful choker Annette is wearing (yeah, yeah who doesn't own a metal collar by now? Me, but that's because, as said, I'm lame)... There just is something about Anndra Neen's creations (they do bags, too - in metal)... They're THERE. They're beautiful and strong. (I'm really trying hard here to get around the dreaded term 'statement pieces').

Psynopsis Anndra Neen Bracelets
And I did fall a little bit in love with the Stephens sisters. Actually I totally fell in love with them. They are so enthusiastic about their work and so easy to talk to. With that amount of energy and creativity I can't see any limits to what these two could do… and limpy me might finally have discovered the magic of metal.

Big Thanks to Peretti Communications for inviting me to the private viewing.

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Style | The Alexis

Psynopsis Cos Silk Blouse Vintage Seventy Wool Trousers
Psynopsis Cos Silk Blouse Vintage Seventy Wool Trousers Edun Leather Jacket
Found these dressy wool trousers in a 2nd hand shop and have strangely fallen in love with them. Maybe it's just nice to feel all dressed up and have a waist… Just call me Alexis Colby. ♥ ♥ ♥

trousers: seventy, blouse: cos, jacket: edun

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Style | Pastel Infection

Psynopsis Vintage René Lezard Skirt

Psynopsis Chloe Sandals
Psynopsis Green Shirt Sleeve
Ya-aha, I think I caught the pastel virus, too. ♥ ♥ ♥

skirt: rené lezard, t-shirt: gap, sweater: antonio berardi, lace garter: topshop, shirt: next for men (old), sandals: chloe

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♥ | Nearly Mary

Psynopsis Topshop Patterned Blouse and Pants
I might in some deluded past have claimed that I don't like prints , but these times are SO OVER. Especially when Topshop is taken its cues from Mary Katrantzou.

Naturally the real thing would be even better… but sadly that SO would blow my clothes budget. ♥ ♥ ♥

Psynopsis Mary Katrantzou Dress

Picture source: topshop shorts and shirt. Mary Katrantzou dress available at lyst.com.


Style | Lost Bride #1

Psynopsis Morgaine in Vintage Katz Lace Dress
Psynopsis Lost Bride Foot
Psynopsis Morgaine in Vintage Katz Lace Dress and Max C Dress

Psynopsis Morgaine in Vintage Katz Lace Dress and Max C Dress 2

Psynopsis Morgaine in Vintage Katz Lace Dress 2

The wonderful thing about flying under the radar for a few days (okay, it's been weeks by now) is that the mind is free to roam – which led to dreaming of long dresses, sheer fabrics and muddy feet. So Morgaine and I pulled out the old wedding dress (which I bought 10 years before the event on a market deep in the Australian hinterland, telling little Sarah excitedly that IF the day ever came this would be the thing to wear) and off we went into the woods.

dress: katz, dress worn as blouse: c/o max c. Thank you Morgaine for modelling!

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