Life | Wobbles

Psynopsis Angelica in Tree wearing Antonio Marras Leather Jacket Givenchy Boots
DANG! Does it look a bit strange here? Yesss, because in an overambitious move to clean up my webspace I've managed to delete most of the photos from this site. Aaaarrrggghh! But not to worry... I'm planning to slave the night away - and in the meantime I'm finding some nice old photos like this one here of Angelica climbing trees as a means to discuss trouser shapes. No sleep for the wicked. Back soon! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Life | Getting Inked

Psynopsis Tattoo Sketch and Preparation
Psynopsis Tattoo Sketchs

Psynopsis Tattoo Sketch
Psynopsis Tattoo Parlour
I remember back in the 90s holding hands in dingy back rooms while my more daring friends were getting tattoed – it was all rather rough, unhygienic and exciting then… But that has all so changed. These days most tattoo parlours make sure you're are 18 years old, not drunk and of halfway sane mind (although I'm still not quite convinced if subscribing to a process of self-harm and permanent body decoration can ever be considered a 100% sane decision)... But what the heck! After all these years of yes-no-yes-no and after some weeks of research and sketching and contemplating what really means something to me I went for it. Did it hurt? Yes, it did. Do I love it? YES, I do. Do I want another one? Absolutely.

Thank you Laura for doing an amazing job and Sarah for coming along, holding my sweaty hand and documenting the process.

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People | Emma in Mary

Psynopsis Mary Katrantzou for Topshop
So you take your girl to a party and she looks real pretty, wearing this colourful printed dress she bought earlier today and there's free drinks and great music and loads of people and it's gonna be fun… except for the fact that the whole evening she gets pestered by every other girl in the room: "Oh WOW, HOW did you manage to get a Mary Katrantzou for Topshop dress??? They were sold out in miiiiiinutes!" And the whole evening she's got to explain her secret (which I'm not going to share here, but in Germany it's called 'vitamin B')…
Okay, I actually didn't ask him, but if I had been Emma’s +1 I would have been very tempted to shush all the chickens away... And yes, naturally I was one of the pestering hens. But hey, she just looked so stunning (and I was curious, too). ♥ ♥ ♥

dress: mary katrantzou for topshop

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London | Partééé

Psynopsis Caroline Issa Best of British
Psynopsis Best of British at the Shop at Bluebird
Psynopsis Best of British at the Shop at Bluebird Pink Tweed Jacket
Psynopsis Best of British at the Shop at Bluebird Model
Psynopsis Best of British Party at the Shop at Bluebird
When someone asks me: 'Would you like to come to our party to take some pictures; we'll send you a driver?' I'm not one to say No, although these days I have to remind myself that neither being chauffered around nor limitless access to vodka concoctions pay the rent… nonetheless the party for the 'Best of British' exhibition (a collaboration of The Shop at Bluebird and O:By Tank magazine showing images of 'pivotal moments in British fashion history') was well worth it – brimming with good looking fashion week people, and after my third drink I fear I've asked Caroline Issa to marry me over twitter… Aaah, lets just not talk about the melon that was my head the next day. ♥ ♥ ♥

Psynopsis Best of British at the Shop at Bluebird Cocktails
The 'Best of British' exhibition is shown at the The Shop at Bluebird, 350 Kings Rd, London, SW3 5UU until March, 12th.

Big Thanks to ThisIsMission for inviting me.

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People | Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

Psynopsis LFW Candice Lake
Psynopsis LFW Jacquetta Wheeler
Well Hello London Fashion Week! Bonjours stylish street style photographers, beautiful models and fashion connaisseurs of the world. Seems my invitation to the Burberry show got lost in the post… hmph.
Psynopsis LFW Christopher Kane Clutch

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♥ | Valentine

Psynopsis Harriet in White Moschino Cheap and Chic Blazer
Psynopsis Harriet at Window in Moschino Cheap and Chic Blazer
Psynopsis Harriet at Window in Moschino Cheap and Chic Blazer 2
Really, I totally suck at this fashion reporting thing... After 48 hours I got sooo tired of trying to analyse every NYFW show I gave up. Instead we went for some I'm-extremely-bored-and-waiting-for-spring associations.

As it's V-Day... double for you today!

Big Thanks to Harriet for modelling and to Sarah for styling.

blazer: moschino cheap & chic, velvet shorts: vintage, bra and jewellery: model’s own

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Style | NY Fashion Week - Cheese Cracker #1

Since times immemorial my sister and I discussed the new fashion trends like 2 pros (which in her case lead to writing books about the influence of clothes on political movements, and in my case… well, not so much). In the ye ol' times we debated the coming trends tea-drunkenly over Vogue magazines; these days we'll just watch everything (6 months earlier) via life-stream or on style.com. So to keep the tradition alive I've done exactly that – and the first thing I noticed was: A plethora of trouser shapes. Wide, slim, ankle-hugging, floor-sweeping, hip-hangers, le jogging, culottes, waist-cinchers… you name it. The slightly higher waisted, pleated ones do look ever so elegant (not on me though, they'd make me look like a swamped dwarf) and the plaid overall might finally give me a chance with Sheldon Cooper (move over Amy Farrah Fowler!) – but my absolute favourite ensemble is the Helmut Lang suit (yeap, once a 90s girl always a 90s girl). And the slouchy red velvets could be a winner too, no?

P.S. As not too many of you were in dire need of a new memory stick (albeit an ice-cream one) I rolled the dice to find the winner which landed on #3: Dancing Branflakes. Congratulations, Tiffany! Non-calorific sweetness will be yours! ♥ ♥ ♥

source of all photos: style.com

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Life | Perpetual Blur

Psynopsis Blurred at Fireplace
When it snows there's no getting out of our tiny lane which means I'm stuck with me, myself and Photoshop – and over 100 shows to watch over the weekend in New York. Continous immobility might even lead to amateurish running commentary. Alas, until we finally get port keys lets all hail the internet. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Beauty | Green Monster

Psynopsis Beauty Product in Snow

With the bloody cold being so bloody harsh on my skin (and me losing my bl.... language) the serums don't work anymore – so I went on a quest to find a cheap alternative... Et voilà, let me introduce you to the best serum ever: lemon juice and olive oil. Just fill in a pretty bottle, shake and squeeze. (And if you run out of salad dressing... you know where to go). Wonder if homemade skincare is the future... ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Green Zelens Bottle in Snow

*It's true, the title makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Sometimes I think I should just do away with them altogether and use numbers instead.

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Style | Carte Blanche

Psynopsis Double Denim Outfit

Psynopsis White Leather Gloves
Found my gran's old leather gloves, which I think go well with double-denim and snow. ♥ ♥ ♥

denim blazer: 2nd hand, trousers: jean-paul gaultier for la redoute, scarf: diy, boots: zign c/o zalando

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♥ | Blur

Psynopsis Cat in Snow
Psynopsis Cat Henry in Snow
Psynopsis Cat Running in Snow Blurred
No fashion today, just one hyperexcited bundle of red fur... 'twas Henry's 1st snow experience and I just had to share these. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Style | Dots & Houndstooth

Psynopsis Pamela Mann Dotted Tights New Look Dotted Blouse DIY Skirt

Psynopsis Vintage Dolce and Gabbana Houndstooth Shoes
It's très très cold, and (because I must refrain from investing in more heating oil) what I'm really wearing is 3 layers of wool sweater and the good old cashmere leggings. So I'm dreaming of days when sheer dotty blouses and these Dolce & Gabbana heels (which I got from the lovely, yet-to-meet Emma for styling purposes. Thank you, Emma!) will be possible again. ♥ ♥ ♥

blouse: new look, skirt: diy, tights: pamela mann, shoes: dolce & gabbana vintage


♥ | Qu'est-ce Que C'est? La Solution...

Psynopsis Haagen Dazs Memory Stick

It's a memory stick! Clever eeh? It's not much, but if you fancy it just tell me in your comment until Sunday, the 5th (and leave your email, please) and you're in with an ice-cream chance… ♥ ♥ ♥

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♥ | Qu'est-ce Que C'est ?

Psynopsis Haagen Dazs Accessory

As I'm now an official and very important ice-cream ambassador (how could I have said no to the possibility of becoming a Häagen Dazs flavour tester? This surely must be on the level of being Julius Caesar’s personal taster - though likely less deadly and more calorific) I received this. It took Sarah and me a while to figure out what's behind the cute design (or rather in it). Any ideas? Have a closer look…
Psynopsis Haagen Dazs Accessory Close-Up

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Style | Sorority Slut, and Beyond

Psynopsis Whooga Ugg Boots
My original idea was to use these Uggs from Whooga for my next styling shoot with Harriet, but since the article 'Scale of Whoredom'* I feel I can't do this without seriously tainting her reputation… So I'll just come out myself: My name is Sabine and I wear Uggs. Have been wearing them for years... Actually, I live in them! Not in public (only once... or twice) and never beyond 'Sorority Slut' (honestly, you've got to read this thing, it is not funny*). Until now I kept it all hush-hush, but I'm starting to think that such a constantly maligned (but never defeated) item surely must have some rebel potential (beyond the I-charge-per-hour)?! Wrong? Quite tempted to go straight to 'nuclear meltdown' now.

*The article has been taken down, but you can still read it here.

uggs: c/o whooga, leggings: cos, sweater: topshop, peplum underneath: diy

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