Style | Smarties

Psynopsis Daniela Morosini Couture and Crumpets in Monki Skirt and Topshop Jacket

Colours, even on a good day I'm finding them difficult. But there are these crazy moments of 'self-therapy', kicking your lazy self, (trying to) be courageous! So I went to the Louis Vuitton press day wearing pink trousers, a blue vest, a lemon yellow t-shirt and yellow wedges [sic!, and no, you're not getting a picture of this] – feeling like a psychotic box of smarties spring… Until I arrived and realised everyone was wearing either black, or blue or denim. Oh, the joy when I discovered Daniela was wearing some green!

Psynopsis Louis Vuitton AW12 Bags

Psynopsis Louis Vuitton London Press Day AW12
More pictures of Louis Vuitton amazingness (colourful bags and all) coming soon! ♥ ♥ ♥

Daniela is wearing: skirt & clutch: monki, jacket: topshop, shoes: french sole

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Life | Faded

Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings White Vintage Skirt
Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings White
Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings White Green Sequined Knit Sweater
Isn't it weird how white becomes so appealing as soon as the sun comes out? I even had the perfect reddish accessory to go with the look, until it walked out on me... But at least I found the solution for wearing 'le crop top': Team it with a high waisted skirt. ♥ ♥ ♥

blazer: moschino cheap & chic, skirt: vintage, shoes: eve look (vintage), t-shirt: topshop, sweater: 2nd hand/diy

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People | Men & Art

Psynopsis Saatchi Gallery Man1

Psynopsis Saatchi Gallery Man2

Psynopsis Saatchi Gallery Man3
Can't say that I always get modern art, but I do love to wander galleries – especially the open, light spaces of the Saatchi Gallery (plus, they've got a great photography exhibition on the top floor). And to see the interaction between people and art that's always fascinating… ♥ ♥ ♥

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Style | PJs x 3

Psynopsis Pyjamas Cashmere Vest Christian Aujard Vintage Blazer

Psynopsis Pyjamas Cashmere Vest Christian Aujard Vintage Blazer 2
Currently taking all my fashion cues from Sheldon Cooper, leaving me with the big unanswered scientific question: Dare to bare? - What about you? Will you be wearing crop tops this summer?...
Psynopsis Pyjamas Cashmere Vest Christian Aujard Vintage Blazer 3
♥ ♥ ♥

pjs: borrowed from sarah who borrowed them from abe, vest: garance dore for elle, cashmere vest: label lost, shoes: decathlon & costume national, blazer: christian aujard vintage

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London | Peppermint Leaves & Chocolate

Psynopsis Häagen Dazs Rebel Dining Society London Glass Vapour

Psynopsis Häagen Dazs Rebel Dining Society London Bartender

Psynopsis Häagen Dazs Rebel Dining Society London Bar

Psynopsis Häagen Dazs Rebel Dining Society London
Having inherited the digestive system of my imaginary Asian great-grandmother I don't think I would have taken up the offer to become a 'Häagen Dazs VIP' – but Sarah was adamant: "You must, YOU MUST – they are doing the best ice cream EVER and then you can go to these wonderful events and I can come with you!!!" And because she officially is my 'assistant', Sarah's word rules. So when the invitation arrived to try out the new chocolate-mint combo at the Rebel Dining Society our roles were clear: I struggled with the lighting and fought my way to the bar to get another of these delicious 'non-alcoholic cocktails' while she went through all the sensorial experiences on offer: edible peppermint and chocolate bubbles, self-made ice-cream lollies and flavour infused vapours – after which she confirms that Häagen Dazs has totally outdone themselves with this new combination. Me, I've decided my great-grandmother also couldn't cope with alcohol and I'm going to invest into a portable lighting system for my camera. ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Häagen Dazs Rebel Dining Society London Cocktail

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Life | Pastel Metal Head

Psynopsis Rag & Bone Shirt Vintage Knit Sweater

Psynopsis Saatchi Gallery London Jeppe Hein Mirror Selfportrait

Psynopsis Saatchi Gallery London Isa Genzken Doll
'Naah, I don't think there's much alcohol in these cocktails… They taste great though!' That was me drinking myself through tequila-strawberry-chocolate, rum-aloe vera-peppermint and gin-green tea-pistacchio mixtures – totally enjoying them*, in fact totally enjoying the whole Häagen Dazs 'MintLeaves&Choc' event at the Rebel Dining Society. I mean how could you not be fascinated by edible floating bubbles, self-made ice-cream lollies and vapourising chocolate-mint infusions in a setting that would have made Roald Dahl proud?

Strangely the next day I felt a strong calling for muted colour schemes, sun glasses and slow wanderings through quiet! art galleries... The shaky mirror** nearly brought me to the ground, and when I met the tortured doll** I could really sympathise.

But please don't give up on me - as soon as the eyes can focus again I'll share some of the icecream magic… ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Rag & Bone Shirt Lambertson Truex Bag Zara Pumps Vintage Sweater + Trousers

*I fear since I stopped drinking alcohol at home I've developed a rather naïve attitude towards 'the daily poison'.
** Doll by Isa Genzken and mirror by Jeppe Hein - both shown at 'Gesamtkunstwerk': New Art from Germany at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London.

sunglasses: armani, shirt: rag & bone, trousers: marc aurel/ vintage, wool sweater: 2nd hand, shoes: zara, bag: lambertson truex

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Style | Polychromaticity

Psynopsis Vintage Crochet Coat by Vintage Vixen Ralph Lauren Trousers
Colours, they still frighten me. I do wear them sometimes, but they make me feel so… visible. Then lovely lovely Vix sent me this bold and daring wool coat her mum crocheted in the 1970s and I knew I had to throw all fears out of the window and go for the-more-the-merrier. The fearless piece seems to have found more friends quickly though because every time I want to put it on now I find Sarah all snuggled up in it already.

Colours - How do you wear them? The more the better? Coded? Always combined with neutrals? Not at all???
♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Vintage Crochet Coat by Vintage Vixen
crochet coat: diy/vintage from vintage vixen, trousers: ralph lauren, top: viktor & rolf

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London | MotoLuxuriating

Psynopsis Motorola Event Cuckoo Club London Marin Daley-Hawkins

Psynopsis Motorola Event Cuckoo Club London
Psynopsis Motorola Event Cuckoo Club London Staircase

Psynopsis Motorola Event Cuckoo Club Bathroom

I'm sure Paris and Lindsay did all kind of kinky things in the boudoirish bathrooms of the Cuckoo Club - if they managed to climb down the rotating steps to the loo, that is… but Sarah and I stuck to facebook friendly activities like slightly idiotic posing in front of mirrors and dancing on the tables with Sherin, Daniela and Marin. We also enthusiastically admired the new motorola phone, tweeted like crazies to see our outputs on the big screen (and because it was way too loud to understand each other anyway) and agreed that Goldierocks is one hell of a DJ. Now I'm in dire need of a looong weekend! ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Cuckoo Club Motorola Event Sarah Sabine
sarah: dress and blazer from topshop, marin's leopard dress: topshop, sabine: 2nd hand overall, belt: miller & jeeves, shoes: chanel (vintage)

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Life | Serpent

Psynopsis Max Mara Vintage Blazer Me and Kashmere Scarf Malene Birger Dress

Psynopsis St. Stephen's Church Graveyard

♥ ♥ ♥
knit top: malene birger, bag: volker lang, blazer: max mara vintage, scarf: me and kashmiere

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Style | Lost #2

Psynopsis Fashion Shoot Harriet in Snow
Psynopsis Fashion Shoot Harriet in Snow Vintage Lace Dress and Leather Skirt
Psynopsis Fashion Shoot Harriet in Snow Vintage Lace Dress Leather Skirt Jil Sander Shoes
Did I say something like 'one night'? I must have been kidding myself. Putting all photos back into the blog turns out a much bigger task than anticipated (and many pictures seem mysteriously vanished; screw you, terrible photo organisation!). And while I'm firmly glued to the screen, virtually moving through time (which has its surprising memory moments), winter has turned to spring… High time to share the 2nd installment of the Lost Brides series – before we all forget how cold actually feels. ♥ ♥ ♥

Big Thanks to Harriet for modelling and risking losing her limbs to frost bite.

lace dress: vintage, belt: diy/knitted, suede skirt: vintage, shoes: jil sander

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