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Sarah says I should have written 'Getting Ready' because that's what Abi is obviously doing here (and, dang, I love her hair!), but I think my foggy brain went: Get Ready… 'to win €30,000 and have your work showcased, and stay at one of the beautiful Dorchester hotels during fashion week!' Which is kind of confusing because for this you need to be a) a ready-to-wear designer or b) an accessories designer and your work needs to c) project 'a sense of individuality, luxury, style and craftsmanship'… Then you might have a chance to d-y) be the winner of the Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize 2012. So IF you are a or b plus c then what are you waiting for?! Registration is open until 31st of May.

z) I think I should have called this post 'Get Ready to Be Totally Confused'… but this should explain it all:

You can find more information about the Dorchester Collection Prize here.
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Fashion Art And Other Fancies said...

The Dorchester is excellent at marketing. This is wonderful for new fashion/jewellery designers.
Adore the hairstyle in the first image, Sabine. XX


Love Dorchester hotels and I'd join just to get a chance to stay at the Plaza Athenee Paris. I guess I'd need to be a designer though, huh? :)

Oh and YES you can definitely enter to win the Shopbop $100 giftcard. Sorry I wasn't clear. I'll be sure to fix that. xoxo

drollgirl said...

the hair! the lips! i love them!

and i am clueless about the dorchester thing and will read up on it now!

Noelle Chantal said...

Wow that's pretty exciting and inspiring! :)