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Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings Grey Vintage Max Mara Blazer Eric Bompard Blazer

Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings Vintage Silver Tea Service

Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings Pierre Hardy Clutch

Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings Grey T-Shirts

Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings Me & Kashmere Leopard Scarf

Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings Comme de Garcons Perfume

Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings Grey Sequined Leggings Vince Cashmere Sweater Vintage Dolce & Gabbana Pumps

In the early blogging days, I remember Jak & Jil having a little series in which people showed things they loved or which inspired them… I loved these posts! As Diana Vreeland says: 'People are interested in people'... and the things that make their lives - or in other words: we're just a darn curious kind. And as my head is spinning with 'favourite' projects these days* I thought why not start a 'My Favourite Things', too?

The first installment is all about grey – bo-ho-ring grey, something between black and white, not even a real colour... Which makes it so perfect for adding texture, and then it comes in all kinds of shades – which in the end makes it pretty exciting, I think. How do you like grey?

1) Found this Max Mara blazer in an Oxfam shop; love to wear it on top of the old, dyed Eric Bompard silk blazer.
2) The sterling silver tea service is from the scrap yard. Made my day! Still need to find a button for the top...
3) Pierre Hardy clutch. Love it. Hardly ever use it because WHERE DO I PUT ALL MY THINGS??!?
4) Grey t-shirts… can you ever have enough?
5) Me & Kashmiere scarf. BEST BUY EVER – wear it and wear it and wear it…
6) CdG2 perfume from Comme des Garcons which I recently won through a phantastic giveaway on Mat’s blog. Smells wonderful and looks great.
7) Wear it all together.
(cashmere sweater: vince, sequin trousers: vero moda, shoes: dolce and gabbana)

*Which is actually just the preamble of another – hopefully informative and entertaining project – called 'MyFavouritePlace'. Stay tuned!

Happy Holidays! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Dancing Branflake said...

I do love grey. It never really makes me go 'wow' but all my instincts lend me toward it. I think because all of my favorite pieces are grey. And it definitely helps me stray from the standard black that fills my closet.

Harriet said...

I love these sorts of posts! I agree, people are interesting and I love to see what is important to people. Definitely looknig forward to My Favourite Places too!


Oh, I love grey too and you wear it so well! Love those sequined leggins and those shoes. All of it actually. Especially the Pierre Hardy clutch and that tea set.

Such a great idea for a series! Can't wait to see more. :) xoxo

drollgirl said...

you make grey so beautiful! it is one of the colors that i can't really wear very well, unless i keep it away from my face. same thing with navy blue. i just don't look good in them, which is a TOTAL DRAG, as they are such fun neutrals that are easy to jazz up.

and your photos are so lovely.

i like this series, too! :)

Fashion art and other fancies said...

Grey is never dull, my lovely!
I've always been fond of grey.
Softer than black and less virginal than white. I find it rather seductive. Image a grey, tight pencil skirt?;-)

Maddy said...

Grey is my favorite too, especially around the house. So many incredible shades to choose from. We're sticking to a palette of greys for the various rooms around the house :)

janettaylor said...

Grey shades are one of my favorites too. Love that bag so much!

Mat said...

really nice post, it all goes together well. the tea service was a natty find, do you often go the the scrap yard? glad you like the smell, it's pretty nice

SabinePsynopsis said...

I do! Since the 2nd hand shops in our area have started to 'pre-select' everything I'm finding much more hunter and gathering fun at the scrap yard/recycling center.

WeShop said...

I love grey too. Soft and flattering and easy to wear. xx

Angeles Almuna said...

Love grey too! and your photos are great...and please!!! you look gorgeous in grey, stunning picture the last one!


xs said...

yes, twisted pretty is exactly right. grey is one of my favorite colors so what may have been boooohring for some was amazing and inspiring to me.

Cindy Whitehead said...

I absolutely love grey too. All the pix are gorgeous but that last one of you is STUNNING!

Fashionistable said...

Great post. What a nice way to spend time. Dwelling on favourite things. Xxxx

Veshoevius said...

when I'm not in black I'm in grey! I love these types of posts (and photos of objects) too! Love your sequin leggings!

RETRO REVA said...

I took LOVE gray!!!!
The outfit is so awesome!
where'd ya get those kick pants?


You are a true artist, Sabine.

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Beautiful photos! And yes, I love grey and other variations on black. Can't have too many in the wardrobe. It's a lovely neutral to pair with hot pink! xxx

Sleekit said...

Fabulous outfit, love the sparkly leggings and dog tooth shoes

Sleekit x

Aimee Victoria Long said...

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