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Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings Green Zara Pumps
Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings Green Beauty Products

Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings Aesop Geranium Leaf Bodybalm

Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings Fortnum & Mason Tea

Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings Green

Psynopsis MyFavouriteThings Green Costume National Blouse Next Skinnies Akubra Hat
Red hair and green are supposed to attract each other, but I'm finding green preeetty diffult. Olive, or 'military green' is fine, but 'green green'… Still found some treasured objects…

1) Zara's netty pumps. They looked so good when I bought them, but I didn't realise that one shoe was bigger than the other… which leads to a strange, limpy walk - interrupted by scouring the floor to find the lost shoe (the plaster in the back did not help one bit). Bicycle favourites only.
2) I think green cosmetics are actually just as nice as white ones.
3) Aesop Geranium balm needs an extra picture… smells so fresh and delicious, I use it for hands, body, face, the cat and door hinges… and make sure I never run out.
4) Fortnum & Mason teas rock my world and keep me awake. Favourite? Darjeeling.
5) 8-year-old Sarah's self-made turtle… Children are the true artists.
6) Monday morning face, wannabe gravity defiant, every-day skinnies, far too rarely worn blouse and Australian headgear. ♥ ♥ ♥

cosmetics: clinique liquid facial soap mild, zelens skin science radical defense serum, l’occitane verbena cooling deodorant stick, botanics smooth shave gel from drugstore.com, aesop geranium leaf body balm, tea from fortnum & mason, shoes: zara, trousers: next, blouse: costume national from yoox, hat: akubra.

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Dancing Branflake said...

I adore these photos! They belong in some high end marketing campaign. Such a talented one, you are.

Tanvi said...

I agree with the comment before me ... They really are print worthy

∞ © tanvii.com ∞


Totally knocked my socks off with these gorgeous photos! Green definitely works for you! Oh and I love those shoes. I'd prefer two of the same size though :) xoxo

Harriet said...

I love Sarah's turtle! I think my parents hve something similar I made around that age... shoved at the back of a cupboard somewhere!

drollgirl said...

i love bright, fresh and bold greens in nature. i am a little bit shy about wearing such colors! but i do have one green dress that is fun and gets me compliments. and army green is very easy to wear!

love the pics, especially the shoes! what a pain that they are not the same size! d'oh!

WendyB said...

I used to hate green and now I love it! I would have never predicted that.

Mat said...

big fan of green too, i tried some gunpower tea last week and it was super nice. at my fav coffee shop in manchester called north tea power. i probably will head to east, although i'm not from london so i don't know how i would be able to help as much as SOS

i am not a celebrity said...

I LOVE this one. Green is my favourite colour. xo

janettaylor said...

Those shoes! Ahhhh!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Beautiful collection of greens, and the photos are just sublime. Everything looks like it's floating.

When I was a young girl, I only liked blue and green and I find my wardrobe still has a lot of those! Have expanded my color choices since. I miss Fortnum & Mason goodies so much but I haven't been to London in so long to replenish my stock ... -- J xx

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...


Fashion art and other fancies said...

Ahh, I adore green - the colour of nature. The turtle is so pretty, too.