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The wonderful thing about the MyFavouritePlace series is that it gives me a reason to meet up with people I always wanted to meet. Like Harriet. For over a year we've been collaborating in the Take 10 project, but never managed to meet. The reason for this might also be that Harriet is accomplishing the colossal task of running her wonderful blog Where Is Harriet and having a full time job. So I was all the happier when she agreed to meet me at Dishoom where we had a lovely chat, shared some Indian deliciousness and I could find out where she got that t-shirt from… because I want it!

Psynopsis MyFavouritePlace Dishoom London

Psynopsis MyFavouritePlace Dishoom London

My favourite place is… Dishoom London – a Bombay cafe in the heart of Covent Garden.
It's special because… my friend Reda and I meet here for dinner nearly every week - it's a ritual. The food is amazing, the staff are so friendly (and maybe know us by name now...) and they have created a real experience which is unlike eating anywhere else, and a cult following to go with it!
The best time to come is… for dinner and a cocktail.
Don't miss… the house black daal is just so good! With lots of garlic naan for dipping.

I couldn't part with… my topshop dinosaur t-shirt. I searched high and low to find it and it reminds me of being six and the total and all consuming obsession I had with dinosaurs back then!
My favourite city is… London of course! I could never get bored here - I am always turning a corner and discovering something new.
I love to shop at… Covent Garden is right around the corner from Dishoom and it has some lovely shops. Don't miss Kate Spade and Aubin and Wills on Floral Street and all the lovely little shops in Seven Dials.
My favourite website… I spend my life on bloglovin to the point where the number of blogs I follow is getting totally out of hand! I can't help it though - there are just so many amazing creative people out there!

t-shirt and jacket: topshop, skirt: tesco, boots: schuh, bag: marc by marc jacobs, earrings: vintage

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Miki's scrapbook said...

What a neat place and what a cute looking lady!

Happy weekend, Sabine! ;D

Vix said...

That place looks amazing. I'm having Indian for tea this evening and you've made me even hungrier.
Love Harriet's tee shirt,. xxx

FAIIINT said...

Ohh, I've never heard of that place before, looks really nice though! I'm in love with the tee, I really want one too!

The girl in Oslo said...

Looks like a great place :)

Have a great weekend from Oslo

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Yum, Indian food in London can't be beat!

And yes, my favorite summer sandals are by Mystique, an LA-based company that does jeweled flip flops and sandals. You can order on line. -- J xxx

Mat said...

she's a good egg. i've walked passed dishoom quite a few times but never been in, the bikes always take me eye

Dancing Branflake said...

I love her attitude! So positive and uplifting and very stylish.

Veshoevius said...

I think I learn more about where to go in London by following this series in your blog than anything else I read!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Veshoevius - Thank you! There is so much information out there and I thought it would be nice to get a more personal perspective...

janettaylor said...

Sounds great!

Happy Saturday, my dear!

PinkBow said...

I love this series Sabine and you've taken the most stunning photographs of Harriet.

Rosalind said...

It is indeed a great series idea that means introductions both for you and your readers to lovely new places. The company and the food clearly made for a perfect excursion.

Sherin said...

I love Harriet. Isn't she lovely? Ooooh, I've heard great things about Dishoom, but never been in. I may have to now.

Sleekit said...

That tee is super cute

Love your personal touch

Sleekit x


Love that tee and she sounds fabulous. My kinda girl. Oh and I think Dishoom needs to go on my London list :) xoxo