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Psynopsis Bicycle Linus Bag
As soon as this bicycle has reacted to the growth hormones I'm feeding it (and, as a side effect, managed to self-inflate its tyres) I'm back to my old ways of auto-propelling myself through the world. I mean, is there anything not good about riding a bike? No production of obnoxious gases (except your own CO2), you can wear high heels without foot pain and give your legs a work-out, while actually getting from A to B. Okay, there's the tight skirt problem… (solution: pretty underwear and more leg workout?). And now I even found a bicycle friendly bag… Look! While you're cruising you can attach it to the carrier (and wear the strap as a belt, if you so feel inclined), and when you're leaving your mule behind you don't automatically look like a courier. Clever, eh?! ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Bicycle Linus Bag Vintage Chanel Skirt

bag: the sac, c/o linus bags, shoes: costume national, skirt: chanel/ vintage, vest: topshop, bikini top: vintage/ from mum, hat: market stall in arezzo, italy

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Tanvi said...

I have not bicycled since forever. It reminds me so summer and childhood. You are look so chic in this pictures. The bag looks awesome too ... !

∞ © tanvii.com ∞

SabinePsynopsis said...

Me neither, Tanvi. But I'm planning to! As soon as I've found a working bicycle...

Dancing Branflake said...

You are so lovely on that bike! Your calf muscles are killer!

I love my bike. It's that feeling of freedom and wind in my hair I find addicting.

Kazuko said...

all kinds of fabulous - LOVE the hat on you, the skirt, the shoes, the bike! :) the bike... i used to have one, too.

Mat said...

it's ace isn't it, nothing like feeling the breeze wizz past you like that. wait what, another ace tote bag? they're sweet aren't they, nice fold over bit

Estefanía said...

beautiful photographys!

janettaylor said...

So chic!


Vix said...

You are just too fabulous for words! x

unze sundas said...

you are looking awesome!!! <3
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