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Psynopsis Christian Aujard Vintage Blazer Vintage Velvet Shorts
Big THANKS for your views on the commenting question. Especially Sacramento's thought that a blog without comments 'feels like a magazine' made me wonder: What's a blog? What's a mag? I guess one of the main things that make a blog a blog is the chronology – but it's also its 'democracy', the option to have our say. And yeap, it is hard to keep the conversation going… but it's also what I LOVE about blogs. It's the feedback, the conversation that makes blogs interesting (Took me a while to realise this? Sorry!). So, no being chicken anymore, comments will be enabled now always and forever*.

Aaand what does the picture have to do with all of this? No idea… but I hear we might get some summer after all. Well, I'm so NOT bikini ready. ♥ ♥ ♥

*Until I realise that I always wanted to do a magazine… but then you really have every reason to give up on this erratic soul.

blazer: christian aujard (vintage), velvet shorts: vintage, bra: model's own

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Haha it your prerogative to change your mind. Definitely think the commenting is a huge part of the reason to blog. For me at least. I really enjoy the conversation and the relationships. I think I'd be lost without it. Glad you've enabeled them again. Until you decide to disable again ;) Hope you're having a good week, Sabine! xoxo

Mat said...

a magazine, that's pretty right really. you can't have an option or share appreciation. whens this sun coming?

Dancing Branflake said...

Hooray! So glad you are keeping the comments! I love talking to you, even just through this. Oh man, after seeing that photo I'm realizing I need to get my butt of this chair!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Sacramento's comment pointing out the magazine-ness of no-comment blogs is quite perceptive. And yes, we love the two way communication with you (and with other readers.) That said, I always believe it is the blogger's prerogative to do whatever they feel like doing on their own blog space. Magazines are required to put out stuff, especially stuff that sells. Blogs are not.

Beautiful photo (where do you get your models?). And I don't think I have EVER been bikini ready! -- J xxx

SabinePsynopsis said...

Thanks to Sarah I'm blessed with having loads of pretty teenagers hanging around the house who are so much more bikiniphile than I am. X

drollgirl said...

yes, blogging is most fun with comments -- that is for sure. except for the ASSHOLE comments we all get from time to time. lol

i wish i could send some summer to you. it is roasting and humid. pretty gross! but still it is summer, and it'll be ok. :)

Vix said...

Sacramento's right as ever, the community of blogging is what makes it so much fun!
Gorgeous photo, beautiful girl. Bikini? I wish, we've put the heating on! x

Fashionistable said...

Hooray, glad to have you back, properly ;-) Xxxx