Travel | Siena

Psynopsis Siena Architecture House

Psynopsis Siena Architecture Yard

Psynopsis Siena Woman and Boy Walking

Psynopsis Siena Architecture Duomo

I really should be packing boxes and facing the world… but instead I've managed to burry myself in a parallel universe where the sun always shines and food flies into your mouth whenever you need it. As long as I don't look up from my computer it's working quite well… If only there weren't these shouts from next door sounding something like 'comeonwevegottocleanup' and 'whatareyouwearingtotheexhibitiontonight' (I know exactly what I'm wearing – a 'calender girl' t-shirt, because I am the calender girl for this event – which is connected to a really fun project I did a while ago… naahh! not what you're thinking. I'll talk about it very soon). Aaanyhow, sounds like it's getting-out-of-PJs time… but not before leaving you with some photos of Siena. It's been so long I last went, I didn't remember how beautiful the city is. Yes, I did recognise the big square where the Palio happens – but there's so much more to see. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Travel | Nights in San Jimmy

Psynopsis San Gimignano at Night Architecture
I'm back in fresh, blustery England and missing the heat already. There's just something about temperatures in which indoor and outdoor living becomes the same and all you need are a pair of shorts and flip-flops (and a pool and litres of espresso, and vino and fresh salads, and ice-cream, yes, lots of ice-cream!). Especially the nights were just magical – listening to music, finding the best gelato in town, cuddling up with younger men…
Psynopsis San Gimignano at Night Musician

Psynopsis San Gimignano at Night Architecture

Psynopsis San Gimignano at Night Gelateria

Psynopsis San Gimignano at Night Boy Eating Ice-Cream

Psynopsis San Gimignano at Night

Psynopsis San Gimignano at Night

…and maaaan, did we all struggle with our cameras in the dark. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Style | Singeing Days

Psynopsis Streetstyle Siena Girl with Fan
I saw this girl in Siena and just loved everything about her... The straw hat, the easy black summer dress, the little bag, the sensible sandals, and most of all her poise - I think I also need a fan in my life. ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Streetstyle Siena Girl in Black Dress

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♥ | Mirror Mirror

Psynopsis Chloe Sunglasses
Also rediscovered the joy of mirrored sunglasses… So 80s. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Beauty | Essentials di Larniano

Psynopsis Larniano Italy
Proper summer, I just love it. True, we all shuffle into the kitchen in the morning, bleary-eyed, moaning 'It’s too hot to sleep, and the bloody mosquitos...' – but nothing a few hours of siesta dozing can't cure… By now my brain is also sufficiently fried to reevaluate the whole perfect packing thing… Turns out the only clothes I really need are one silk shift dress (wash out in evening, put on in the morning), some vests, a pair of shorts and the bikinis. The heeled sandals I threw into the bag last minute are living a shadowy life in a dark corner of my wardrobe – hot feet and heels just don't make a good combination. Even the silk shirt sounded better than it is… any form of sleeve just feels like sticky madness (still makes for a good wrap skirt though).

Cosmeticwise… The delicious smelling organic shampoo and conditioner I brought along turned out to be absolute useless. But I found haircare 'with liquid keratin' at the local supermarket which works wonders in preventing my hair from becoming one strawlike mess. And finally I understand what the world needs 'face mists' for (which up to now seemed the most useless invention in the cosmetic industry to me)… Still learning here – Do you have any favourite summer cosmetics? ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Sunrise Tuscany

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♥ | La Chignonista

Psynopsis Streetstyle Italy Portrait Woman
The Italians call the current heat wave 'Il Lucifero'... It's way too hot to move, and the only way to wear your hair is tied back - far, far away from your face. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Travel | Oh, Florence

Psynopsis Florence Ponte Vecchio
Psynopsis Florence Love Locks
I love Florence, even though I have no idea how it would be to actually live in a place that is so full of beauty and history that it feels like walking through an open air museum. But visiting is always fun... Ooing and cooing over the Ponte Vecchio love padlocks with all the other tourists... Which btw are not so much adored by the city autorit√† (the padlocks, not the tourists, but who knows). If you're caught fixing your token of eternal love you will suffer (read: you have to pay a fine). Seems no one really cares though. ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Florence Kids with Love Locks

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Beauty | Das Parfum

Psynopsis Creed Spring Flower
It's a strange thing how our taste and odour buds change with the climate. Since having arrived in Italy I'm into drinking litres of sugared espresso and bathing in Campari-O (nah, I don't mind the sticky hair)… And the smells! My default perfume feels way too heavy here. And Creed's Spring Flower a bit too sweet... Karin is using a citrussy Jo Malone fragrance… which I really need to nick from her.

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♥ | Le Ciao Ciao

Psynopsis RCA Graduate Fashion Show
I'm off to some time of sole mio, dolce fa niente and gelato. But as we've got wifi and the camera has become my 3rd eye... Stay tuned, ragazzi. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Life | The Packing Fairy

Psynopsis How to Pack for 2 Weeks in the Sun
Over the years I've developed one priority when packing: hand luggage only. No waiting, no extra charges… (yeap, me use cheapo airlines). These days I manage to get a summer holiday in the obligatory 56x45x25 (or 22x18x10 if you like inches)… So, here goes:

1) First of all: Choose the basic colour. My thinking usually goes: summer = white. Hence, white vests, white t-shirts (short-sleeved and long-sleeved). (Yeap, winter = black. Makes life easy.)
2) 1 striped tee. I'm normally not big on stripes, but in summer I love the sailor look.
3) Shorts. Comfortable, breezy bermuda types. In white. Linen trousers* – for evenings and going to the lets-have-a-drink-before-dinner bar – in white. Boohooring? Ah wait, there's another colour to come.
4) A floppy sun hat. Channelling colour #2... I really believe it's easier to make do with fewer items if you stick to a colour code.
5) A sweater (cotton, wool, cashmere... depending on the evening chill factor).
6) A silk shirt (whitish, duh). Great during the day as sun protection or if you've got to throw something over your bathing suit, and goes with trousers in the evening. My favourite is a very roomy one from Rag & Bone.
7 & 7) Flip-flops, and a few more flip-flops.
8) Bikinis, bathing-suits… Lots of them.
9) A book, a Kindle… (I still prefer paper.) And yes, I'm also heavily in the Games of Thrones series. (But somehow managed to read book 3 before 2, so now I'm all messed up with the story line.)
10) Cosmetics, travel sized. Because of the 100ml limit. And besides, makes much more sense buying sunscreen and other big bottled stuff once you've arrived.
11) Dresses. 2-3. For going to town, for dinner, for when being half-naked won't do. I'm taking the long, floaty one and my favourite Vivienne Westwood jersey dress (more stripes).

Mmmh, what's missing? Underwear. A big scarf (to use as a skirt, a towel, or a wrap). Camera, phone, laptop… (really??). Toothbrush... What else would you take?** ♥ ♥ ♥

*What do think of linen trousers? I usually try to stay away from them... 2 minutes after you've put them on they're all creased and look like you've worn the thing for weeks. But in combination with sun and close to water they actually feel wonderful – it must be the sailor thing.
**You're right, I didn't mention towels etc. Don't have to take them along. Otherwise it would get rather tricky space-wise.

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Life | Horizons

Psynopsis Interior Design Fireplace Lavender
Well, well, well… There have been developments. It looks like we might get 'the house' after all – which would mean leaving the UK and going to Berlin. Whahaa... I did not mention where the place is? Did I give the impression I could in any way afford living in a home with swimming-pool in London??? Phhh, I can hardly pay for my morning coffee. Looks like it's going to be bye-bye cosy fireplaces, faded wallpapers and fields of sheep... This is going to be interesting. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Style | The Go-To

Psynopsis Grey Outfit Me&Kashmere Scarf Vince Cashmere Sweater Zara Leopard Pumps
There's so much discussion about the wearability of track pants… (and, a long time ago, it was Wolfgang Joop who said he had to leave the US because people dared to wear sports gear in public!). But to me nothing beats the sweatpant. You can breathe, and move, and bend your knees… If I had a company everyone would come to work in trackies – and then we'd all do sit-ups at lunch time. Ha!
Psynopsis Grey Outfit Me&Kashmere Scarf Vince Cashmere Sweater

Oh look, the messy bun… Minus zero on the style radar. ♥ ♥ ♥

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♥ | English Rose

Psynopsis Morgaine in Bikini and Vintage Fur Cape

Psynopsis Morgaine in Aztec Rose Bikini and Vintage Fur Cape
Pool frolicking. With fur cape… It's the Land of the Rose after all. ♥ ♥ ♥

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♥ | Uppedy

Psynopsis Rosa Hair Updo
Since I do not have beautiful, sleek, pink hair I usually walk around with a messy twist on my head – so does Sarah, and looking around me, my guestimate would be 80% of the long-haired female population (including the Olympic gymnasts. Yeap, no sleek ballerina buns anymore, but negligent sloppiness. L'horreur!). Enter Rosa... "How do you do it?!? Your hair looks perfect!" Soft, but not confused, slightly 60ish, but totally modern… She says there's no secret to it, but good hair (hmph) and, yes, a bit of hairspray. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Beauty | Pink Nights

Psynopsis Streetstyle London Pink Hair
Mmmh, now I want pink hair and to be a creature of the night… 

P. S. For the curious (or momentarily bored)… I've updated my 'contact & about' page – including a whole history of how, why and when this blog came to life. (I blame the full moon, it makes you do these things.)  ♥ ♥ ♥

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Style | L'Espadrille

Psynopsis Outfit Sunglasses and Blue Espadrilles from Asos
LOVE the return of the espadrilles! So many happy - and soggy - memories (did you ever walk in wet espadrilles? They weigh a ton…). I think Sarah got hers for a few quid from Asos. ♥ ♥ ♥

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