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Psynopsis How to Pack for 2 Weeks in the Sun
Over the years I've developed one priority when packing: hand luggage only. No waiting, no extra charges… (yeap, me use cheapo airlines). These days I manage to get a summer holiday in the obligatory 56x45x25 (or 22x18x10 if you like inches)… So, here goes:

1) First of all: Choose the basic colour. My thinking usually goes: summer = white. Hence, white vests, white t-shirts (short-sleeved and long-sleeved). (Yeap, winter = black. Makes life easy.)
2) 1 striped tee. I'm normally not big on stripes, but in summer I love the sailor look.
3) Shorts. Comfortable, breezy bermuda types. In white. Linen trousers* – for evenings and going to the lets-have-a-drink-before-dinner bar – in white. Boohooring? Ah wait, there's another colour to come.
4) A floppy sun hat. Channelling colour #2... I really believe it's easier to make do with fewer items if you stick to a colour code.
5) A sweater (cotton, wool, cashmere... depending on the evening chill factor).
6) A silk shirt (whitish, duh). Great during the day as sun protection or if you've got to throw something over your bathing suit, and goes with trousers in the evening. My favourite is a very roomy one from Rag & Bone.
7 & 7) Flip-flops, and a few more flip-flops.
8) Bikinis, bathing-suits… Lots of them.
9) A book, a Kindle… (I still prefer paper.) And yes, I'm also heavily in the Games of Thrones series. (But somehow managed to read book 3 before 2, so now I'm all messed up with the story line.)
10) Cosmetics, travel sized. Because of the 100ml limit. And besides, makes much more sense buying sunscreen and other big bottled stuff once you've arrived.
11) Dresses. 2-3. For going to town, for dinner, for when being half-naked won't do. I'm taking the long, floaty one and my favourite Vivienne Westwood jersey dress (more stripes).

Mmmh, what's missing? Underwear. A big scarf (to use as a skirt, a towel, or a wrap). Camera, phone, laptop… (really??). Toothbrush... What else would you take?** ♥ ♥ ♥

*What do think of linen trousers? I usually try to stay away from them... 2 minutes after you've put them on they're all creased and look like you've worn the thing for weeks. But in combination with sun and close to water they actually feel wonderful – it must be the sailor thing.
**You're right, I didn't mention towels etc. Don't have to take them along. Otherwise it would get rather tricky space-wise.

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Vix said...

I love looking at other people's packing and your's looks fabulous!xxxx

Dancing Branflake said...

I really needed to see this before I went on my last getaway. HELLO three bags and counting, haha! You just prove simple is classier, easier, and helps you strut with a lot more confidence.


Nothing gets me more excited than a packing post. Seriously, you'd think I was the one going on holiday. I'm a big dreamer you know ;) Seems like you have it all under control. Can't think of anything else I'd need to bring.

Well I'd probably bring a few bags..beachier one and then a clutch or 2 for evening. Ah and shoes. I try to stay with just flats in the summer to make it easy and helps with room in the luggage.

And I agree with you 100%about linen pants. They're perfect for a beach holiday and that alone :) Bon voyage! xoxo

Clara Turbay said...

Dynamic, modern and tasteful.

Mat said...

you sound like a very efficient person

Fashion Tales said...

I agree. As much travelling as I do a month I only carryon. When it's absolutely necessary that is the only way I check a bag, but it's quite rare. I actually a huge fan of linen, it keeps you cook and looks is such a durable fabric. I love that striped hat! :)

Tanja Conway-Grim said...

Can you pack me up in 3 weeks please before I go to university? I love this post!

cindy whitehead said...

OK now I am rather jealous!! I can NEVER pack light enough to do carry on. You RULE! xo