LFW | J.W. Anderson SS13

Psynopsis LFW  SS13 J.W. Anderson

Psynopsis LFW  SS13 J.W. Anderson Beige Suit

Psynopsis LFW  SS13 J.W. Anderson Dresses
London Fashion Week came and went in a jiffy, and somehow I didn't take much part in the action this time – too busy with the move, and also a bit fed up with hanging around Somerset House feeling I should point my camera at people who so obviously want to get photographed… And it really goes against my self-respect to pap well-known magazine editors and celebrities who these days find it hard not to scowl at cameras (and who can blame them, they're actually there for work). Plus, can you call anything around fashion week really 'street style' anymore?

But I did jump at the chance to see J.W. Anderson – who with a NEWGEN award, Topshop collaboration, Sunspel creative directorship, having moved from men's wear now also to designing for women – feels like the next big thing in British fashion… And while hanging around in my humble standing space, waiting for the show to start I looked at the collected Who's Who of the fashion industry in the front rows... Alexandra Schulman, Suzy Menkes, Taylor Tomasi-Hill, Tim Blanks, Elisa Nalin, Paula Reed, Amanda Harlech, Derek Blasberg, Hilary Alexander, Stefano Tonchi, Caroline Issa, Yasmin Sewell, Susie Bubble, Cathy Horyn… Were all there, even though it was the last show of the day. The boy definitely has pull.

And the show? Loved the neoprene trousers (which aren't really neoprene, but screen-printed cotton sponge) and the no-nonsense masculine/feminine mix, and maaaan would I love to own one of these beautiful cut-out wool sweaters. ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis LFW  SS13 J.W. Anderson Grey Sweater

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Style | Streaks a la Mode

Psynopsis Morgaine Vintage Outfit Horn Bathrobe
I should be swinging boxes, but the force of fashion week is strong, plus it's much more fun watching the shows than ruining my back – and I'm looovin what I'm seeing. Sharp cuts and colours, dungerees and most of all… stripes – big, fat ones (hello Marc Jacobs) and small, fine ones (bonjour Altuzarra), and everything in between. Which reminded me that Morgaine and I did a stripey photo shoot the other day – with quite the geometric 70s feeling. Yeap, I could imagine some more stripes in my wardrobe – and you? ♥ ♥ ♥

Morgaine is wearing a vintage silk bathrobe from Yorn.

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Life | Bye-Bye Baby

Psynopsis Outfit Hawaii Shirt
Fashion Week season has begun, and anyone with 'fashion' or 'ista' glued to their being is either lolling in front row or back row seats or has their eyes fixed on style.com and co. - and while I try to also live up to my self-declared incarnation of style/fashion bloggeress my reality these days mainly consists of schlepping boxes (too many, too heavy), going to car boot sales (too early!) and trying to put the house back into the virgin condition it was when we moved in 10 years ago (did I really never see these spider webs for all those years??)… All interrupted by many Good-Byes, as Sarah's friends (my favourite moooodels!) are off to uni or gap year or what's not. Then I woke up and remembered today's my birthday… Maybe if I ignore it I won't age, ever. ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Sarah and Abi

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Style | ShineMe

Psynopsis Ecco Shoes Vintage Lace Dress Angora Sweater Volker Lang Bag
I haven't done a styling challenge for a while, so when I was asked if I was interested in styling a pair of shiny shoes I thought 'Bring it on!'. Shoes are always good and in my mind there's nothing more challenging than patent leather. It's the glossy equivalent of the leopard print – either SO cool – daring, fearless, wow… or SO wrong – tacky, cheap, stuck in the 70s…

So the 'Sculptured 65' shoes arrive and I'm 'Oh dear, what can I do with you?! You are difficult.' Okay, they need a skirt. And lace. And an angora sweater. Shiny, lacy and fluffy… Let's have a texture party. And the whole time while I'm throwing clothes left, right and center cursing that I've packed everything away (because we're moving, remember) I'm wearing them and walking around… and dang, they're comfortable. By now I think I actually like the lustrous shoe. Or have the painless feet befuddled my brain? What do you think? Patent leather shoes – yay or nay? How would you wear the shoes?
Psynopsis Ecco Shoes Vintage Lace Dress Angora Sweater Volker Lang Bag

dress: 2nd hand from sterling gold, berlin; sweater: 2nd hand from local oxfam shop, bag: volker lang, shoes: c/o of ECCO. FYI, this is a sponsored post.


♥ | Kid Dreams

Psynopsis Streetstyle Italy Accessories
I thought she was gorgeous, and I especially loved all her accessories – and her beautiful hair. Honestly, hair… It took so long for mine to reach the length it had when I was 8 years old that when I finally (after years of DIY cutting) went to the hairdresser yesterday all I did was repeat like a maniac: 'Don't cut too much! I want to keep it long!! Just a little bit!!!'
The stylist did as she was told... Result: I paid a lot of money for pretty much nothing. Dahang. Are you a hair neurotic (like me)? ♥ ♥ ♥

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Style | Epipha-Honey

Psynopsis Italy Cynthia Rowley Vintage Dress
This summer I fell in love with colour. All because of a boy… I'm totally, 100% cured from my summer white addiction now. Okay, so it all happened when Sarah and I were hanging around in an Italian supermarket, discussing the best cookie brand, when we spotted him… probably 15, nicely tanned, attractively tossled beach hair, wearing: very old and faded blue canvas sneakers, aged-to-perfection, once turquoise chino shorts, bleached out blueish t-shirt… The colour scheme was just so bang-on, I remember Sarah and I simultanously making strange gaspy sounds, elbowing each other in the side and stepping on the others feet… "Look!!" "Mmm-mhh!"
He totally knew he was gorgeous. I mean, you cannot look so couldn't-care-less, perfectly put together without knowing what you do. (Also, he was French, and the French do not do anything by chance, do they?)… Still, I would have asked him if I could take his picture. If only I had my camera with me. But who expects to see sartorial magic at the supermarket, honestly…
So instead you get a picture of my boring dress (because I love this colour combination, too). ♥ ♥ ♥

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Life | Calender Girl

Psynopsis One Week Art Show Calender
So, on Friday night I wore the calender girl t-shirt becauuuse... my friend Kay and I did this project – we produced a calender for the annual September Art Show. Visiting the artists, asking them to stand in lakes, wear white tights or roll around on tables… We made it all up on the spot, and had lots of laughs together. It really was so much fun. Here are a few examples; if you're interested, there are some more on my photo website. ♥ ♥ ♥

Psynopsis One Week Art Show Gavin Roweth

Psynopsis One Week Art Show Dani Humberstone

Psynopsis One Week Art Show Alison Trask

featured artists: gavin roweth, dani humberstone and alison trask

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