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Psynopsis Streetstyle Italy Accessories
I thought she was gorgeous, and I especially loved all her accessories – and her beautiful hair. Honestly, hair… It took so long for mine to reach the length it had when I was 8 years old that when I finally (after years of DIY cutting) went to the hairdresser yesterday all I did was repeat like a maniac: 'Don't cut too much! I want to keep it long!! Just a little bit!!!'
The stylist did as she was told... Result: I paid a lot of money for pretty much nothing. Dahang. Are you a hair neurotic (like me)? ♥ ♥ ♥

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i am not a celebrity said...

I'm a complete neurotic when it comes to my hair. When I was 20 I went to a hair dressers in Japan and asked for a trim. My waist-length hair got lopped off to my shoulders and was later sold at the same shop as a wig. I felt like my arm was on sale.

This is a fantastic photo. What a natural beauty. Thank you so much for sharing.



I am never attached to anything matearial, including my hair, jejejjej. It grows anyway, why worry???
Much love and admiration, dear Sabine.

Veshoevius said...

hahaha yes - I am a hair neurotic - I say exactly the same thing as you to the hairdressers every time I go and I go very infrequently. I view hairdressers with the same suspicion as dentists.

Sleekit said...

Beautiful shot, it took me a very long time to find a great hairdresser who listens, if he leaves...oh the drama

Sleekit x

janettaylor said...

No doubt, she is gorgeous!

Fashionistable said...

You are so right she is gorgeous. I am not a hair neurotic. I modeled for Sassoon in my youth and let them do pretty much anything they liked. It is only hair it grows. Xxxx

Harriet said...

I am a total hair neurotic! Like you I have spent *so* long growing my hair that I never let them take much off at all, but since I get my hair coloured I at least feel like I'm getting something for my money!

drollgirl said...

she is so beautiful! i would kill to have her coloring (me being of the pasty white variety!)!