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Psynopsis Berlin Wall Outfit Shot

Psynopsis Berlin Wall Zign Boots Next Trousers Vintage Jaeger Blouse
Clothes? Outfits?? After all these weeks spent in workwear I hardly remember how to put a coherent top and bottom together. But the vestments are now out of the boxes and putting some thought into what-to-wear can be good for the soul, too... I love the whole cropped thing, and just diiieeed for Dries van Noten's organza/wool aka sheer/solid combinations – but being still more in builder than lady who lunches mode here's my berlinified version. ♥ ♥ ♥
Psynopsis Berlin Wall Graffiti
blouse: jaeger vintage, angora sweater & coat: 2nd hand, trousers: next, boots: zign.

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Fashion art and other fancies said...

The third image is brilliant. I love celebrating the comic side of life. You are on stylish builder, Sabine;)

Sacramento Amate said...

Berlin has the best backdrops in the world.
Looking wonderful, Sabine

Vix said...

What cool murals! You look fab, loving that Jaeger blouse! xxx

Dancing Branflake said...

Okay, this post made me feel slightly better about not seeing you in glorious England. What a fantastic photoshoot! Love that backdrop.... never seen it like that before.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Yep, just around the corner from me there's a lot of the old wall standing around - makes for a great background :)

Sherin said...

You're looking great! The cropped jumper looks great with the shirt. And really love the Zign boots.
The background is fantastic and so unique!

Kazuko said...

aaah, can't believe you're really back in germany... hope everything went smoothly (as smoothly as moving can be :) ) as far as your outfits and pictures are concerned nothing has changed - amazing as per usual! (oh, and how much do i love dries van noten's ss2013!) and i have to refer to an earlier post - that book shelf in your friend's flat... tres genial! looking forward to your future berlin posts! xo

The Foolish Aesthete said...

There's truly some interesting artwork to be found in graffiti, like that freaky totem pole in the last image! You're looking great. Good luck with building. -- J xx

Sleekit said...

Love the cropped jumper and shirt against this amazing backdrop

That bookshelf in your previous post is incredible, I may need to steal that!

Sleekit x

Fashionistable said...

This is exactly what I have been looking forward to seeing. Your take on Berlin and your new surroundings. And knew it would be wonderful. Xxxx