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Psynopsis Andreas Murkudis Shop Berlin Glassware

Psynopsis Andreas Murkudis Shop Berlin

Psynopsis Andreas Murkudis Shop Berlin Table

Psynopsis Andreas Murkudis Shop Berlin

Psynopsis Andreas Murkudis Shop Berlin Sunglasses
While John Travolta's girlfriend is causing havoc at the East coast I've been crying my eyes out because Henry had disappeared… (We did find him eventually, having sat in a tree for 70 hours in freezing temperatures. Silly cat! And when a fireman risked his life trying to get him down he took the plunge himself… Double silly cat!!)... Reminding myself about the fragility of happiness and how important it is to appreciate all the good things in our life.

But before I go all preachy on you… Lets go shopping – because I think I have found my favourite retail place in Berlin: Andreas Murkudis. An amazingly white and wide concept store with seriously great labels. But then, as times are, perhaps I mainly fell in love with its calm, orderly and peaceful atmosphere.

To all of you struck by Sandy – Stay dry, stay safe! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Vix said...

I do love a stark white background with colourful bits and pieces scattered about! This shop looks like heaven! x

drollgirl said...

HENRY! OMFG! i am so glad he is safe and ok! ARGH!!!!!!!!!

my poor kitties are stuck indoors where i can keep an eye on those rascals. and they STILL manage to get into heaps of trouble!

this retail space is glorious. i LOVE the glass in the first pic. i would gladly take it all.

Angeles Almuna said...

It's always a pleasure to discover new things.. and your blog gave to me all this pleasure feelings...from decoration to innovated art to creative fashion and fabulous places... great post... love your blog!
Kisses and come to visit me!

Dancing Branflake said...

We I visit you, we are sooo going there.

PS... Thanks for the comment today. Your support means a lot.

Harriet said...

Oh no poor Henry! Glad he's back safe and sound!

Elly @ Caribbean Living said...

Glad to hear Henry made it back ok! This looks like a fab shop, shop the first pic!

Mat said...

looks like a pretty neat place, i guess you're coming across a lot of new places. would like to see more on your blog

SabinePsynopsis said...

I do, Mat. And I'd love to feature more Berlin stuff... Just not quite sure if it's interesting enough to an international readership.

Rosalind said...

How enticing is that display of sunglasses? And also how constant - the importance of appreciating all the good things in our lives. SO glad that Henry emerged unscathed from his cold adventures.

cecylia said...

this store is amazing!! Love the all white interiors. It gives shoppers a little bit of clarity of mind :)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

I'm sorry to hear about Henry's adventure. I think just because they have nine lives, cats feel they can be a little wanton with how they use them! Glad to hear he is home safe.

And I absolutely love those colorful sunglasses lined up on the wall. - J xxx