Berlin | City of Lights, City of Angels

Psynopsis Berlin Potsdamer Platz Christmas Lights 1

Psynopsis Berlin Potsdamer Platz Christmas Lights 2

Psynopsis Berlin Potsdamer Platz Christmas Lights 3

Psynopsis Berlin Potsdamer Platz Christmas Lights 4
Mmmh, did you also have a hunch that we still might be here? All the more reason to enjoy the beauty of it all…

Wishing you all very Happy, Peaceful & Merry Christmas Days!

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Art | PACW #2: A Luca Frei

Psynopsis Luca Frei Art
Because often I don't 'get' modern art, but this piece I just love. ♥ ♥ ♥

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♥ | The Sarah

Psynopsis Sarah Lund Sweater Berlin Variation
Just because the world's going to end in 3 days doesn't mean I've given up on Christmas wishes… Here some more or less realistic ones…

#1 The Sarah Lund sweater. The fact that my favourite Danish detective has left for good (leaving me with major tough-single-mother-stubborn-cop-f-the-world heroine deprivation) makes me want a sweater I can 'feel at home with myself' even more. The original is quite pricey, but I've seen many a chic and individual variation of the Sarah sweater on women in Berlin... Which is much cooler anyway. (I mean, a whole website named 'The Killing merchandise' is so not Sarah Lund, is it?!) Or, even better, a vintage or self-knitted (by a friend, no time for knitting when you're chasing murderers) one... Now, that would be perfect. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Berlin | Wien Lukatsch

Psynopsis Gallery Wien Lukatsch Berlin

Psynopsis Gallery Wien Lukatsch Berlin Entrance

Psynopsis Bookshop Wien Lukatsch Berlin

Psynopsis Luca Frey at Gallery Wien Lukatsch Berlin

Psynopsis Barbara Wien Gallery Wien Lukatsch Berlin

Psynopsis House Entrance Gallery Wien Lukatsch Berlin
The other day I visited the gallery/bookshop Wien Lukatsch – which for 25 years has been a a driving force in finding and mentoring exciting artists and offering a great selection of art and artists' books. Barbara Lukatsch was incredibly kind to tell me more about their background – which you can find in a little article I wrote for the Cee Cee newsletter* (and naturally on their own website). The place is nicely tucked away in a vast 3rd floor flat - and just have a look at the rooms... The rooooms! 400 square meters** of whiteness… Justcannotgetenough of these wide, white Berlin spaces… ♥ ♥ ♥

*I really don’t know how I would have found my way around as a (alas returning) newbie to this city. The website, run by the inexhaustible Nina and Sven, is my absolute go-to for everything Berlin.
** Oui oui oui, that's over than 4300 square feet.

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Berlin | From Russia with Love

Psynopsis Berlin Alexanderplatz

Psynopsis Berlin December

Psynopsis Berlin December Ikea Parking

Psynopsis Mexican Coat in Snow
I'd forgotten how cold Berlin gets... friggin -12°C/10°F. The gate to Russia, that's what we are here. The world looks quite beautiful though - all white, blue and hazy. I've resorted to taking photos out of the car and from my new favourite hang-out: Ikea's cafeteria, while chewing Swedish almond tart before starting out for another search of what could be the least painful, most affordable kitchen. Every time we leave the place without buying anything I give myself a mental clap on the shoulder and throw a Euro into the 'have more cake' tin… which ideally would stretch to buying a new coat – but it doesn't, so I had to use the old sofa blanket… I quite liked my creation, but Jurgen and Sarah wouldn't stop calling me 'a homeless Mexican grannie' – so I sulked in the garden. ♥ ♥ ♥

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