Berlin | Wien Lukatsch

Psynopsis Gallery Wien Lukatsch Berlin

Psynopsis Gallery Wien Lukatsch Berlin Entrance

Psynopsis Bookshop Wien Lukatsch Berlin

Psynopsis Luca Frey at Gallery Wien Lukatsch Berlin

Psynopsis Barbara Wien Gallery Wien Lukatsch Berlin

Psynopsis House Entrance Gallery Wien Lukatsch Berlin
The other day I visited the gallery/bookshop Wien Lukatsch – which for 25 years has been a a driving force in finding and mentoring exciting artists and offering a great selection of art and artists' books. Barbara Lukatsch was incredibly kind to tell me more about their background – which you can find in a little article I wrote for the Cee Cee newsletter* (and naturally on their own website). The place is nicely tucked away in a vast 3rd floor flat - and just have a look at the rooms... The rooooms! 400 square meters** of whiteness… Justcannotgetenough of these wide, white Berlin spaces… ♥ ♥ ♥

*I really don’t know how I would have found my way around as a (alas returning) newbie to this city. The website, run by the inexhaustible Nina and Sven, is my absolute go-to for everything Berlin.
** Oui oui oui, that's over than 4300 square feet.

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i am not a celebrity said...

I'm DYING to come and visit Berlin. When it's warmer and I can walk, I'm there. Merry Christmas, lovely one. xo

Vix said...

What stunning photos, I love the staircase. x

drollgirl said...

i love it!!!!

and i am so glad you are discovering so many fab finds in berlin. i love exploring new cities.

i have lived in los angeles for about 20 years, and i still find new things to see all of the time. it is nice. :)

Dancing Branflake said...

Sabine! Your photos are absolutely beautiful!

Mat said...

you really do find some good places. clearly i need to come to berlin

Tanvi said...

I like the staircase shot. Need to visit Berlin one day! (:

Crazy & Co.

Veshoevius said...

Berlin is on my hit list for 2013 to visit!