Berlin | Beauty

Psynopsis Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf 1

Psynopsis Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf 2

Psynopsis Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf 3
Some days there's nothing like hanging out in places where dead people lie in style… ♥


Style | Revenge of the Bommel

Psynopsis Berlin Streetstyle Turquoise Hats
Children, women, men… the 'bommel' cap is all around. J. says he'd rather die than be seen wearing one. I don't know... they're kinda cute, on young girls. ♥


Berlin | Frozen City

Psynopsis Frozen Landwehrkanal Urbanhafen

Psynopsis Frozen Landwehrkanal Ice-Hockey

Psynopsis Frozen Landwehrkanal Dalmatian
It's been so cold for so long that freestyle ice-hockey and jogging on your local waterways has become the new weekend entertainment…  It's quite magical, really. ♥


Style | Sheer Apparition

Psynopsis Philippe Starck Ghost Chair
Philippe Starck's Ghost Chair. I must have been 7 when I decided that plexiglass furniture is the thing. ♥



Berlin | Go Twice

Psynopsis Double-Eye Akazienstrasse Berlin
The locals might hate me for this, as they like to keep the place to themselves... Double-Eye, Akazienstrasse. Clever baristas who know how to use their Strada = very good coffee indeed; plus too small for the I-hang-around-with-my-Apple crowd. ♥