Style | Promise Breaker

Psynopsis Zara Floral Blazer
Don't ask. Sunday afternoon boredom? Never keeping promises?? If Emmanuelle does it…? Just take your pick. ♥ 

blazer: zara, scarf: asta masiulyte, belt: 2nd hand


Life | Italian Lover

Psynopsis Vespa Key
New baby to race around town. Now all I need is a helmet… ♥

Style | Walking Sharp

Psynopsis Vintage Fendi Mary Janes
We're only half through with fashion weeks, but one thing's sure… pointy shoes are back. ♥



♥ | Queen P.

Psynopsis Pink Princess
I asked her to bring some clothes for painting, but she totally didn't listen. Oh well... Pink is definitely having a moment here. ♥


Video | Tulip Love

Did I say I hate V-Day? Bah. Not true. Here, I made a little love video for you...
Happy Valentine's! ♥ ♥ ♥


Life | From Dawn to Dust

Psynopsis Kitchen Renovation Tray Cup Spoons

Psynopsis Kitchen Renovation

Psynopsis Kitchen Renovation Work Gloves
Mentally I'm totally in New York and in London because fashion week sparkles whereas here it's all a bit dusty… But it will so be worth it in the end... I'm seeing fashion shoots on our kitchen island already. Yes. ♥



Art | Wanderer

Psynopsis George Widener Sketchbook
I find other people's sketchbooks so fascinating I bought myself a whole book of them. And a few days ago I saw this one by artist and maths genius George Widener... Dang. ♥


Beauty | Egyptian Magic

Psynopsis Egyptian Magic Cream
Egyptian Magic - all natural, non-existent smell, nice texture, makes pretty, glowy skin... I use it for dry hair ends which works well. (A light fragrance would be nice though.) ♥