♥ | Amber

Psynopsis Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche
I think very cold weather calls for a very warm and spicy perfume. ♥


Life | New Horizons?

Psynopsis New Horizons
HEEELLOOO! What's happened here? No words. No way to comment*. Just a drip-drip of pictures… Welcome to series 1 of 'Lying Low, How to Practise the Art of Winter Hibernation'… We moved, we scrubbed and painted, we collected food, huddled ourselves into blankets and survived on watching 'Girls' and reading 'Game of Thrones'**. When food supplies get low, the next Lidl is just a bicycle ride away (and allows to practise some Germanness: Do not talk to or smile at anyone, expect avocados to be the most expensive item in the shop, pack your things as quick as lightning - or face the contempt of fellow shoppers - and do a little dance at the exit because you can fill your fridge for 10 Euros).
And fashion? Knee-deep snow, hiding from the world and living in the same 2 pairs of trousers and 1 pair of boots the last few months has not been too conducive to leading a 'style blog'… but hey, spring must be coming. Some time, some day.
Are you feeling the winter blues? Had enough of it, too? (Australia and California, just send some sunshine, will you?)… And if you are a blogger how do you deal with your 'spam comment problem' (word verification)? ♥ ♥ ♥

*These days there are 20 spam comments for every real contribution in my inbox. Turning off the comment function has solved the problem – but is making communication a bit one-sided…
**Fantasy? Or did George R.R. Martin know something about climate change we didn’t?!


Berlin | Cold Feet

Psynopsis Potsdam Walk
It's still snowing. Went on a beautiful walk today... ♥


Berlin | If It Looks Like Art...

Psynopsis If It Looks Like Art It Probably Isn't Berlin Kreuzberg Bookstore
A bookstore, a gallery, a publishing house? All of it. And a good-looking Berlin-Kreuzberg media activity discovery … ♥


Video | Disco Queen

Psynopsis Vintage Plaid Shirt Animated
Not only am I wearing it a lot, I actually wouldn't mind having this shirt in every imaginable colour combination. ♥


Style | No Colour, No Plaid

Psynopsis Vintage Otto Kern Plaid Shirt
For someone who does not like colour nor plaid I've been wearing this shirt a lot lately. ♥


Style | Arm-Socks

Psynopsis Berlin Streetstyle
Mums, they're crafty – Like these arm-socks… Such a good idea. ♥


Style | Rolling

Psynopsis Vespa Outfit

Psynopsis Shoei Vintage Motorcycle Helmet
I'm still waiting for my helmet, but Sarah is ready to roll… Happy Weekend! ♥