Life | The Duckling Kitchen

Psynopsis Kitchen Renovation 1

Psynopsis Kitchen Renovation 2

Psynopsis Kitchen Renovation 3
For forever and a day my sister has been demanding visual proof that we actually did procede with our Tearing Down the Wall project. We did. It's nowhere finished though – there's a DIY concrete worktop in the planning (on the left, on the left) and the new window is demanding a window sill… Some time, some day. ♥


♥ | Carrie Me

Psynopsis Sarah Name Necklace
"I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet."
When SATC started I loved it so, Sarah had to get a name necklace for her birthday. 'tis the power of Patricia Field...  ♥


Beauty | Feel Like a Flower

Psynopsis Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm Dr.Hauschka Hand Cream
First we danced like spring chickens then I got spring fever… And when lying in bed sneezing and coughing got too boring I started cleaning out the cream cupboard realising that Dr.Hauschka Hand Cream and Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm have for a long time and probably always will be my favourites for hands, feet and limbs. It must be the freshness of the geranium. ♥


♥ | Spring

Psynopsis Flowershop Berlin Kreuzberg
I LOVE Berlin in the spring. Happy Weekend! ♥

♥ | Oh Candy!

Does it make sense that he's perfectly french and asks her how to say 'banana split' en francais? Who cares. ♥


Berlin | Canteen

Psynopsis Ex-Rotaprint Berlin 1

Psynopsis Ex-Rotaprint Berlin 2

Psynopsis Ex-Rotaprint Berlin 3
The incredible Ex-Rotaprint building, home to many a studio, agency and project, plus the wonderful Canteen where you can get full lunch for a fiver. Yes, reeaally. ♥