Photography | Erwin Blumenfeld

Psynopsis Erwin Blumenfeld Book
I got this book for my 20th birthday and blame it for wanting to become a photographer… or an artist... or something with pictures... so absolutely blown away was I when I laid eyes on Erwin Blumenfeld's work. Being such a fan I always thought he was extremely well known – but, according to the BBC film 'The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women'* this doesn't seem to be the case (too much post-life women trouble...). It's all gonna change though, there will be exhibitions about his work in Paris and Tokyo, and also one in London which opened yesterday at Somerset House. If you can, I'd urge you to go – Erwin Blumenfeld really was an incredible visionary and brilliant artist. ♥

*Which you can watch on the BBC iplayer if you are in the UK.


♥ | Les Legs

Psynopsis Morgaine at Pool
Couldn't sleep, it's been raining all day… All I can manage today is sorting photos and admiring Morgaine's legs… It was equally cold when we took this photo... Oh, English summers. ♥


Beauty | The White Stuff

Psynopsis Creed Love in White Kiehl's Tinted Moisturizer
Come summer, come white – and with it some of my favourite beauty things… Creed's Love in White - the diviiiine concoction of orange zest, iris, jasmine, daffodils, rose and magnolia; a white eyeliner (to wide-open-eyedly say Hello to the world)… and I'm desperately searching for a new bottle of Kiehl's tinted moisturiser. Seems they've discontinued it. Whattheheck?!?!


Art | Archaic

Psynopsis Jan Thomas Sculptures
...and laughing bottoms by Jan Thomas. ♥

P.S. Yes, I did go to the Karneval der Kulturen, too. You can't ignore half of the city plus 1.5 million visitors having a good time (& then I lost my friends and felt like this... Nooo, I didn't!)

Art | UFO

Psynopsis Sculpture by FD Schlemme
Le Weekend – Flying objects by FD Schlemme


♥ | The Mackerel Song

Absolutely hilarious. I believe Elias, Camillo and Lukas have created Berlin's 2013 summer hit. ♥


Style | Zebra Meets Hearts

Psynopsis Streetstyle Berlin Black and Red
Red and black is a combination I see a lot here in Berlin. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I find it too cliché (I do like it here – the strong colours go well with the shapes). But what I really LOVE is the zebra sweater in the back... Should have asked her where she got it from. ♥


Photography | Make-Up - Forget Reality

Psynopsis Photography Studio Make-Up
Aahaa… a woman who forgot to button up her shirt? Naah, this photo is about MAKE-UP – studio make-up, actually - because in the process of putting together a photo studio and getting my head around the whole lighting thing I also learned that photography make-up has nothing to do with real life. In fact anything we might like about make-up (SPF, a bit of a sheen or shimmer to give us 'dewy skin' or 'a healthy glow') is a total no-no in studio photography. What you do need is a very fat layer of matte make-up, and then some more in different shades to contour the face. And powder, lots of powder – in a variety of shades, for contouring and to make absolutely sure that there's not a teenie-tiny sheen left. Only then can you start adding colours, and lipstick and highlighter**…
For someone who never wears make-up all this felt very strange (and moving behind and in front of the camera and realising that I've smudged the eye-shadow staring through the lens was frustrating, hilarious and awkward at the same time), but in the end I think it's true: A big fat make-up layer looks quite normal in a photo (though you might totally disagree)… Also, I seem to have been quite timid with the whole procedure as my freckles are still visible. Just starting to learn here… ♥

*Something to do with releasing the self-timer, climbing onto a table, thinking "What now?!? Angles! I have to create angles, first rule of fashion photography…"
**Actually you can add the highlighter earlier, but that's just getting too complicated now.


Berlin | Potsdam at Night

Psynopsis Potsdam Schloss at Night
Potsdam runs the risk of becoming so pretty soon it will look like a vintage edition of Disneyland… But as long as there are still cranes and building sites in the mix it all comes together nicely. ♥


Style | Shades of Green

Psynopsis Berlin Street Style
Pure cuteness. 

♥ | Tulips #238

Psynopsis Tulips #238
I know! 'tis a terrible addiction, it is, which can only be cured by a change of substance… methadone roses, perhaps? ♥


Berlin | The Structure of Friedrichstrasse

Psynopsis Berlin Friedrichstadtpassagen 1

Psynopsis Berlin Friedrichstadtpassagen 2

Psynopsis Berlin Friedrichstadtpassagen 3

Psynopsis Berlin Friedrichstrasse
Friedrichstadtpassagen - great for shopping and having coffee, and most of all for finally feeling totally and wonderfully structured. ♥


♥ | I Smile with My Eyes

Oh Brandon! As discovered courtesy of Hunger TV… Who's the camera man with the creepy voice??!? ♥