Photography | Erwin Blumenfeld

Psynopsis Erwin Blumenfeld Book
I got this book for my 20th birthday and blame it for wanting to become a photographer… or an artist... or something with pictures... so absolutely blown away was I when I laid eyes on Erwin Blumenfeld's work. Being such a fan I always thought he was extremely well known – but, according to the BBC film 'The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women'* this doesn't seem to be the case (too much post-life women trouble...). It's all gonna change though, there will be exhibitions about his work in Paris and Tokyo, and also one in London which opened yesterday at Somerset House. If you can, I'd urge you to go – Erwin Blumenfeld really was an incredible visionary and brilliant artist. ♥

*Which you can watch on the BBC iplayer if you are in the UK.