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Psynopsis Photography Studio Make-Up
Aahaa… a woman who forgot to button up her shirt? Naah, this photo is about MAKE-UP – studio make-up, actually - because in the process of putting together a photo studio and getting my head around the whole lighting thing I also learned that photography make-up has nothing to do with real life. In fact anything we might like about make-up (SPF, a bit of a sheen or shimmer to give us 'dewy skin' or 'a healthy glow') is a total no-no in studio photography. What you do need is a very fat layer of matte make-up, and then some more in different shades to contour the face. And powder, lots of powder – in a variety of shades, for contouring and to make absolutely sure that there's not a teenie-tiny sheen left. Only then can you start adding colours, and lipstick and highlighter**…
For someone who never wears make-up all this felt very strange (and moving behind and in front of the camera and realising that I've smudged the eye-shadow staring through the lens was frustrating, hilarious and awkward at the same time), but in the end I think it's true: A big fat make-up layer looks quite normal in a photo (though you might totally disagree)… Also, I seem to have been quite timid with the whole procedure as my freckles are still visible. Just starting to learn here… ♥

*Something to do with releasing the self-timer, climbing onto a table, thinking "What now?!? Angles! I have to create angles, first rule of fashion photography…"
**Actually you can add the highlighter earlier, but that's just getting too complicated now.


Vix said...

You look stunning and very natural, too. xxx

Jane Droll said...


the guy that does my hair color also does makeup for tv shows, commercials, etc. i was asking him all sorts of questions about how to do makeup on set -- how it must be SO DIFFERENT than what most of us wear daily. kind of like stage makeup. just a completely different ballgame. i am sure it takes a bit of training and experience to become great at it. it is probably like a math or science problem after a while. i think the same goes for doing hair. maybe for many more things, too. :)

Pearl Westwood said...

You look fab! It's so interesting to learn all the differences from behind the lense x