Life | Sod’s Soggy

Psynopsis Sabine Boticca Belt
Sod's Law commands that when you post a This Is the Summer of All Summers post temperatures will fall 20 degrees and the heavens open for 48 hours of rain… With the positive side effect that I finally tackled some desk tasks – including updating the ol' website* with some of my favourite photos. If you're also sitting in the rain, twiddling your thumbs… Come on over, have a look!

*With the idea of making it so easy that even I can update it - so I don't have to throw myself on the floor and cry anymore... 'Still not learned your CSS?' 'I will. Promise!' (Next time)

Remember this wonderful Boticca belt? Shame I hardly ever wear it.


Style | The One & Only

Psynopsis Converse All Star Lo Top White

Psynopsis Sarah on Roof 1

Psynopsis Sarah on Roof 2
I guess 10 years of UK weather made me forget about real summer… The one that makes you throw all your clothes in a corner (because living in a bikini is just fine), when the idea of cleaning the old pool starts making sense and sitting at computers feels just weird. Drinking Valderamas all night long and discussing shoes on the other hand… totally logical. It must have been somewhere then that Sarah had convinced me that white, lo-rise Chucks are the one and only ones - and I made her climb the roof to proof the point. ♥

dress & corset: vintage, shoes: converses c/o surfdome


♥ | Lilacs

Psynopsis Studio Photography Lilacs
One from the studio when the lilacs were still in bloom… ♥


Style | The Prodigy

Psynopsis Streetstyle Berlin Converse All Stars
After stalking a few more Converse wearers with my camera today I feel at risk of developing a slight obsession with this footwear, but, come ooon, aren't these two a seriously cute couple? ♥


♥ | Mr Peony

Psynopsis Peonies Winterfeldtmarkt BerlinThere are quite a number of Prince Charmings on the markets these days… ♥


Style | Chucks

Psynopsis Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars
It's been ages since I owned a pair of Converses. White high-tops they were, I loved them madly, and somehow they are still the one and only for me (though this blue is very cool, too)… and it takes years to get them into perfect condition (buying them 'old' doesn't count, no way!)... What about you? Do you own a pair of Chucks? And what's your favourite colour? And should they be high? Low? Your own design?… ♥


Vintage | Barbarella

Psynopsis Vintage White Leather Trenchcoat
When I complained to Sarah that "There are no good 2nd hand stores in Berlin – everything is overprized and of shoddy quality!" she just smiled and led me down a dark path (okay, ugly road) in the borough of Steglitz where no hipster has ever set foot – and there I found it: The white leather trench coat. Totally unworn, totally unloved (the person it came from must have had the same reaction to it as Sarah: 'It's so disgusting, I can't even touch it!'), and maybe it's my weakness for forlorn looking beings and objects (but probably rather the fact that driving the Vespa has led to a constant look-out for wind-proof and zip-uppable jackets) that I felt love at first sight. The friendly shop owner gave us recommendations for leather soap brands (which will be so necessary) - now the real question is: Do I need white boots to go with it… ♥