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Psynopsis Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars
It's been ages since I owned a pair of Converses. White high-tops they were, I loved them madly, and somehow they are still the one and only for me (though this blue is very cool, too)… and it takes years to get them into perfect condition (buying them 'old' doesn't count, no way!)... What about you? Do you own a pair of Chucks? And what's your favourite colour? And should they be high? Low? Your own design?… ♥


Vix said...

I have a pinstriped pair I bought from a jumble sale, great for dirty work but oh so bad for my back! xxx

Isabel said...

i have never owned a pair of converse. not even as kid. i just realized how strange that is

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Regine Karpel said...

Beautiful photo!

Dancing Branflake said...

My man has worn Chucks since he was fifteen. Doing the math, I think it's high time I get myself a pair. Definitely chic and cute and tomboyish.

Jane Droll said...

long ago i had a pair of cons. i loved them. :) i could describe one of my favorite outfits that i wore when i was sixteen -- a pair of black and white esprit overalls with a black tank and black cons. i loved that outfit until a co-worker told me i looked like i was in dexy's midnight runner -- the band that sang the song "come on eileen". that pretty much ruined it for me! ;)

and this picture is fabulous!!!!!!!!!